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Andy Leong

Day on the Job Observations

During my eventful day on the job with my mentor Mr. Kumar, I’ve learned and
observed quite a few different notable things in the office. First of all, I was amazed by how
people worked together as a team, rather than individuals. The way people listened to each
other and provide help when needed, the way people respected all opinions and inputs, and
the way the they truly embrace the motto of “teamwork makes the dream work”. These things
might sound simple and obvious in a good working environment, but actually achieving the
level of unity between co-workers in Mr. Kumar is remarkable. My day on the job truly gave me
an insight on the chemistry that exist in the office throughout the day, and how they created it.
Whatever problem they faced, they conquered, as a team.
As I reflect on the events I experienced during the day, I thought of all the skills and
conditions required for a healthy working environment. In order to achieve a solid working
environment in the workplace, people need to treat each other with respect and care. Factors
such as problem solving, clear communication, and customer service are no doubt the
influential factors on the overall quality of the workplace and the business itself.
My first memorable experience at my day on the job placement was the meeting call
between an existing client and Mr. Kumar. The client wanted to check in on the current
performance of the marketing plan, including new connections, returning customers, and the
cost/benefit factor of the service. The initial observation I had was about the way Mr. Kumar
talked to his clients. The carefully chosen word use and tone had a sense of security, as if he
was telling the client that “everything is okay, there’s nothing to worry about”. This proved
effective as the client seemed to calm down and started to talk slower to further discuss the
current marketing plan, as well as potential changes and improvements that can be
My second memorable experience of the day came at our lunch break, Mr. Kumar and I
had a chance to talk and discuss about the topic of work environment. The conversation started
out with me asking questions about dealing with the repetitiveness of work in everyday life, but
morphed into solutions to make employee’s daily lives better by providing them with a healthy
work environment. Mr. Kumar talked about treating employees with respect and as equals is
one of the most important factors in the chemistry in the workplace.
The third and final memorable experience occurred in the afternoon after our lunch
break, helping out Mariya with a presentation for a pitch to an important potential client. I was
charged with looking over the presentation, in order to find mistakes and provide inputs for
potential changes; and the reasoning for them. This experience helped me understood the
teamwork and communication aspect of the office. The laid back but ambitious attitude
between the employees make giving suggestions and inputs, as well as asking questions, less
stressful and casual in result.
At the end of the day, my conclusion for my day on the job has led me to experience the
different factors that were commonly talked about in the workplace. I believe that this
experience was helpful for me in my future, and making me more confident to speak out about
my ideas and suggestions. Throughout the day, I realized that people want to help each other
out in Mr. Kumar’s office, and they've certainly helped me by letting me spend the day at work.