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Dear Sir/ Madam: Arch.

Roland Aliba

We are 4th year students at Saint Louis University, School of Engineering and
Architecture under the subject Professional Practice 3.

We are tasked by our instructor to gather information pertinent to architectural

firms such as your firm. These information includes your experiences in the field of
architecture and some advices.

Here listed below are the following questions:

1. What are your primary responsibility as an architect?

To enhance the progress of people and our land through our good and
outstanding designs.

2. How long have you been practicing architecture?

19 years

3. When and how did your company start? And how many members does your
company have?

It started out of hunger.. hunger for success, hunger for breakthroughs and
needs. Started when office was established with the aim of accommodating
more clients and bigger projects. Currently , we have 2 architects, 1 site
engineer, 4 foremen, 2 purchasing officer, 1 accounting staff and several
trainees ranging from 5 to 8.

4. What was the first project that you’ve done as an architect?

Residence building
5. What is the current project you are working on?

1207 units condominium

6. What is your greatest challenge as an architect?

Satisfying clients needs. Preserving the environment

7. Who or what experience have been major influence in your career?

Evolution of designs, new materials, new technologies in the construction

industry, travelling around the world

8. What is the most important skill an architect should possess?

Sketching, communication, commitment, character

9. What are your advice to someone who wants to become an architect?

Master their skill, continue learning, courage, balance between design passion
and business side of the profession

10. What do you see in the future of architecture profession?

Stability, dignity,
Any help with this matter is greatly appreciated and rest assured, any information
obtained will be used solely for academic purposes and will not be released to the
public nor compromise anything regarding the firm, and its stakeholders.

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

Respectfully yours,
Arlyn A. Nadal

Fourth Year, BS Architecture

Elizalyn Zhaira M. Junio

Fourth Year, BS Architecture

Jamila G. Narciza

Fourth Year, BS Architecture

Krisel Mae D. Palaruan

Fourth Year, BS Architecture

Kyle Babylyn B. Quinit

Fourth Year, BS Architecture

Roland T. Aliba

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