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Work Activity:

Work with Rotating Machinery

Production facilities, company workshops and various site locations Thornliebank Industrial Estate Glasgow G46 8JW
Tel: 0141 638 7916 Fax: 0141 638 8111

Those at Risk Y/N Comments - enter names or general groups

Star Employees: Y Production, service, maintenance and installation engineers and apprentices
Other workers: Y Star Group sub-contractors
General Public: N

All employees undertaking this type of work must be competent and familiar with the equipment and
processes involved. Anyone under the age of 18 must be under constant supervision.

1. Physical injury (trapping, nipping, entanglement) from moving/rotating parts.

2. Working on machinery with automatic starting sequences or which may start without prior warning.

3. Excessive noise levels from running plant

Control Measures (existing or planned)

Control Details
PPE 1. Safety boots
2. Overalls,
3. Ear defenders,
4. Hard hat.(if required)
5. General leather or similar handling gloves.
Equipment N/A
Information, 1. Serious physical injury (trapped fingers, possible severing in extreme cases) can arise from
Instruction, and unorthodox methods of work (do not take short cuts). Avoid contact with loose clothing or
Training long hair to avoid entanglement with moving parts.

2. All equipment must be isolated and locked off before guards are removed, and if isolation
is remote attach a label “DO NOT SWITCH ON MAINTENANCE IN PROGRESS”.
To achieve safe isolation one or a combination of the following will be required in every
Electrical isolation
Pressure isolation (differential pressure in a refrigeration system can cause
compressors or pumps to rotate without warning)
Also - when working on fan drive motors beware that air movement from adjacent
running fans or the wind can cause fans to rotate without warning. If necessary, lock the
fans in place e.g. by tying them off with rope.

3. Ensure guards are correctly fitted to rotating/moving parts of all machinery.

4. If it is necessary to run plant without guards in place, safety must be maintained by barriers
or by other means of restricting access.

5. When working on or near running plant, noise levels may be excessive. Therefore, wear
ear defenders if necessary.

6. All Star employees will receive Toolbox talks No. 6 wearing and caring for PPE and No. 13
Noise at work.

7. Wear leather or similar handling gloves when turning shafts by hand or adjusting drive
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Control Measures Continued

Control Details
Supervision All supervisory staff will ensure that:-
1. Periodic checks are made to ensure that control measures are being adhered to.
2. Appropriate PPE is used.

Environment 1. Ensure that the lighting is adequate for the job in hand. This is mandatory for electrical

Procedures, 1. Before working on any clients equipment ensure that you have complied with any permit to
documents etc work and that you have been made aware of the site emergency plan.


Communications 1. Always tell someone where you will be working.

2. Isolation of equipment may require communication with third parties to ensure agreed safe
working practices
Emergency 1. Familiarise yourself with site emergency procedures and first-aid provision.

Access 1. Access may be extremely difficult and may require pre-planning to ensure safe conditions.

Other 1. Any guards removed must be replaced prior to energising the systems. Advise others that
Procedures system is to be energised if they are affected in any way.

Risk Evaluation of Identified Hazards

Likelihood Highly unlikely = 1 Unlikely = 2 Likely = 3
Severity Slightly harmful = 1 Harmful = 2 Extremely harmful = 3
(Likelihood x Severity = Risk level) 1 = Trivial, 2 = Tolerable, 3-4 = Moderate, 6 = Substantial, 9 = Intolerable
Identified Hazards (base scores on existing or planned control measures) Triv' Tol' Mod' Sub' Int'
1. Physical injury (trapping, nipping, entanglement) from moving/rotating
parts. 1x2 2

2. Working on machinery with automatic starting sequences or which may

start without prior warning. 1x2 2

3. Excessive noise levels from running plant 1x1 1

Note: Moderate scores; Thought should be given to reducing risk, but the cost and time requirements
of prevention should be carefully considered and limited.
Substantial: Work should not be started until the risk has been reduced, for work in progress,
urgent action is required. Considerable resources may have to be allocated.
Intolerable: If unlimited resources cannot reduce risk, work will be prohibited.

Is risk adequately controlled using the above control measures Y/N Yes If "NO" State further action required
State further action required:

Note : This risk assessment is only valid when all control measures are in place before the work or activity
commences and will be reviewed 25/04/2017 or earlier if the nature of the work changes or there is a
dangerous occurrence.

Assessor: (Print) C Haslam (Sign) Date 25/04/2012