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Copied Case-Law Translated in Urdu

By Muhammad Khurram, Muneeb Book House, Lahore 0301-4398492

1. Defendant not established pronouncement of talaq in terms of S~7, no talaq. PLD-
2004. SC. 142

2. Divorce deed not required to be written on stamp paper. 2004-CLC-984

[         ]                      
3. Failure to obtain permission for second marriage from Arbitration council does
not render second marriage as void. 1991-CLC-note 238-page 184 + Second
marriage without permission punishment of one year and fine awarded. 2000-

4. Father not obliged to maintain adult son. 2013-AC-708

‫۔‬        ،                ‫۔‬    
5. Lady abducted nikah performed, nikah not valid without free will. PLD-2006. SC.

6. Marked document can not be read in evidence. 2011-Scmr-1011 & 2010-MLD-

7. Marriage registration. Where a person does not report marriage to Nikah Registrar
held liable for punishment u / s 5(4). 2009-MLD-962

‫  ۔‬    
8. Nikah performed under coercion without consent, no nikah. 2005-MLD-1615

‫  ۔‬                      ،            
9. Non registration of marriage is an offence but does not derogate from validity of
nikah. PLJ-2010-FSC-222 & PLJ-2009-Lah-576

[         ] ،     [   ]             
10. Oral divorce, notice of divorce not sent to chairman, no talaq. PLD-2006. SC. 457

11. Permission to second marriage granted by wife subject to transfer of property to
her by husband. PLD-2003. SC. 128

12. Presumption of truth is attached to entry in nikahnama. 2005-YLR-156

‫۔‬               ‫  ۔‬
13. Public interest litigation does not envisage the strict concept of aggrieved person
or locus standi. 2012-Scmr-1651 & PLD-2012-Quetta-31