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Mr. Oscar S. Mann, President I Mr.

Ronnie Dixon, Vice President

Mrs. Donna J. Pike I Mr. Eddie Brown I Mrs. Carita Venable

Warren Craig Pouncey, Ed.D.


MAY 2 0 2019
May 16,2019


TO: ~ ~rsop ~Board of Education

FROM: Warren Craig Po~suVerin~
RE: RECOMMENDATION: Approval of Resolution to Approve Submission of Educational

Recommendation is made to approve the Resolution to Approve Submission of Educational Initiatives.



2100 18th Street South I Birmingham, Alabama I 35209-1891 I 205.379.2000 I


WHEREAS, the Jefferson County Board of Education has been engaged in the development of
educational programs and initiative to provide educational opportunities to all of its students; and

WHEREAS, these educational programs and initiatives have been considered in the context of the
framework established in the Stout v. Jefferson County Board ofEducation case before the federal
court; and

WHEREAS, the parties to that case are in the process of formulating a comprehensive revised
Court order which will promote equal opportunity and is calculated to lead to a fully desegregated,
unitary system; and

WHEREAS, the Board is in the midst of a construction campaign whereby it will eventually
construct up to nine (9) new schools, comprehensively renovate three (3) middle schools, renovate
a high school and make numerous other building improvements in the district; and

WHEREAS, intertwined with the construction of new schools is the adjustment of related zone
lines (if needed) and the development of other student assignment associated initiatives designed
to best utilize facilities, and related resources; provide enhanced educational opportunities; and
promote collaboration between schools and communities within the district; and

WHEREAS, the student assignment associated initiatives are not only designed to promote
desegregation in the school system but will offer students and families enhanced programmatic
choices to further provide educational opportunity; and

WHEREAS, the Board is excited about the transformational opportunities posed by the initiatives
and has determined the finalization of such initiatives and presentations to the parties and the Court
in the Stout case to be in the best interest of the school district and its students.

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Jefferson County Board of Education as follows:

1. The Jefferson County Board of Education hereby endorses and commits to the

a. The establishment of Limited Choice Options for high schools and

elementary schools as has been presented to the Board;
b. The establishment of fine arts academy, early college program and ROTC
pathway to be open to students district wide;
c. Further development and consolidation of the International Baccalaureate
School and the Middle Years' Programme (pursuant to International
Baccalaureate standards);
d. Modification of attendance zones where necessary as a result of the
construction of new facilities; excess or lack of capacity (and thus
educational opportunities); or the closing of a school or program due to
declining enrollment, inadequate size or operational factors that limits

2. Court Approval. All Educational Initiatives are subject to approval by the United
States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama having jurisdiction over
the Board in the Stout case. The Superintendent and legal counsel are tasked with
continuing discussions with the plaintiff parties and the United States and will
report back to the Board with regard to any changes. The Board commits to work
with the parties to insure that its Student Assignment Initiatives enhance
educational opportunities for students, do not impede desegregation in any respect
and meet the objectives of the Court orders in the case. Further, the Board
understands that the plan is ultimately subject to the approval of Judge Haikala who
has continuing jurisdiction over the Board in the Stout case and that the plan shall
not be considered fmal until Court approval is provided. The Superintendent and
legal counsel are authorized and directed, after and in conjunction with working
with the other parties to the case, to develop and submit an appropriate plan to the
Court for its ultimate determination.

DATED this 20th day ofMay, 2019.



Oscar S. Mann

Warren Craig Pouncey
Superintendent and Secretary to the Board