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Friday, november 5, 2010

Living with Bowles

Junior seeks to educate about syndrome
DTH MULTIMEDIA: See the latest video in the “Close-ups” series.

by Rachel Scall
Senior Writer
It is as if a fly landed on his cheek. UNC system to cut
The left eye scrunches, then the right. Three quick
shakes of the head and the entire tic is over in less academic spending
than a second.
Michael Crosa, a junior psychology and music by ISABELLA COCHRANE
double major, has Tourette syndrome, a neurologi- and TARINI pARTI
cal disorder characterized by involuntary, repetitive SENIOR WRITERS
sounds and movements. The UNC-system Board of Governors
But Crosa also has a full course load, a job as a resi- spelled out what a 5 and 10 percent cut
dent adviser mentor and a passion for music. would mean for the system at its last meet-
“It’s a part of me. It’s there,” Crosa said of his Tourette’s. ing of the year Thursday.
“But there is a lot more to me and that’s who I am.” The board discussed UNC-system
Crosa developed Tourette’s at age 16 after compli- President Erskine Bowles’ proposed bud-
cations developed from an indeterminate virus he get of $105 million in top priorities that
contracted at school. will be sent to the N.C. General Assembly
“It traveled north to my brain and did some work,” if it is approved today.
Crosa said. Asking for the bare minimum along
One day during junior year, after Crosa had finished with inevitable additional cuts will hurt
lunch and returned to his algebra class at Asheville academics at all UNC-system campuses,
High School, his arm shot out to the side. Bowles said.
“I was thinking about like, ‘Am I doing this?,’” he “We’ve done maybe too much on the
said. administrative side,” he said. “The next
After school, Crosa visited the emergency room cuts are all academic.”
at Mission Hospital in Asheville where doctors were Educational departments systemwide are
stumped as to why Crosa was having involuntary tics. expected to lose millions. At East Carolina
The doctors referred Crosa to Emory University University a 5 percent reduction would result
Hospital in Atlanta, but doctors there were still unable in a $2.7 million loss in library budgets.
to diagnose the problem. And several campus classrooms would
It was only after five months of working with doc- become even tighter with course sections
tors at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, reduced by the hundreds.
Md., that Crosa was finally diagnosed with Tourette For example, UNC-Greensboro would
syndrome. lose 910 to 1,120 course sections if budgets
are reduced by 10 percent.
See Tourette’s, Page 5 Looking at the numbers, Bowles said the
fate of the universities could be in trouble
if cuts continue at high levels.
“At some point, if we keep having cuts,
cuts, cuts, we’ll have to look at eliminating
campuses,” he said.
“If this went on for several years, that
would be the smart decision — the unfor-
tunate smart decision.”
In the last three years, the system has
cut $575 million, 23 percent in expenses
and nearly 900 administrative positions.
Additional 5 percent cuts next year
would eliminate 800 jobs and a 10 percent
cut would eliminate 1,700. Most of the cuts
would impact faculty and other academic
Board members were uncertain if even
dth photos/colleen mcnamara their minimal requests would be met by
Michael Crosa, a resident adviser mentor in Morrison Residence Hall, leads a drum circle. Playing instruments helps people with Tourette’s syndrome control their tics.
See BOG, Page 5

Third year for Eve Carson 5K Eve Ball benefits scholarship fund
by Cassie McLean
by Colleen Volz staff writer IF YOU GO
staff writer A local business is giving community members Time: Tonight, 8 p.m. to midnight
Six months from now, the last another chance to remember both Halloween cel- Location: The Carolina Club
class of students to know for- ebrations and a lost leader. 21 and older, ID required
mer Student Body President Eve Franklin Street Yoga Center will bring Halloween Info:
Carson will graduate. back tonight by hosting the second annual Eve Ball
At 10 a.m. on Nov. 6, the Eve dance party at the Carolina Club.
Carson Memorial 5K for Education Lori Burgwyn, owner of the yoga center and a UNC
will aim to make sure her legacy alumna, said she came up with the concept because
does not end on graduation day. former Student Body President Eve Carson attended
Cosponsored by the UNC chap- her yoga center before her death in 2008.
ters of Pi Beta Phi sorority and Phi “I didn’t know her really well, but having some-
Delta Theta fraternity, Saturday’s thing that tragic happen in this area, we wanted to
race will mark the third year of the contribute to her scholarship,” Burgwyn said.
annual Eve Carson Memorial 5K “We had already been having donation classes
for Education. where we’d raise $400, but I wasn’t happy with that.
Junior Katherine Richey, direc- dth file photo I wanted to make a much, much bigger impact.”
tor of the race, said the event Participants in the 2009 Eve Carson Memorial 5k take off from the start Last year, the event drew 300 attendees and raised
is expected to draw more than line. This year’s race through campus begins at 10 a.m. Saturday. $12,000. Burgwyn said donations have been smaller
1,000 people, including runners this year, but she expects the same turnout. All pro-
from California, Mississippi and said 75 percent of the funds raised honor Eve’s legacy.” ceeds will benefit the Eve Carson Scholarship.
Florida. by the race will benefit the next Sophomore Brady Lawrence, Chase Jones, one of the two recipients of last
Last year’s race broke campus class of scholars. president of the cross country club, year’s scholarship, said the award has given him
records by attracting more than “The race each year provides said he looked forward to running more than he ever imagined it would.
1,200 registered runners. an avenue for people to give back, in the race this year. “It has led to relationships, experiences and
“It’s a way for some people to but in a more active way,” Novinski Lawrence, who placed second in chances to talk to people I would’ve never had the
continue to heal,” Richey said. “I said. the race last year, said there is com- opportunity to beforehand,” he said.
think that’s really important to the She said the funds for the schol- petition among runners, but they Jones attended last year’s event and will be a
University.” arship allow two juniors the chance are all running for Carson. judge for the costume contest this year.
Richey said, as of Thursday to carry on Carson’s legacy glob- Lawrence said the course is cer- Attendees will be judged in six different costume
morning, the race had already ally, but added the race has greater tified by the USA Track and Field categories including “best couple” and “most amaz-
raised more than $15,000 through value to many. association, which makes it espe- ingly spectacular.” Winners from each category will
registration and sponsored fund- “The race doesn’t just stand for cially attractive for serious run- receive $200.
raisers. a financial purpose,” Novinski said. ners. Director of the Eve Carson Scholarship Katherine dth/katie barnes
Katherine Novinski, director of “It weaves together so many differ- “The Eve Carson course is really Novinski said students play an important role in Lori Burgwyn, owner of Franklin Street Yoga Center,
the Eve Marie Carson Memorial ent individuals who are all moti- poses in her studio. The center is hosting the second
Junior-Year Merit Scholarship, vated by the fact that they want to See carson 5k, Page 5 See eve ball, Page 5 annual Eve Ball, held tonight at the Carolina Club.

this day in history campus | page 3 city| page 3 Today’s weather

NOV. 5, 1792 … UNTAMED GLORY HELPING OUT Let the sun shine,
The Board of Trustees’ Throw away your razors Project Homeless let the sun shine in.
H 60, L 37
site selection committee ladies and gentlemen, Connect linked
visited New Hope Chapel Hill because things are people to the career Saturday’s weather
in Orange County. Afterward, getting hairy this month and medical services Weather to put the
they chose the site as in the name of No they needed in a central red in your cheeks.
H 56, L 31
the location for UNC. Shave November. location.
2 friday, november 5, 2010 News The Daily Tar Heel

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ta ke
one dai l y

Established 1893
117 years of
editorial freedom Need breakfast fast? Bacon soda is here.
SARAH FRIER jonathan

