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select * from departments

2. select * from EMPLOYEES where first_name LIKE 'R%' order by first_name

3. select * from EMPLOYEES where salary >=15000

4. select count(EMPLOYEE_ID) from employees

5. select max(SALARY), avg(salary) from employees

6. select concat (e.first_name, concat(' ',e.last_name)) as name, e.salary,

j.job_title from employees e join jobs j on j.job_id = e.job_id

7. select d.department_name,, c.country_name,r.region_name from locations

l,departments d,regions r,countries c where r.region_id = c.region_id and
l.location_id = d.location_id and c.country_id = l.country_id and region_name =