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Keller civil works team for a large

petrochemical project, Malaysia

Singapore Safety Day

Bored Piling

Bored Pile



Diaphragm Walls (D Walls)

D Walls are constructed using grabs or cutters to create a narrow trench excavation into the ground. The
trench is supported by an engineered slurry. Many D Walls use reinforced concrete, though unreinforced
walls are also used. Joints in adjacent panels are formed using either an over-cut technique or via
temporary stop-ends.

Deep Vibro Techniques

Vibro Compaction
Vibro Stone Columns

Vibro Concrete Columns

Compaction Grouting

The Jet Grouting

Permeation Grouting

Rock Grouting

Deep Soil Mixing

Dynamic Compaction and Dynamic Replacement are ground improvement techniques that involve
Coal-Fired Power Plant, Malaysia Ship Hull Block, Singapore Business Park, Singapore
Deep Soil Mixing,Vibro Stone Columns, Vibro Compaction, Piling, Ground Anchors,
Jet Grouting, Driven Piling Prefabricated Vertical Drain Soil Nailing, Shotcrete

At Port Dickson, Malaysia, a Working directly for the owner, Keller Keller, working together with Resource
2x1000MW coal-fired power plant is designed and executed a ground Piling, installed Foundation Bored Piles,
being developed to increase the power improvement scheme for a hull block Secant Bored Piles and Ground
supply in Malaysia by 2020. Keller, in workshop in Tuas, Singapore. Vibro Anchors and carried out Soil Nailing
collaboration with Ansah Asia, delivered Compaction was carried out and and Shotcrete works for the
foundations of an 11-storey commercial
a range of geotechnical solutions- Prefabricated Vertical Drains were
building in Singapore. Close
Driven Piling, Deep Soil Mixing, Jet installed to improve the subsoil for a
collaboration and communication with
Grouting and Vibro Stone Columns to 126,000 square meter ship hull block our client enabled us to respond quickly
support various structures of the fabrication facility. to different site challenges and
power plant. complete the work ahead of project

Retaining System for Mass Rapid

Land Preparation for Transit Station, Malaysia Petrochemical Complex, Malaysia
Airport Expansion, Singapore Deep Soil Mixing, Curtain Grouting,
Driven Piling, Civil Works
Vibro Compaction Secant Bored Pile

Keller is involved in the expansion Keller is involved in the development Keller, in collaboration with Ansah
project of Singapore Changi Airport of an underground Mass Rapid Transit Asia installed over 36,700 pre cast
Terminal Five, compacting 33 million Station at Chan Sow Lin, Malaysia. We Spun Piles of various diameters and
cubic meters of sand. A telescopic provided a Geotechnical solution performed various foundation civil
Vibro compaction rig was used in areas package for a retaining system works for the development of a large
with air height restriction. This project consisting of Deep Soil Mixing, petrochemical project in South East
once again proves Keller’s strength in Curtain Grouting and Secant Bored Johor, Malaysia. This was also Keller’s
innovative technologies and our Piles. In spite of the complexity of the largest Civil Works contract by far.
extensive experience working in an job, our skillful project management We brought together a multi-national
active airport environment. enabled us to deliver the work and a multi-skilled team, to deliver the
efficiently and safely. project to the satisfaction of the
customer and the owner.
Ground Improvement for Intervention Shaft 2, Malaysia Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
Expressway, Malaysia Deep Soil Mixing, Rock Fissure Grouting Piling
Vibro Stone Columns

On a very deep, soft alluvium soil, Keller For Malaysia’s Klang Valley Mass Rapid A one of a kind attraction in Singapore,
installed Vibro Stone Columns for a Transit 2 project, Keller provided a Gardens by the Bay is made up of 50m
road embankment in Klang, Malaysia. In more efficient alternative solution using tall illuminated supertrees, skywalks,
spite of challenging ground condition, Deep Soil Mixing for the retaining wall water features, and conservatory
our team completed the work with an of intervention shaft 2. Rock Fissure domes. Resource Piling, installed over
excellent safety performance. Grouting work was also carried out in 1,500 piles with diameters up to
this project. 1,800mm for various structures of this
attraction. These include the
supertrees, the conservatories and the
watrefront promenade.

Link Road, Hong Kong Petrochemical Refinery Complex, Commercial Building, Indonesia
Vibro Stone Columns Vietnam Piling
Vibro Stone Columns

The Hong Kong Link Road project Nghi Son petrochemical refinery Strategically located at the new central
comprises of sea viaducts in the complex situated in Thanh Hoa business district in Surabaya, Indonesia,
Western waters of Hong Kong, tunnels province is the country’s second Ciputra World Surabaya is a premier
through scenic hills and underneath the refinery and the largest project so far. workplace and a lifestyle centre.
Aiport Road and Airport Express Line, Keller constructed Stone Columns to Frankipile Indonesia installed
and at-grade roads on reclamation treat the area approximately 50,000 Foundation Bored Piles and Secant Pile
along the East-coast of airport island. square meters. Using Keller’s Walls at the 1 hectare site.
200,000 linear meters of Vibro Stone bottom-feed method, over 100,000
Columns were installed in this project, linear meters of Vibro Stone Columns
some under air height restrictions were installed to depths of 18m,
because of the nearby airport. supporting 12 tanks up to 90m in
diameter and 19.9m in height.
Vibro Compaction works for
an airfield development, Singapore

Diaphragm Wall for the intervention shaft and the

crossover of Mass Rapid Transit 2 project, Malaysia

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