From staff and wire reports
EDITOR-in-chief jones
emember the Kevin Bacon statue made out of bacon? The same company
office hours: T, TH responsible for that work of art, J&DFoods, has partnered with Jones
2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. emily evans, Soda company to help bring bacon into every niche of life with the pre-
STEVEN NORTON jenny smith
Managing editor copy co-EDITORs miere of bacon-flavored soda.
962-0372 dailytarheelcopy@
scnorton@email. “The drink started out tasting more like ham than pork. But eventually we were
Carter McCall able to get the crispiness of bacon in there without it being overpowered by porki-
C. Ryan barber
cfmcall@email. ness,” Justin Esch, owner of J&D Foods, said.
university EDITOR
843-4529 Esch suggested pouring a glass of the soda to unwind in the evening or as a com- kelly mchugh
design editor panion drink to a turkey sandwich lunch. He also suggested that people could drink dth file/will cooper
VICTORIA Sam Tasher, Katy Lucci, and Alexandra Pfadt celebrate with the
kbmchugh@email. the soda with eggs for breakfast in the morning. College Republicans at Top of the Hill as election results come in.
962-4103 Ryan NOTED. A delivery man squashed crime. QUOTED. “I have to go to Tesco.” kurtzman With a squash. — An unidentified disabled woman after hit-
graphics editor
Tarini Parti dthgraphics@ Robber Sean Cullen, 25, tried to rob a New ting June and Ken Petty, an elderly couple, with
STATE & NATIONAL Hampshire corner store when a customer her mobility scooter while on her way to the
EDITOR, 962-4103 grabbed him and held him down.
British convenience store chain.
Nushmia khan
multimedia editor
The robber tried to make a run for it when The woman left the couple on the pavement
Nick Andersen the store owner went to call the police but was after striking them, sending June to the hospi-
Arts Editor stopped when the delivery man smashed a large tal with a broken pelvis and leaving Ken with
843-4529 allyson squash over his head. cuts and bruises.
linnie greene special sections
diversions editor EDITOr
BJ Dworak, sara gregory
lauren mccay community
photo co-editors manager today saturday sunday
dthphoto@gmail. gsara@email.unc.
com edu Guest lecture: Frank Bruni, for- Record sale: The Southern Folklife Kickoff event: UNC Dance
mer restaurant critic for The New Collection will bring back classics Marathon will kick off Dancer
➤ The Daily Tar Heel reports York Times and a UNC alumnus, with a record sale consisting of old- Recruitment Week with an afternoon dth file/caroline phillips
any inaccurate information will speak about his new book time country, folk, blues, jazz and of playing frisbee, eating food and Chancellor Holden Thorp (center) and his wife, Patti (left) dance
published as soon as the error “An Extraordinary Journalistic rock recordings on a variety of older listening to music. to “Thriller” in the Pit on Monday to promote Friday’s Eve Ball.
is discovered. Adventure.” This event is free. formats. This event is open to the Time: 1 p.m.
Time: 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. public. Location: Ehringhaus Field Visit to view the photos of the week.
➤ Corrections for front-page
errors will be printed on the Location: Carroll Hall Auditorium Time: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Location: Wilson Library
Police log
front page. Any other incorrect Rembrance event: Author Tim
Film screening: Come see “The McLaurin, who died of esophageal
information will be corrected
Yes Men Fix the World,” a film about Fundraiser run: Come out for cancer in 2002, will be remembered
on page 3. Errors committed n  Someone pried open a kitch- $80 in cash and a $1,199 com-
two men who lie their way into busi- The Eve Carson Memorial 5K for in a symposium and concert.
on the Opinion Page have cor- ness conferences to expose the peo- en door and stole $660 worth of puter between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m.
Education race, which will raise Time: 3 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
rections printed on that page. ple profiting from natural disasters. property between 9:15 a.m. and Wednesday at 107 Greenmeadow
money for the Eve Carson Memorial Location: The Barn at Fearrington
Corrections also are noted in the Professor Mark Gibney and Assistant 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at 422 Lane, according to Chapel Hill
Scholarship and First Book, a Village in Pittsboro
online versions of our stories. Professor Safia Swimelar will lead a national literacy organization. Pre-
Hayes Road, according to Chapel police reports.
Hill police reports.
➤ Contact Managing Editor discussion after the showing. registration is $20 and race-day Comedy show: Ryan Clauson, dat- A $650 laptop and a $10 jewelry n  Somebody stole an unsecured
Steven Norton at scnorton@ Time: 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. registration is $25. ing coach and comedian, will teach box were stolen, reports state. bicycle between 8:30 p.m. Tuesday with issues about Location: FedEx Global Education Time: Race starts at 10 a.m. students how to meet, attract and and 8 a.m. Wednesday from 321
this policy. Center, Nelson Mandela Auditorium Location: South Building date the right person for them. n  There was a suspicious woods W. Cameron Ave., according to
Time: 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. fire at 6:27 p.m. Wednesday at Chapel Hill police reports.
Mail: P.O. Box 3257, Chapel Hill, NC 27515 Film screening: Come out for the Fundraiser festival: Come taste Location: Student Union Great Hall
Office: 151 E. Rosemary St. screening of the film “The Pianist,” 300 Pinegate Circle, according to The bike was worth $300,
the delectable delights of local
Sarah Frier, Editor-in-Chief, 962-4086
about a Polish musician struggling Chapel Hill police reports. reports state.
home brewers while helping out
Advertising & Business, 962-1163
to survive the destruction of the To make a calendar submission,
The fire caused $5 worth of
News, Features, Sports, 962-0245 the student organization Nourish
e-mail damage to the landscaping, reports n  Someone sprayed a vehicle
Warsaw ghetto during World War II. International at the World Home
One copy per person; additional copies may be
Events will be published in the state. with paint and caused $1,000
purchased at The Daily Tar Heel for $.25 each. Communications studies professor Brew Fest. Registration is required
newspaper on either the day or the worth of damage between 7:30
Please report suspicious activity at our Rich Cante will introduce the film. and entrance is free, with a sug-
day before they take place. n   Someone entered a home p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Sunday at
distribution racks by e-mailing This event is free. gested donation of $10.
Submissions must be sent in by through an unsecure door and Southern Village, according to
© 2010 DTH Media Corp. Time: 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Time: 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
noon the preceding publication date. stole a $20 wallet containing Chapel Hill police reports.
All rights reserved Location: The Varsity Theatre Location: Nightlight

Tuesday, november 9
Dine Out

and make a difference

Chapel Hill/Carrboro Restaurants will donate 10% of their Breakfast, Lunch
and Dinner proceeds to help the IFC’s Hunger Relief Programs.

35 Chinese Restaurant Elmo’s – Carrboro Panzanella

501 Diner Favorite Yogurt (Orange Leaf) Penang Malaysian and Thai*
Acme Food & Beverage* Fiesta Grill Provence*
Akai Hana Flying Burrito PT’s Grille
Alfredo’s Pizza Villa Glasshalfull* Queen of Sheba’s*
Amante Pizza – Hong Kong Buffet Red Lotus*
Carrboro Hunam Chinese Saffron of Chapel Hill*
Hwy 54 Durham Il Palio Ristorante* Sage Cafe
Archira Thai & Sushi* Jade Palace Chinese Sal’s Pizza – Homestead Road
Armadillo Grill & Seafood Restaurant SANDWHICH
Ba Da Wings Jaluka Natural Bistro Spice Street*
Bandido’s Mexican Café – Jersey Mike’s Subs Spotted Dog
Chapel Hill Joe Van Gogh - Durham Squid’s*
Hillsborough Jujube* Subway –
Bean and Barrel Kildare’s Irish Pub Glenwood Shopping Center
Breadmen’s Kitchen Timberlyne
Brixx Wood Fired Pizza La Hacienda Taqueria Tres Amigos
Café Parvaneh Lantern* Tarantini*
Caffe Driade La Residence* Thai Palace
Capt. John’s Dockside Fish Linda’s Bar & Grill The Pig
& Crab House Loop Pizza Grill (The) Top of the Hill*
Carmine’s* Mama Dip’s Torero’s –
Carolina Club (The)* Margaret’s Cantina Carrboro
Carrburritos Mediterranean Deli Cole Park
Chick-fil-A – Merlion Restaurant* Town Hall Grill*
inside University Mall Ming Garden Tyler’s Taproom
Chocolate Door Mint Indian Restaurant* Vespa Ristorante*
Chocolaterie Stam Monterrey Mexican Restaurant Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe
Crepes Veronique Nantucket Café – Ram’s Plaza Weathervane at A Southern Season*
Crook’s Corner* Nantucket Grill – Weaver Street Market –
Crossroads at the Carolina Inn* Farrington Road, Chapel Hill Carrboro
Cup A Joe – Chapel Hill Sutton Place - Durham Hillsborough
Cypress on the Hill* Neal’s Deli Southern Village
Daily Grind Espresso Café Oishii Japanese Restaurant Wingman
Dickey’s Barbecue Pit - Durham & Sushi Bar* Ye Olde Waffle Shoppe
Domino’s – Open Eye Café * Reservations Suggested
Carrboro Orange County Social Club
Fordham Square Oriental Garden Chinese
Timberlyne & Thai Restaurant
Elaine’s on Franklin* Pantana Bob’s

