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Aruga Interactive: Proposed Luxury Hotel and Resort in Iloilo

Interweaving Digital Media and Physical Structures to Boost the

Potential in Architecture to Surprise and Reinvent Leisure Amenities


The purpose of this research is to provide a new intervention to leisure in terms of hotel
and resort development in provinces to effectively support dissemination of development
and growth throughout the rural areas. This project namely “Aruga Interactive Hotel and
Resort” is a hospitality design that uses Digital media and other interactive technology as
a major tool of architecture to distant itself from the traditional approach of Filipino hotels
and resorts that are concentrated on the mindset of leaving technology behind or at home
as they travel to remote places. As the proponent exerted on completing the puzzle on
how to successfully incorporate the research approach to the existing variables that make
up a user-centered hotel and resort, the process of has brought up a number of findings
that are discussed as follows:

 Iloilo City is being positioned as a multi-packaged destination: a culture-based

destination, an education/tourism destination and meetings, incentives,
conventions and exhibitions/events destination, but still has insufficient
accommodation capacity.

 Integrating advanced environmental systems, or using materials which are more

sustainable to use for the structure, will reduce the adverse effects of man-made
structures, this will also help in increasing the awareness of the society to conserve
natural resources.

 There are very minimal number of developments which has integration of

Interactive systems, most are only creative art installation.

 There are only few components to be installed in order to achieve interactive


systems, every interactive systems existing are unique and are purely made on

 The proponent identified that there are different ways to set up digital media, in
order to achieve an interactive system to conform to its physical structure, which

are the leisure amenities, though most related researches found by the proponent
are mostly art installations only, she arrived at an understanding that digital media
or interactive architecture could be manifested through imposing systems that
would appeal to the users senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell, and as well as