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Sabando, Shena E.


What are the Provisions of the What are the causes of the What are Rizal’s Prescription or
Philippines as described by Fabrication of the Society? Recommendation?

1.) 1.) Changing the form of the 1.) Freedom of the Press should
Government and the population be established in the Philippines.
decreased dramatically. Rizal said that ‘Government that
governs from afar absolutely
requires that the truth and the
facts reach its knowledge by every
possible channel’.
2.) 2.) Gradually lost their ancient 2.) The Government should
Beliefs and Tradition; from institute a Filipino delegates.
Paganism to Catholicism. Someone who can communicate
to both side and will be true to
his/her roots by giving accurate
information on the state of the
Filipinos under the power of
presiding Spanish leaders in the
3.) 3.) Filipino deemed themselves as 3.) Filipinos should be subjected
the inferior race. to a proper Education. According
to Rizal, ‘how can the Country be
expected to become enlightened
when Spaniards are preventing
the execution of it.

4.) 4.) Division of the upper-class and 4.) Offices and Trusts should be
lower-class awarded by competition, to
develop the capabilities of the
Employees and Officials and to
prosper their cognizant to their
5.) 5.) Adopting the strange language 5.) Tax Reform should be
of the Colonizers. established, it’s like killing the
goose that lays the golden eggs;
an example set by Rizal. The
Colonizers should stop the
exploitation or else the Colonized
Nation will be in a comatose

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