RSVVP has been fighting hunger for 22 years in the Triangle and
this event benefits the Inter-Faith Council for Social Service (IFC)
hunger relief programs in our community.

EvENT SPONSORS: RBC Bank, Chapel Hill News, The Daily Tar Heel,1360 WCHL.
The Daily Tar Heel Top News friday, november 5, 2010 3

No Shave November getting hairy

Campus Briefs
Student Congress forum in
Pit rescheduled to next week
A Student Congress forum
planned for Thursday was canceled a five o’clock shadow at the most,
because of rain, and rescheduled Men, women said that it will not be difficult to
month, possibly longer.
Aside from protecting the face or
for Nov. 11.
The forum, to be held in the Pit, can participate stay committed and embrace the
legs of the brave from the piercing
winds, participating in No Shave
was aimed at answering students’ “The only difficulties I foresee November, according to the event’s
questions about the group. BY Maria Gontaruk are a little itching and maybe a loss website, is an excellent excuse for
The event will be held from 10 staff writer of its sex appeal as it grows into a students to save money and sleep
a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Pit. “Scruffy,” “fuzzy” and “hairy” fuller lumberjack-looking lush,” he an extra 10 minutes.
time is here and will remain trendy said. Although this month may make
UNC professor nominated to throughout November as the And although Miller said he has some girls lose attraction to their
assist statewide commission weather cools down, beards grow the potential of growing a beard significant others, junior Lindsay
out and the competition heats up. close to a couple of inches, he has Bever said she is looking forward
UNC professor Edward Baker No Shave November is a cultural to battle against more than just to seeing the potential of her boy-
Jr. has been reappointed to the phenomenon that encourages men the possible alienation from girls friend’s beard.
North Carolina Public Health to put the razor down for one month or excessive itching. “Some people are really bothered
Study Commission by Joe Hackney, and embrace their natural scruff. “I’m too whipped by my mom to by hair, but I dig it,” she said.
speaker of the N.C. House of Women are also welcome to par- keep my beard,” Miller said. “Right According to the website, a
Representatives. ticipate in the event. when November ends, I’m shaving male’s beard grows 5.5 inches per
Baker, a health policy and man- For senior Grant Miller, it’s an it for her sake.” year, and the average man will
agement professor at the UNC opportunity to show off his abil- He also said it’s not just for guys. spend 140 days of his life shaving.
Gillings School of Global Public ity to grow a fuller beard than his “If you’re a girl and want to do it, Miller said that the only peo-
Health, is one of seven appointees friends. then more power to you,” he said. ple who should participate in the
to the commission. “This is a time for hairy men to “You just have to be willing to wear month-long event are those who
unite and be proud and unashamed shorts in the winter to show off the can grow a beard that exudes
Research could improve drug of our natural body and growth,” he leg hair.” manliness and generates respect
said. For Giovana Espejo, this phe- from their fellow bearded men and
used to treat colon cancer There’s only one rule to follow: nomenon is an opportunity to be admiration from those who can’t
There is absolutely no shaving dur- lazy and stay warm in the cold quite keep up.
A study authored in part by
ing the month. Grooming methods months. “If you can’t grow it, don’t show
University faculty has found that it
such as waxing or trimming are also Espejo, a sophomore interna- it,” he said.
might be possible to moderate the
prohibited and immediately disqual- tional studies major, said she is not dth/james carras
violent diarrhea that results from
ify the participant from the event. intimidated by the challenge, and Contact the University Editor Senior business major Grant Miller is participating in No Shave
taking the drug CPT-11, a common
Miller, who said he is used to will not shave her legs for the entire at November, a national event where people avoid shaving for a month.
treatment for colon cancer.
The finding, published in the

Nov. 5 issue of the journal Science,
could result in improvements to
the drug.
The team of researchers, led by

Matthew Redinbo, chairman of the
chemistry department, found it was
possible to target the enzyme that
is thought to play a large role in the
diarrhea caused by CPT-11.
The group found a chemi-
cal compound that neutralized
the enzyme and resulted in less
diarrhea for mice tested with the
The study was funded by the
National Institutes of Health,
the Golden Leaf Foundation and
the North Carolina state govern-
Citizens unable
Applications for UNC-Duke to vote, no recast
scholarship due by Nov. 15
The deadline for applications for by estes gould
staff writer
a new scholarship between UNC
and Duke is Nov. 15. Ballot errors in two N.C. coun-
The Kenan-Biddle Partnership ties prevented some people from
was founded earlier this year with having their say in Tuesday’s elec-
a $150,000 grant to bring together tions.
academic initiatives from the two Incorrect ballots in New Hanover
campuses for the next three years. County prevented about 200 citi-
Grant requests should be for zens from voting in local elections
about $5,000, and prize winners Tuesday, and Surry County’s poll
will be decided by Dec. 10. The proj- book glitches caused delays for
ects are expected to begin Jan. 1. dth/helen woolard hours that morning.
Charles Gear (left) attends Project Homeless Connect each year at the Hargraves Center in the Northside neighborhood. Here, he gets Two precincts in New Hanover
his cholesterol screened by volunteer physician Steve Burnham. The screening was sponsored by the Orange County Health Department. County had the wrong ballot, and
City Briefs some local races were not even on
Tar Heel Express shuttle will

the ballot, said Jason Thompson,
run during basketball game chairman of the New Hanover
County Board of Commissioners.
Chapel Hill Transit will be pro- “It wasn’t until the voters real-

