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Talk Foreign To Me Culture Shock.

Culture Shock. This year Enloe has Elzada Akylbekova (11), Aitona Martinez (11), Lila Vallot (11), Celine Guerkan (11), Zeynep
welcomed five year-long foreign exchange Akyol (11)
students. Each girl came from a different
country: Russia, Spain, France, Germany and
Turkey. The five girls became friends fast,
bonding over the trials and tribulations of
adjusting to life in a new country, away from
their friends and family, and, of course, their
native languages. They all seemed to agree
that coming to school in America has been a
wonderful learning experience but that it is
“not at all like the American movies”. Junior
Aitana Martinez jumped right into her life
here in America by joining the Cross Country
team at summer practices. She says that she
loves experiencing the “holidays and parties
lson, 9 that they we do not have in Mallorca [Spain].”
Will Car It is such a special experience to host these
opened my
German has more there is in amazing students!
“Learning uch Taste the culture. Many foreign language
to how m h one
perspective country wit
wor ld. L iving in one le to know teachers have found that incorporating their
the u’re ab culture’s cuisines into the curriculum is an
ates what yo ally interesting
bubble isol ’s re effective way to keep students interested.
orld and it
about the w ened up” Spanish IV students have a food project,
th at ’s op
when pictured left is a photo of junior Esha
Srinivan’s homemade tamales. The middle
picture is of a mooncake and tea party in
Chinese I. Latin students made ancient Roman
food to enhance their study of Roman history!

Festivals. One of the best

ways to immerse yourself in
a foreign language and
culture are by attending
festivals where you can
interact with native speakers
and immerse yourself in
other traditions. To the left
and right students visit an
erkan, 11
Celine Gu ce to be a
Ofrenda for Dia de los
l experien at Enloe, Muertos with Spanish
very specia
“It is a e
udent her Honors Society at Art Space
change st just
foreign ex ing to school here in DTR. To the bottom left
d I lo ve go B ec au se Cater Wood (11), Laura Cooper (11), ANn Goulian (11), Cynthia Liu (11)
an rent.
is so diffe I am junior Sophie Dubois and
because it my native language, Ella Cifaldi (11), ALexandria deRosset (11)
senior Matt Ellington pose
english is
n’t elf ou t o f my
putting m ot always easy in front of a French Flag at
constantly and it is n , French Festival.
rt zo n e time. Also
comfo fun at the same ovies.
ch m
but so mu ot like the in Study Abroad. Last
that it is n e we do
I realized l just lik summer, several students
o schoo not to
Students hool bus is traveled across the world for
erm an y, and the sc study abroad and language
ride.” immersion opportunities.
Mrs. George took a group of
students to Spain where they Ben Hogewood (12), Sydney Marks (11), Sam
lived, learned, and traveled Laundon (12), Anabel Russo (12), Anna Heath
for two weeks. Some (12)
students found language
immersion opportunities in
their own ways. French
students Malak Dridi (11)
and Sophie Dubois (11)
traveled together to Tunisia
where they were able to
practice their speaking by
no, 10 conversing with native
gen Casta ird
Robert Bo pain, French is my th y speakers in their daily
from S ged m activities. Most Tunisians
“Coming s has chan
guag e. F rench clas by teaching me speak French but Arabic is
lan rld
of the wo in French
perspective different cultures the official language, so the
th e me better girls had the special
about all d helped
king co untries an erica.” Sophie Dubois (11) Matt Ellington (12) opportunity to pick up some Sophie Dubois (11), Malak Dridi (11)
spea the Am
e my life Arabic as well.
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