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COMMISSION ON ELECTIONS: Manila PN BANC ROBERT VICTOR G. SEARES E.O, Case No, 13-022 versus- JOSEPH STO. NINO B. BERNOS, ET AL, Respondents ORDER The Commission (En Bane) hereby NOTES the Affidavit of Service signed by Rodrigo Vasa IL, Election Otlicer of La Paz, Abra, which states that recaved a Note Justine M. Cuaresma-Lilag. 04, 201° 418 September 2017 trom Atty. Abigail tiny Clerk of the Commission on October 2. the subye.t of the saut undersigned Election Officer to serve «copy of the EPH STO, NINO B. BERNOS named therein, of the case entitled ‘LO CASE NO. 13-022 ROBERT. VICTOR G. SPARES, 1K, VERSUS JOSEPH STO. NINO B. BERNOS ET Br: 3.1 fatied to serve the Notice and Minute Resolutton to respondent Joseph Sto, Nitio B Bernos, because hie 15 not the Municipal Mayor of La Paz, Abra anymore, hence: he could not be located in ius stated address at the Municipal Hall, La Paz, Abra Furthernwore, no person of authority is willing to receive the Notice and Minute Resolution in his behalf and hus whereabouts could not be ascertained by the undersigned 4. | am executing this Affidavit to attest to the truth of the foregoing fs.” Page 2A? ORDER FO Case No 13-022 EN BANC IN VIEW OF THE FOREGOING, it is hereby RESOLVED that the : Resolution promulgated on 14 September 2017 be DEEMED SERVED on. | JOSEPH STO. NINO B. BERNOS SO ORDERED. 11th of March 2019 Given this Philippines. © _. in the City of Manila, FOR THE COMMISSION;