viding the Tar Heel Express shuttle ized they had the wrong one — or
service tonight for the UNC men’s that some names were missing —
basketball game against the Barton that precincts realized what was
Bulldogs, scheduled for 7:30 p.m. at going on,” Thompson said.
the Smith Center. Other ballots did not mark the
She said the partnership is a non-profit other doctors.
Shuttles will begin at 6 p.m.
from the Friday Center, Southern
Project Homeless economic development organization that Apart from medical care, participants also
candidates chosen by the voter.
“Had one of the races been
Village, University Mall and Jones
Ferry Road park and ride lots.
Connect aids needy also addresses panhandling in a proactive,
positive way.
received career services.
Twenty-one-year-old James Scharf has
really close, we probably would
have had to do this whole thing
Shuttles will also be available from McGurk said she organized outreach for been homeless for two years and went to the over,” Thompson said.
the Carolina Coffee Shop at 138 E. by Corinne White the program by distributing bagged toiletry event in search of job help. Poll workers did not record voter
Franklin St. staff writer kits that included a flier about the project “I didn’t know they had all these resources information so they were unable to
All shuttles will run continuous- Rodney Brooks is struggling with post- and a pocket guide about services available available,” he said. contact voters to recast their votes
ly— every 10 to 15 minutes ­— and traumatic stress disorder, is in need of a at the event. Scharf said he studied at UNC-Greensboro after the mistakes were fixed, said
will operate for 45 minutes follow- hip replacement and is searching for a “I think the most important thing is to con- for a year until he was kicked out of his N.C. Rep. Carolyn Justice, R-New
ing the game. place to live. nect people to service without them having to apartment. Hanover.
Shuttle rides are $5 round-trip On Thursday, Brooks, a veteran of walk all over the county,” McGurk said. He worked at Gumby’s Pizza and Wings in She was one of the candidates
or $3 one-way. Rides from the Operation Desert Storm, walked into the Students from the UNC School of Nursing Chapel Hill until he was laid off. Scharf cur- missing from several ballots in
Carolina Coffee Shop are $2 one- Hargraves Community Center looking for donated toiletry kits and clothing, said senior rently lives with a friend and takes his meals New Hanover, but she still won
way or $4 round-trip. help. Dana Talley. They also provided health his- at the Community House men’s shelter. her race.
Coordinators of Project Homeless tory screenings and manicures, Talley said. He said he hopes to join the Navy in two She is calling for an investiga-
Connect, established in 2007, were there to Many participants were not aware of years, but until then he said he needs a plan. tion by the state into the county’s
Middle school student found help alleviate the struggles of Brooks and the full scope of their health problems, Brooks said he didn’t find the career ser- board of elections and Tuesday’s
in possession of an air pistol others like him. Social services from across said Danielle Drobot, case manager for the vices useful because of his handicap. proceedings.
Orange County were also present to provide Carrboro Community Health Center. “They didn’t have anything for people “If that’s a process and deci-
Chapel Hill police responded to health care, employment and legal advice to “A lot of folks with high blood pressure with disabilities,” he said.
a report of two juveniles possibly in sion that’s being made in the local
people in need. said, ‘I feel great,’ but it’s a matter of them But lifelong Chapel Hill resident Charles places here, that needs to be fixed,”
possession of weapons around 8:15 “I got a lot of help I’ve been needing for a not understanding how severe it is,” Drobot Gear said he has taken advantage of the pro-
a.m. Thursday at Culbreth Middle she said.
while,” Brooks said. said. “The better they can become aware of gram’s services since its first year and appre- Thompson has called all those
School. Assistant Director of the Chapel Hill their medical condition, the more they know ciates them.
The officers that responded to the involved in the mishap for a public
Downtown Partnership Meg McGurk said how to seek health care.” “It’s good for people like us,” he said. hearing and statement later this
incident located two male juveniles she helped organize the event to connect Drobot said some event participants
a short distance from the school month.
volunteers and businesses with the com- did not know they were hypertensive, and Contact the City Editor But any formal reprimand or
grounds. One of the two juveniles munity. she issued four referrals for guests to visit at
was found in possession of a cap firing of employees would be up to
pistol. the state.
After receiving information at Glitches in the computer sys-
the scene, officers found a 14-year- tem caused the problem in Surry

Ackland gala to attract younger crowd

old male inside the school with a BB County, said Susan Jarrell, direc-
air pistol inside his book bag. tor of the Surry County Board of
Petitions charging the three juve- Elections.
niles are pending further investiga- The county’s computer system
was using information from the
tion. No injuries were reported dur-
ing the incident.
First ever with attempt to a attract a younger crowd
without the black-tie requirement
after The Love Language agreed to
join the ticket.
Time: 10:30 p.m. Saturday
second Democratic primary race,
no black tie rule — a first for the museum.
Emily Bowles, the Ackland’s
“The Love Language was recom-
mended to us and we knew it was a
Location: Top of the Hill, $25 for
which was only open to registered
Arts Briefs director of communications, said the good fit,” Bowles said.
All registered Republicans,
Bach Festival celebrates 31 Info:
by carson fish museum wanted a band who would The band will perform a mix of Libertarians and some unaffiliat-
years of baroque music staff writer perform a great live show. original and cover songs in hopes of ed voters were not allowed to vote
Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory “We wanted a real mix of embracing the essence of Warhol, tour for almost two months before when polls opened at 6:30 a.m.
The N.C. Bach Festival, an all- was the epitome of New York City’s Warhol-related music, things and the life he lived, they said. returning to the Triangle. They About 22 percent of the county’s
volunteer concert celebrating the party scene in the 1970s. that Warhol might’ve heard,” said “We’re going to choose from our recently played several shows in voters could not cast their ballots
music of the baroque period and The Ackland Art Museum will Allison Portnow, museum events more experimental songs,” said The Raleigh and Durham, and McLamb until the problem was fixed three
beyond, opens its 31st festival bring this iconic era to Chapel Hill and programs coordinator Love Language’s lead singer Stuart said they are happy to be back in hours later when the precincts
Sunday. this Saturday at the Silver Factory The Love Language’s music — ­a McLamb. “Plus a few covers — but their hometown. received new poll books.
Husband and wife team clari- Gala. Chapel Hill native band The modern mix of pop and rock — fits those are a surprise.” The Shakedown will also be per- Jarrell said most people came
netist Michael Cyzewski and sopra- Love Language will headline the perfectly with the mold the Ackland The Love Language’s upbeat forming during the gala. And start- back to cast their ballots later in
no Judith Bruno are headlining event’s after party. wanted to fill, Bowles said. sound will add a unique and mod- ing at midnight, Deejay Pez will be the day.
the event, which takes place at 4 The Silver Factory Gala, a “They’re a well-known indie- ern twist to the Warhol celebration, blasting a Warhol-themed playlist The polls stayed open until
p.m. at Raleigh Morovian Church. uniquely student-focused fund-rais- rock band who we knew would providing what the staff hopes will during the late-night dance party. 8:30 p.m.— one hour later than
Admission is free. er for the museum, will celebrate the appeal to our target audience for be music fit for a party. “It’ll be noisy,” McLamb said. elsewhere in the state — to
current “Snapshots” exhibit while
Visit to read the after party, which is mostly “I’m a huge fan (of Warhol.) I “It’ll be a lot of fun.” accommodate more voters.
more. raising money in a more casual set- young people,” Bowles said. love pop music, and I love pop art,”
ting. Portnow said the Ackland staff McLamb said. Contact the Arts Editor Contact the State & National
-From staff and wire reports The gala and after party will did not consider any other bands The Love Language had been on at Editor at
4 friday, november 5, 2010 News The Daily Tar Heel

National and World News N&W

Know more on Republicans say health

today’s top story: care reform is on agenda
Fox News analyzes the WASHINGTON, D.C. (MCT) McConnell of Kentucky. “We are
Republicans’ plans for health — Republicans on Thursday right where we have been.”
c a r e r e f o r m : h tt p : / / b i t . began plotting strategy for the next Where they’ve been for the
ly/93ubB9 Congress by vowing to be unified past two years is marching mostly
Health care reform law and relentless in their insistence in lockstep on issues central to
faces obstacles from the this year’s health care overhaul be the Republican platform, such
new situation after the mid- repealed and that most domestic as health care, global warming
term election: http://bit. spending be frozen or cut drasti- and spending — and against the
ly/92Yq9Q cally. Democrats’ agenda.
Health care industry is The GOP, which gained at Don’t look for much change,
expecting changes after the least 60 seats in the House of GOP leaders said.
election: Representatives and six in the They’ll want votes on repeal-
cQdRpi Senate in Tuesday’s election, ing the health care overhaul, even
Go to showed no appetite for bipartisan though they know President Barack
index.php/section/state to cooperation. Obama would veto any such effort.
“The mandate for change is McConnell conceded that his party
discuss the future of U.S.
directed at the other guys,” said won’t be successful right away on
health care. Senate Republican leader Mitch health care.
dth/shane pusz

illy Kluttz, co-president of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Straight
Yemen bombs’ trigger was cell phone CT imaging can Alliance (left) performs at the 1st annual GLBTSA Queer-E-Oke event with junior
WASHINGTON, D.C. (MCT) — because they were not authorized reduce deaths political science major Rick Ingram in the Student Union on Thursday. “My friends
Two package bombs shipped from to disclose information about an and I were talking about how heterosexual most music is and if we had a night to reclaim it
Yemen were likely designed to be ongoing investigation. LOS ANGELES (MCT) —
triggered by an alarm set on a cell When the alarm went off, elec- Advanced CT imaging can
and let queer folk sing it,” Kluttz said of the event idea. Visit the Pit Talk blog for more.
phone attached to a syringe filled trical current from the phone bat- reduce deaths from lung can-

