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Soliton Technologies visited our college on 13th Sep'12 for campus recruitment.

They asked us to assemble at 8.15 am in our college auditorium but they weren't on time,
they started with the pre-placement talk only at around 9.10am.

Their eligibility criteria is 70% & above in 10th, 12th & UG (No standing arrears, history of
arrears allowed).

The MD & CEO of the company were the person, who gave the pre-placement talk. This
company was established in the year 1998 & its basically a manufacturer of machine vision
camera & automatic inspection instruments. Their selection criteria is really a bit tough as
there were many rounds to get through in order to get the offer letter.

The rounds include,

1) Written test
2) GD (& may also have Tech written test)
3) Tech interview 1
4) Tech interview 2
5) HR interview
6) At last the final interview at their company itself.

Some times they may eliminate any one of the round if time is a constrain.
After the pre-placement talk they started the written test at 10.30am.

The question paper had 2 sections. Each section had sectional cut-off. They evaluate the
2nd section of the paper only if the candidate had qualified the 1st section with the required
cut-off marks.

Section 1 : 10 questions
Section 2 : 3 questions

Both the sections are not multiple choice type. Each question is to be solved clearly
mentioning the steps or reasons behind the answer.

Section 1:

1) There are numbers from 1 to n, which are inverted such that it results in numbers from n
to 1. If only two consecutive numbers are stampled at a time and are inverted, how many
moves are required?

2) Construct a rectangle whose perimeter is 400cm such that it has the maximum area?

3) If I start counting with the numbers 10, 11, the left hand from little finger to
thumb and counting the next number from fore finger to little finger and then back from
little finger, ring finger, middle finger, fore finger to thumb and so on....on which finger will i
count the number 1099?

4) Consider a boy standing on a building that is 500m height and another boy standing on
the ground. If the boy on the ground throws a ball to the boy standing on the building, with
what vertical velocity must the ball be thrown such that it reaches the boy standing on the
building. Neglect the height of the boys.

5) A person on a motor cycle gains a speed of 10kmph to 60kmph in 10 secs. The angular
rotation of the needle in the speedometer is about 200 degrees. What will be the angular
speed in degrees/sec?

6) A vampire enters a town and bites 2 person every night. The bitten 2 persons grows in to
two big vampires and bites 4 persons the next night. These 4 vampires bites 6 people the
next night and the 6 bites 8 and so many vampires will be there on the 5th

7) Two cars start from the same point and move towards a destination that is 250km apart.
They move with the speed of 60kmph and 40kmph. At certain point of time during the race,
both the cars interchange their speed such that the second car reach the destination 1 hour
earlier than the first car. What is the time in secs at which they interchange their speeds?

8) This question was about a journey between two towns. During the start of the journey
the odometer reads 39593 ( the reverse of the no is also the same) and at the end of the
journey again the odometer reads a number similar to prior one....If the max speed is
90km/hr during the journey. what will be the avg speed thruout the journey?

Remaining two questions i don't remember, sorry.

Section 2:

1) A person likes to cool his small room during night so that he can sleep pleacefully but he
has no air conditioner in his room. So he opens the door of the refrigerator that he has in
his room. What will happen?

2) When we hit a foot ball, why does it goes along a curved path? (we are not talking about
the path of the projectile due to gravity).

3) What is your ambition? Who is your role model? Why?

Thats all,

All the best!!

1. Area of a right angled triangle is doubled while its base is reduced to its half what %
increase occurs in its height?

2. Four unit squares are chosen at random on a chessboard. What is the probability that
three of them are of one color and fourth is of opposite colour?

3. A team of 8 students goes on an excursion, in two cars, of which one can seat 5 and the
other only 4. In how many ways can they travel?

4. A 1423-kg car is moving along a level highway with a speed of 26.4 m/s. The driver
takes the foot off the accelerator and the car experiences a retarding force of 901-N over a
distance of 106 m. Determine the speed of the car after traveling this distance.

5. Three metal cubes with edges 3 cm, 4 cm and 5 cm are melted to form a single cube.
Find the area of the side formed in the large cube.

6. Problem based on electrostatic force charge between two spheres…..

7. Bullet hitting a wooden block problem

8. Circuit problem where we have to find the current through that particular resistor

9. Output of the C program (based on pointers)

10. Output of the C program (based on pointers)

Technical Section Containing following Questions

Find the Output of the following Program

1. The question is to find the power given a diagram of resistance and voltage.
2. The question is about finding the force given the mass of a car and the voltage taken by
it with a specified time.
3. int main()

int arr[5]={27,17,7,9,1},i=0,j;





printf(“%d sum=”,sum(arr));

int sample(int *num)

int *tempno;



int sum(int arr)

int sum=0,i;



4. int main()


retuen 0;

int func(int num)

static int num0=18;



return num0;

int func1(int num)

static int num1=31;

functobecalled=(num1%5<5/2)?func1:((num1%5>5/2)?func2:NULL); num1=num1+2;


return num1;

int func2(int num)

static int num2=32;

functobecalled=(num2%5<5/2)?func1:((num2%5>5/2)?func2:NULL); num2=num2+2;


return num2;

Soliton Written Test Questions/Aptitude Questions

1.A rectangle is of length 8 inches, breath 11 inches and thickness 2 inches. When it is
shaped to a cylindrical rod with the diameter is 10m. What is the height of the cylinder?

2.Consider two identical pack of cards A and B. When one card from A is taken and shuffled
with the card B, the first top card of A is the Queen of hearts. What will be the probability
that the top card of B to be King of hearts?
3.Consider a cube such that the product of the three faces of the cube forms the vertex..
The sum of all vertex is 1001. Then what will be the sum of numbers in all the faces of the

4.A rocket launched accelerates at 3.5m/s^2 in 5.90 secs and2.98m/s^2 in the next 5.98
secs and then experiences a free fall. What time will the rocket be in air?
Assume that the rocket is launched from the ground.

5.From the origin of an electric dipole, the charge is 25(micro coulomb) and after a distance
of 62cm, the charge is -16(micro coulomb). At what point from the origin the value of
electric dipole will be zero.

6.The angle of elevation to the tower is 30(degree) and then moved towards the tower of a
distance 20m. Now the angle of elevation is 60(degree). What is the height of the tower?