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CERTIFICA ICATE OF FINALITY di WHEREAS, the Commission Fn Bane promulgated a esolution? in the above-entitled case on 2 August 2016, the dispositive portion of which reads WHEREVORE, — premses —constdered, the Commission bo RESOLVED, ast hereby RESOLVES, to ORDER the filing of Information against respondents Joseph Sto. Nilo B Bernes, VOI Raymund Palope und VOL jathelo Panigan Tuazon 1, Paragragts (e}, Qf and Gy) (9 for vislation of Sect of BP As to Dante Bh Guzman, th hereby DISMISSED by reason of tas death ase agains? fur 16 SO ORDERED.” respondent Bernos, through counsel, filed a Motion for Reconsideration? on 30 August 2016, praying that the 2 August 2016 Resolution be reversed and set aside, and that a new Resolution be rendered reinstating the resolution of the Assigned Investigator, Office of the Regional Election Director, CAR. A Motion. tor Reconsideration (Of the Resolution dated August 2, 2016)? was likewise filed on 1 September 2016 by respondent Palope. WHEREAS, on 14 September 2017, a Resolution was promulgated by the Commission En Banc, to wit: “WHEREFORE, premises considered, the Commission En Bane RESOLVED, as it hereby RESOLVES to DENY the Motions for Reconsideration. SO ORDERED.” . Perot HICTICATY OF FINALE season ey Berna, et oh We Case te Pe Rane WHEREAS Palope was AS, a perusal of the records show that respondent personally { Ree wrved a SOLUNON On Cetober 2017 NM . 2017 Meanwh Was executed by Rodiya V oe u coy the afore a one nh Affidavit of Ser Basa Th Plecton Officer I ba Paz Abra, “ST futled to serve the Notve and respondent loseph to He not tie M Mt pal Mayor ef Lt ald not be located an hus 5 micipal Hal! hence, he the perwon of authority is willing to reverte the Motive and shouts Abra Furthermore, no Minute res nian dae behalf ond wot be ascertamned hy the unitersigned ~ Sn view of the Affidavit of Service executed by EO, nmissien fn Runs asaned an Order on TL March 2019, ponent Bernos duly served with the 14 September fenng 1 2017 Resolution WHEREAS, Section 14 (a), Rule 18, as amended by Resolution No. 78087, in relation to Sechon 1, Rule 37 of the 1993 Comelec Rules of Procedure provides that a decision or resolution of the Commission Banc shall become tinal and executory after thirty (30) days from its promulgation. WHEREAS, no restraining order has been issued by the Supreme Court in relation to the 14 September 2017 Resolution of the Commission En Banc to this date 14, page 210 * 1d. page 212 . *Sectm 14 Fenalily of Decisions or Resolutions. fa} In ordinary acnons, special remedies ‘decision or resolution of the Commmnssion en banc ‘hall become final end renpPomte pny. ies ts promulgation. execu it SIN THE MATTER OF AMENDING RULE 3 SECTIONS 4, 6 AND & RULE 18 SECTIONS ) AND 5, AND RULE 38 SECTION 8 WITH ADDITIONAL SECTIONS OF THE 1993 COMELEC RULES OF PROCEDURE AND INSERTING A NEW RULE ON PRECEDENCE AND p CERTIFICATE OF F Beares ve Beegos, ¢1 too Case Ne vy-022 En Berete sola fae NOW THEREFORE, in view of the foregomg, the Resolution of ; 2 ommission Ln Rane promulgated on 14 September 2017 is wereby declared FINAL and EXECUTORY SO ORDERED. Given this 12" day of March 2019, in the City of Manila, Philippines. £OR THE COMMISSION: ATTY. eee osrine M. CUARESMA-LILAGAN Acting’Clerk of the Commission