Journalist shares life, travels

with chemical material to detonate tery would have run through a thin cer by 20 percent among heavy
the explosives, two U.S. officials wire filament, similar to those in smokers, according to long-
said Thursday. light bulbs, that would have ignited awaited results from the first
Militants are believed to have a small amount of combustible liq- comparison of CT scanning and
tested the length of time it took a uid and detonated the bomb. regular chest X-rays, research-
package to travel from Yemen to Once the bombmakers had the ers said. UNC alumnus to I started out at the New York
Post. I worked there for a year and
New York Times
writer Frank
Chicago during a dry run ship- parts, the time bombs would not The results of the study
ment of books and compact discs have been difficult to assemble, said among more than 53,000 for- give speech today a half, then I went to the Detroit
Free Press, where I worked for
Bruni will be
speaking on
in September, and likely set the Dave Williams, a retired FBI bomb mer and current heavy smokers 5 years and did a more variety of
cell phone alarms to go off while expert who investigated the 1993 were so conclusive that the study campus Nov. 5
By Nicole Comparato things.
the cargo planes were in the air, World Trade Center bombing. was terminated prematurely last and 6 about
staff writer I covered the first Persian Gulf
authorities previously said. “If you could make brownies week and letters were sent to all Frank Bruni, a 1986 graduate of War for them.
his career.
John Brennan, President Barack from a Duncan Hines box mix, you the participants advising them UNC, former Morehead Scholar All that work got the attention
Obama’s top counterterrorism could make this device,” Williams of the results. The findings are and New York Times Magazine from larger news organizations FB: My favorite restaurant when
adviser, had said on Sunday that said on Thursday. considered to be a major step staff writer, will be speaking about and the Times offered me a job in I was there, where I hung out a lot
the bombs were designed to be Meanwhile, U.S. officials dis- forward in fighting lung cancer, his “An Extraordinary Journalistic 1995, and I’ve been with them ever — I don’t know if it’s even still there
“self-contained” and “didn’t require missed claims by a French min- which is expected to kill an esti- Adventure” at 4 p.m. today. since. I was the Rome Euro Chief anymore — there was a vegetarian
somebody to go in and sort of man- ister that one of the bombs was mated 157,000 Americans this He has written three books, for two years and now I’m a restau- restaurant called Pyewacket.
ually sort of press a syringe.” disarmed minutes before it was set year alone. including his memoir, “Born rant critic. It was the first place I tried hum-
On Thursday, two U.S. offi- to explode. “This is the first clear demon- Round.” DTH: What was it like to cover mus and a whisky sour, which for a
cials confirmed that a syringe in An official in the Yemen stration that a screening proce- Bruni has covered topics rang- the Vatican? while was a drink I liked a lot.
the bomb was intended to act as Embassy in Washington said his dure can be effective in reduc- ing from presidential races to the
a blasting cap initiated by a cell government also was not aware ing deaths from lung cancer,” Dr. FB: The Vatican is an odd insti- DTH: What message will you be
Vatican. sharing with students?
phone alarm. The two officials that the bombs were set to go off Douglas Lowy of the National tution to cover because it’s not
He will also speak at “The Mind-
spoke on condition of anonymity within 17 minutes. Cancer Institute. Body Solution: Women’s Mental
really a publicly accountable insti- FB: When I talk to the eating
tution in the way that the govern- disorder conference, two messages
Health and Wellness Conference”
ment is. I want to get across are A, there
on Saturday at noon about his fight
So it’s a very closed society, and are a great many men out there in
against eating disorders.
Bad ballots yet there are many Catholics world- addition to women that struggle
DTH: How did you get from wide that want to know what’s with body image and food com-
Ballot errors in two N.C. coun- Chapel Hill to where you are going on there. pulsions, and in our society I think
ties affected more than 200 citizens today?
games trying to vote. See pg. 3 for story. Frank Bruni: Well, I had a
fairly unremarkable, normal past. I
So you keep an eye on the pope,
you report on what he says. When
I was there, it was still Pope John
we mostly hear women’s struggles,
but I think there are a lot of men
out there that go through similar
© 2009 The Mepham Group. All rights reserved. Gazebo smoke decided at Chapel Hill that I’d like Paul II — he was very old, very experiences.
Level: 1 2 3 4 East Carolina considers building to try my hand at journalism. frail. Also, my story is a very unusual
gazebos to cut down on smoking I started with smaller jobs and So a lot of covering the Vatican one because I went from being
violations. See pg. 6 for story. traded them for bigger jobs. After at the time was chronicling his really tormented by food my entire
Complete the grid I left Chapel Hill, I took a year health, and how close he seemed life to someone who made it my
so each row, column off. During that year I did a lot to be to not being able to be pope professional focus for five-and-a-
and 3-by-3 box (in
New organizations of freelance work and traveling. anymore. half years.
bold borders) con- The organization ACORN filed Then I went to graduate school at DTH: What was your favorite
tains every digit 1 for bankruptcy, but already has a Columbia University. restaurant when you were here? Contact the University Editor
to 9. replacement. See pg. 6 for story. Then I kept trading jobs. at
Solution to
Thursday’s puzzle
Playing to a tune
The UNC football team practiced

North Carolina Chiropractic

indoors and blared music to prepare
for game day. See pg. 7 for story.

Opening night
The Department of Dramatic Dr. Chas Gaertner is celebrating the 15th Anniversary
Art’s first show of the season is here.
See for review. of North Carolina Chiropractic on
Sunday, Nov. 7th 1:00-4:00
Everyone welcome!
• Patients, Families, Community
• Live music throughout the
afternoon, including a performance
by musicians from the Paperhand
Puppet Band
(C)2010 Tribune Media Services, Inc. • Food, Coupons for Chiropractic
Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle All rights reserved. photo ©
visits, Art and More!
Across 61 Seaside flock 27 49-Across from which 42 “Hey, ewe!”
1 Tic __ 62 Bit of Marx’s legacy Buzz Aldrin turned down 43 Cornerstone abbr. 212 West Rosemary Street, Chapel Hill • 929-3552 •
5 Travis of country 63 It may number in the a full scholarship 45 He played Marty in
10 Arrange in a tournament thousands 28 Actress Aimée “Marty” 405054.CRTR

14 Eliza’s greeting 64 Ones changing locks 29 53-Down’s homeland 46 Serious depression

15 2009 Man Booker 65 Agile 30 Fly catcher 49 Prepared to take notice?
International Prize Winner 31 27-Down fig. 50 Church area
Alice Down 32 Sitcom whose theme song 51 Wide-haunched
16 Poi base 1 Effectiveness was sung by its star 52 Cop stopping traffic?
17 Favorable time to place an 2 “Tuesdays With Morrie” 33 Toastmasters’ stock 53 Singer born Eithne
online bid? author 37 Albee play, with “The” Patricia Ní Bhraonáin
19 “__ Almighty”: 2007 film 3 Light smoke 38 Buzzer 54 Odd character
20 Sacred scroll 4 Milk source 40 Put oneself at risk, in a 56 Movies with “II” in their
21 Silent 5 “I didn’t need to know way titles: Abbr.
23 Wellness gp. that!” 41 Messed up a hole, maybe 59 Sub letters
24 __ de toilette 6 Accumulates
26 Nobelist Bohr 7 Chinese leader?
27 Online networking site 8 Defeated decisively
trainee? 9 Student resenters, perhaps
31 What odes do 10 “__ By Starlight”: jazz
34 1987 Costner role standard
35 Hope-Crosby destination 11 Gather information
36 Pay for periodic use secretly
37 Coll. of 12 signs 12 Some are named for music
38 Afghanistan’s Tora __ genres
region 13 Slips into
39 2007 honor for Hugh 18 Milk by-products
Laurie: Abbr. 22 Winter mos.
40 “__ Ben Adhem” 25 Suffix with lip-
42 Warned, in a way
44 Detective’s job concerning
a personal online
47 Bottom bits
48 Word before or after pack
49 27-Down, e.g.
52 Colorful fish
55 Kirin beer rival
57 Starting stake
58 Spinner seen in an online
60 Bakery buys
The Daily Tar Heel News friday, november 5, 2010 5

Absence of Boyd leaves void The Lowdown on Saturday’s Game

North Carolina vs.
Florida State
Receiver’s numbers low since LSU Highsmith have done their best to
fill in for his absence. Jones’ 81-
that, Cooper believes, has to do
with the offense’s ability to run (5-3) Doak Campbell Stadium, 3:30 p.m. (6-2)
yard touchdown reception against from the tailback position. HEAD-TO-HEAD
By Grant Fitzgerald combined stat line was one catch Virginia gave hope to the deep “I feel like we’ve been able to run
Staff writer for -1 yards. game, but that reception began as the ball a little more regularly, and UNC rush vs. FSU represents the No. 3 rushing defense
in the ACC. Why can’t teams run against
The turbulent atmosphere sur- “I guess it would have to do an underneath crossing route. last year end-arounds were some- FSU front FSU? Because you don’t run it as often when
rounding the North Carolina foot- with him being injured, and other The truth is, Boyd has irreplace- thing just to get us going — to jump seven you’re losing. Edge: FSU
ball team has given rise to a lot people are stepping up and making able speed. start the run game,” Cooper said.
of questions. Amidst the injuries, plays,” redshirt sophomore center “Oh yeah, he’s always a great deep Boyd said some of it has to do UNC pass T.J. Yates played great for six games, but has
academic probations and agent- Jonathan Cooper said. threat,” Highsmith said. “He’s fast with opposing defenses using line- vs. FSU slowed down. FSU’s pass defense is medio-
related issues, one question has Boyd sustained a shoulder inju- and can get behind the safeties.” backers and lineman to spy on him. cre and really isn’t good enough to win both
secondary catgories. Fear Dwight Jones. Edge: UNC
gone unanswered. ry during the Tar Heels’ victory Now healthy, Boyd won’t be But it gives Boyd a chance to get the
What happened to Jheranie against Clemson on Oct. 9 and fell counted on as a go-to receiver. ball in his hands and make a play.
FSU’s rushing offense is surprisingly good
Boyd? behind in subsequent weeks. Jones and White will attract much After a couple of weeks off, UNC FSU rush vs. this season. Who needs CP7 when your run-
Among a young and talented “I got injured, I missed some of the defense’s attention, allowing is going to need him to make plays UNC front ning backs carry the ball for more than 200
receiving corps, Boyd became the practices and got sick, so I was just more space for other receivers against Florida State, which ranks seven yards per game? Edge: FSU
focal point of UNC’s receivers while limited from getting reps,” Boyd “At the beginning of the year, 43rd nationally in pass defense.
Greg Little was withheld from com- said. “And you know, they were after LSU and ECU, a lot of teams “I expect it to be a physical FSU pass Most of the Rude Boyz are back. But last
petition. His performance against cutting my reps down, wanting me were almost double-covering, put- game, they got some big lineback- week, no disrespect, Mike Paulus tore them up.
vs. UNC Christian Ponder hasn’t been Heisman-esque,
Louisiana State, a 221-yard explo- to heal.” ting a safety over the top,” Boyd ers,” Boyd said. “(FSU linebacker) secondary but he’s far from a pushover. Edge: Push
sion, brought hope to a depleted The powerful running of Johnny said. “And with Dwight having Greg Reid is a playmaker but we
offense and gave quarterback T.J. White and the resurgence of big games they are probably going just have to go out there and play. This one isn’t close. FSU’s Shawn Powell
Yates his best deep threat since Dwight Jones also contributed to to do it to him, but they still have I know last year, we ran past them Special punts it almost ten yards farther than C.J.
Brandon Tate. Boyd fading into the background. to watch out for me and Josh a couple times and I expect us to Teams Feagles. Both kickers are fairly accurate, but
In his next four games, Boyd But Boyd’s disappearance has left a Adams.” take a lot of deep shots.” Dustin Hopkins has hit from 52. Edge: FSU
averaged a meager 19 receiving hole in the Tar Heel offense — the In recent games, the end-around
yards per game. Against Virginia, deep ball. run to Boyd has also been missing Contact the Sports Editor The Bottom Line — Florida State 31, North Carolina 17
Miami and William & Mary, his Both Jones and sophomore Erik from UNC’s play calling. Part of at Compiled by Mark Thompson

tourette’s eve ball reaches the goal of 43 percent par-

ticipation, which is why we are try-
“We can continue that both by
promoting her scholarship and
from page 1 from page 1
ing to get as many seniors there as making a difference in our com-
“When I actually found out I had fundraising efforts. possible,” Novinski said. munity,” she said.
Tourette syndrome it was really “Our tag line is ‘Students Student Body President Hogan Student tickets are $15 in
relieving,” Crosa said. Celebrating Students,’ which is Medlin said he plans to attend the advance, and $30 the night of the
Waiting for a diagnosis wasn’t why we want as many students to ball not only for the fun, but also event with a costume. Tickets for
easy for Crosa’s family. attend the Eve Ball and run in the because Carson was a close friend. non-students are $25 in advance
“It was very scary,” said Melissa 5K as possible,” she said. “Eve was a hard worker and and $30 the night of the event with
Robinson, Crosa’s mother. “They Novinski said she hopes the studier, but she always loved dance a costume.
were talking about whether it was event, which is restricted to those parties,” Medlin said. Tickets are $60 at the door with-
brain tumors.” 21 and older, will become a tradi- Burgwyn said Carson’s death out a costume.
But Crosa said he was happy tion among seniors. affected everyone in the Chapel
with his family’s reaction and “An alumnus has agreed to Hill area, and the community Contact the City Editor
appreciated their support. pledge $20,000 if the senior class should keep her legacy in mind. at
Because he developed Tourette’s
so late in life — Tourette syndrome
is usually diagnosed at a younger bog committee also approved a final
draft of the system’s new tuition pol- carson 5k
age — Crosa said he had to find a from page 1
icy — “A Second Four-Year Plan.”
from page 1
way to reconcile an identity he had the state legislature, which was After considering several rec- great,” Lawrence said.
already developed with a disorder taken over by Republicans Tuesday ommendations, the board decided “A lot of the races on the campus
that would affect his future. dth/Colleen mcnamara night. to stick to the existing plan’s main are a little off in how they measure
“I very much felt like I was Crosa works at the front desk in Morrison. When he can, he tries to Losing liaisons like N.C. Sen. guidelines. distances.”
Michael and Tourette’s was tacked educate himself and others about Tourette’s to spread understanding. Marc Basnight could have a huge However, it does allow campuses Richey said she didn’t want the
on,” Crosa said. impact on the board members’ lob- to submit proposals for additional numbers to determine the success
This difficulty manifested itself said Daniel Stellini, a first year grad- campers. bying efforts in the spring. tuition increases beyond the 6.5 of the race, adding the event is
during Crosa’s resident adviser train- uate student and friend of Crosa. “I discovered music therapy and “Whether we’ll get any of this percent cap for undergraduate in- more about celebrating Eve’s life.
ing his sophomore year at UNC. Learning about Tourette’s has that’s something that I want to go stuff, who knows,” Bowles said. state residents in times of need. Richey said she hopes every
Each RA was asked to list 10 also helped Crosa learn to partially into,” he said. “But this is the bare minimum. Some members said the new student participates in the 5k race
personal characteristics and then control his tics. Crosa sees his Tourette’s as a We’ll be fighting for it.” clause in the policy could be a before they graduate, since it offers
cross several off at a time, leaving “One of the biggest treatments building block, not an impediment, Republican legislators, who “slippery slope” because it could be the opportunity to bring the entire
each with the one characteristic that for Tourette’s is education,” he said. he said. were voted into office Tuesday, hard to determine which schools’ Carolina community together.
supposedly described them best. “The more that you know about it, “I feel like I’ve used Tourette’s to campaigned on dealing with the increases were needed more than “It would be another tragedy if
Crosa was left with the word then the more likely you are to be improve myself and improve my life state’s more than $3 billion budget others. we weren’t able to keep this going
“Tourette’s.” comfortable and understand what’s goal and life direction,” Crosa said. shortfall by making even deeper The full board is expected to and keep her legacy alive,” Richey
“It was the first time I had really going on.” People around Crosa notice his cuts, meaning a budget reduction vote on the policy today. said.
cried about it and I bawled about Another treatment for Tourette’s positive attitude regarding Tourette even greater than 10 percent for
it,” he said. “It was a big emotional is music — something Crosa has syndrome. the system could be possible. Contact the State & National Contact the University Editor
moment for me.” been passionate about since the “I have honestly never seen him The board’s budget and finance Editor at at
But Crosa said that after this emo- sixth grade. get frustrated about it,” said Jillian
tional breakdown, he was able to “If someone is playing an instru- Dahl, a sophomore psychology
come to terms with his Tourette’s. ment, they won’t have a tic or they major who became friends with
“I feel like I’ve really accepted it,”
Crosa said. “I’m Michael who hap-
pens to have Tourette’s, as opposed
will have a lot less tics,” Crosa said.
Crosa is a percussionist in his
music classes, but his favorite
Crosa her freshman year.
Robinson said she is proud of all
that Crosa has accomplished and FEMALE CHAUVINIST PIGS:
to Michael plus Tourette’s.”
Now one of Crosa’s goals is to
instrument to play is guitar, he
said. Growing up, he played the
his plans for the future.
“He had the option of with- Women and the Rise of the Raunch Culture
educate himself and others about
Tourette syndrome.
guitar with his father.
This past summer, Crosa worked
drawing from school and he didn’t
choose to do that,” she said.
by Ariel Levy
People are more accepting of the at Camp Twitch and Shout, a “I just think it’s really amazing Book Spotlight hosted by Carolina Hope
disorder when they understand it, camp for children with Tourette the way that he handled it.” November 9th, 3 p.m. at the Women’s Center. Light refreshments provided!
Crosa said. He said this makes him syndrome, where he was a music
less self-conscious. instructor. He led drum circles and Contact the University Editor Come join us, even if you have not read
“He’s very, very open about it,” other music-related activities for at the book, we’ll let you know what it discusses. We’d love to have you!


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6 friday, november 5, 2010 News The Daily Tar Heel

ECU considers gazebos ACORN files for bankruptcy

to enforce smoking ban takes its place
Action N.C. “The operation ceased to exist in
early 2010,” he said. “Promoting mass
McCoy said the continued need
to address the concerns of former
participation in
group members in the state — politics is definitely
are a solution to enforce our cam- by daniel wiser mostly low and moderate-income
Violations often puses’ smoking ban, he said.
said he has never given a smoking
citation, because it differs from staff writer residents — led to the incorporation a good thing.”
di∞cult to prove While the proposal has not yet
been presented to administrators,
other illegal substance violations.
“It is very hard to enforce to
The Association of Community
Organizations for Reform Now
of a new community organization
last spring known as Action N.C. anthony dent, chairman, unc
many student leaders said they begin with because of the fact that — also known as ACORN — filed “We understand the importance college republicans
by Kristen mcavoy hope it will be implemented. the use of cigarettes is short in for bankruptcy Tuesday, but a new of building political power in order
staff writer Similarly, UNC officials are hav- duration and if we respond by com- organization has already vowed to to make their voices heard on issues has a more centralized focus.
East Carolina University’s ing trouble enforcing a smoking plaint, usually the person has left continue community-based work they deal with everyday,” he said. “We are completely different,”
Student Government is consider- ban. the area by the time we get there.” in the state. McCoy, who also serves as exec- he said. “We operate on a neigh-
ing a proposal to decrease student A ban was implemented at UNC Also, Young said it is difficult to Bertha Lewis, CEO of the nation- utive director of Action N.C., said borhood basis to bring to light the
smoking violations on campus. in 2008 which prohibits smoking prove a person was smoking within al organization, said in a statement the state group has no formal ties programs we want to address.”
At a recent meeting, students within 100 feet of any University 100 feet of a university building. on the group’s website that its fis- to the now defunct national orga- Both McCoy and Santos said
proposed building gazebos on the building. On rainy days, students “We give verbal warning, but cal collapse can be attributed to nization and is engaging communi- although they haven’t yet heard
university’s campus in an effort to who wish to smoke are out of luck we don’t track those numbers,” he the costs of coping with multiple ties in Durham and Charlotte. many criticisms of the new group,
encourage students to smoke in unless they choose to stand in the said. investigations. The group works on a variety of conservatives are likely to be
designated areas only. rain or violate the ban. Some education officials question ACORN is a left-wing organiza- local issues for poor constituents skeptical of the actions of former
“We do have a smoking ban on Allen O’Barr, the director of whether bans have really decreased tion formed to rally, mobilize and including housing conditions, ten- ACORN employees.
campus, and it is largely not abided counseling and wellness services smoking, and whether more pro- engage middle and lower-income ant rights and education reform, “Whatever they call themselves,
by and a lot of times it is not abided at UNC, said it was a good idea grams are needed to discourage citizens. he said. their work will continue,” said
by especially when it rains,” said to provide shelter for people who smoking. Investigations stemmed from Michael De Los Santos, a mem- Anthony Dent, chairman of the
Tremayne Smith, the student body choose to smoke. At UNC, students have access to videos posted in 2009 showing ber of Action N.C. in Durham, UNC College Republicans.
president at ECU. While many are in support of programs at student health services ACORN employees appearing to said families in Durham want the He said the national association
The school’s current policy pro- making a shelter for smokers on to help them quit smoking. help individuals posing as a pimp organization to address crime and will persist in its operations under
hibits individuals from smoking campus, neither UNC nor ECU has O’Barr said, “we have made ser- and a prostitute. The pimp and safety as primary issues. the guise of local groups.
within 25 feet of university build- ever issued a smoking citation. vices available through Counseling prostitute were actually conserva- Santos said the group organized “Promoting mass participation
ings. “No student has ever been and Wellness Services and have tive activists attempting to link the a meeting last month to collaborate in politics is definitely a good thing,
“No one wants to stand out in ticketed for smoking too close to had very few people take advantage association with criminal behavior. with law enforcement officials on a but not the way they go about doing
the rain and smoke a cigarette,” a building,” Doug Boyd, spokes- of them.” Pat McCoy, former state direc- recent crime spree in the region. it,” he said.
Tremayne said. man for ECU, said. tor for the group, said ACORN was Although some might consider
It is unrealistic to expect students Randy Young, spokesman for Contact the State & National forced to dissolve in the state after Action N.C. to be an extension of Contact the State & National
to smoke in the rain; so, the gazebos the Department of Public Safety, Editor at the videos were posted. ACORN, Santos said the local group Editor at

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Child Care Wanted plain of discrimination, call the U. S. Department 3 bedroom 2 bath DEDiCATED RUNS NOW AvAiLABLE! imme-

of Housing and Urban Development housing w/ 1212 sq. ft...$730 diate openings for dedicated route drivers
discrimination hotline: 1-800-669-9777. in your area. Weekly home time, regional
AFTERSCHOOL SiTTER NEEDED for 3 kids Rent includes water routes, great pay ($35,000-$39,000 annu-
(age 12, 12, 8) near Duke. M-F 3:15-6- FURNiSHED HOUSE. Walking distance to
ally). Good family benefits, industry’s leading
:15pm starting January 2. Excellent driv- University Mall. Busline G. 3BR/2BA, great
919.942.7806 Very QUIET complex on equipment. Solo drivers wanted, no reloca-
ing record and references required. kitchen with gas stove, all appliances includ- “N” bus line tion required. Stable employment with 90 ed. Grad student, no pets, non-smoker pre-
years in the business. No CDL? No problem. If November 5th is Your Birthday...
ferred, no subletting. $1,200/mo. Utilities not 404921
CHiLD CARE WANTED: Afterschool child included. January thru April. 919-942-3598.
Fast on the job training. Minimum age 21. Spend quiet time with someone beloved,
care wanted in Durham off of Hope valley Call today! 866-917-7594. surrounded by peace and serenity. Plan r
Road. M-F 2:30-5pm for a very easy going 4BR/2BA. WALK TO CAMPUS. $1,500 /mo.
11 year-old. Reliable transportation a must. Great location 1 mile from campus on John-
son Street! Off street parking front and back
ed for medical genetics center in Chapel Hill.
elaxation escapes throughout the year with
nature, tranquility, meditation or yoga. Allow
if interested, email me with references. General lab duties including karyotyping, fil- of house. 4 LARGE bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 6BR/3BA NEW DUPLEx right off of Frank- ROOM FOR RENT: Private entrance, big room, ing slides and histo-clearing. Must be an en- your mind and body to be completely
W/D. Pictures and floor plan: www.tmbprop- lin Street. 417 Yates Motor Company Al- new kitchen, full bathroom. Grad student, no rejuvenated for renewed vitality.
CHiLD CARE WANTED! Mother’s Helper thusiastic team player. Must work at least 15 919-414-2724. ley. $4,200/mo. Available August 2011. pets, non-smoker preferred. Busline G, near
needed in Chapel Hill, M/W 2-7pm near Cha- hrs/wk. Long term and committed students
pel Hill High School. Help with drop off and FOR RENT: Mill Creek on Martin Luther King 704-277-1648 or University Mall. Available November 1. $550/ with reliable transportation need only apply. To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging.
pick up school age children (ages 10, 15), Blvd. Available August 2011. 4BR/2BA. mo, includes electricity and water, but not gas. Sophomores encouraged to apply. Email your
335 SqUARE FOOT COMPACT STUDiO apart- Contact Mrs. Slade, 942-3598 or 968-3058.
folding laundry, starting dinner. Rate nego- Excellent condition with all appliances in- ment. Full kitchen and bath. quiet, private resume and cover letter with availability to:
cluding W/D. $2,000/mo. 704-277-1648 or Aries (March 21-April 19) Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
tiable. Fax resume with contact information entry. 2 miles from Chapel Hill, 1.3 miles HOUSE FOR RENT PRiTCHARD AvE 4BR/3BA
to 401-1924. Today is a 7 - Manage work during nor- Today is a 6 - You feel conflicted between
from Eubanks P&R lot. $395/mo. No pets, house available for next school year (June NEUROCOG TRiALS, a rapidly growing mal business hours. Then attend a social personal needs and your work. Each
no smoking. December 1. 919-968-0247 or through May). Great house with plenty of company with close ties to Duke University gathering with folks who share your arena has high priorities. Seek balance parking, W/D and more. 2,600/mo. Email
Announcements Announcements 3BR/1BA HOME 4 MiLES SOUTH of campus.
Medical Center, has been involved in design
and implementation of multi-site clinical tri-
tastes. Bring a partner or friend. and choose carefully. Look at it again
als, including rater training and data quality Taurus (April 20-May 20)
Beautiful hardwood floors, central heat and Today is a 7 - As you reach the finish- Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
assurance and neurocognitive test develop-
air, W/D hookups, nice yard, no pets. Avail-
able immediately. $750/mo. Leave message For Sale ment, for 10 years. We are looking to fill a ing stages of a project, the elegant Today is a 6 - To get the most out of
a lucky opportunity today, merge your
at 919-933-1162. full-time PhD level position. This individual touches you add bring your concept
will assist in novel test development and alive. Smooth rough edges and wrap it logical thoughts with information you
1998 MERCURY MARqUiS for sale. Selling as
validation, trial design, data analysis and up with a bow. recently gathered. Adapt as needed. part of an estate. Mileage 11,157. $4,100. ALSO
FOR SALE: Half circle sofa. 919-225-7687. interpretation and business development
Gemini (May 21-June 21) Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
and will oversee neurocognitive rater certi- Today is a 7 - Figure out a way to meet
fication and data quality control for multi- Today is a 7 - Frustrations may still be
others at least halfway after they tell you
Announcements Announcements site pharmaceutical company trials. These
clinical trials usually involve a large meet-
stressful. Less tension shows that you’re
moving in the right direction. More what they need. Set aside low priority
ing of investigators and testers who require shows you where the obstacle is. desires and take care of business first.

Find YOUR place to live...

certification. Travel to US or international Cancer (June 22-July 22) Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
meetings is expected. The person filling Today is a 7 - Handle matters that had Today is a 7 - Assert yourself today.
the position should be proficient in Excel, been on the back burner. imagination Nothing will happen if you wait for others
SPSS and/or SAS. Expertise in visual design, goes a long way as you provide alterna- to take the lead. Progress unfolds as you
presentation and software development is tives for family members. allow your imagination free reign.
a plus. The starting salary will be competi-
tive with pharmaceutical industry standards Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
with medical benefits. Management skills Today is a 7 - You have an independent Today is a 6 - Your responsibilities include
are essential. Additional requirements: PhD plan. Do you need to include others? long-distance communication. Gather
in psychology, neurosciences or related Decide if you want help before you talk data and package it so others understand.
field, experience with neuropsychological or about it. Otherwise, they may be left Be prepared for questions as they arise.
cognitive data collection and analysis; abil- wondering what you’re up to. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
ity to travel on limited basis (average of 3-5 Today is a 6 - integrate symbols from
Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
days/mo), large group presentation skills. dreams into any written communica-
Today is a 7 - it’s like a little bird
Experience with schizophrenia, bipolar dis- tion. Understanding grows when you
order and dementia is a plus. Contact: Dr. told you what you needed to hear. To
Richard Keefe. Email: PhDpsych@neurocog- convince others of what you just some- share your point of view and reveal your Phone: 919-401-4642. how know, clearly state your desires in feelings.
simple language.
(c) 2010 TRiBUNE MEDiA SERviCES, iNC.

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The Daily Tar Heel News friday, november 5, 2010 7

County discusses issuing

$9.9 million in bonds
Commissioners allocated $5.3 million for projects,
including auditorium renovations
heard about the sales tax increase
despite the more than $30,000
delay decision at C.W. Stanford Middle School.
The board also discussed steps
the county dedicated to educating
for future economic development He said when he handed out
by Jessica Gaylord programs in light of the failed sales information on the proposed uses
City writer tax increase. at the polls, most people weren’t
Orange County officials had “We did a good job informing aware it was even on the ballot.
hoped voters would approve a sales the public of the sales tax, but “It’s always one of our problems
tax increase. But after its failure, the people made a decision based on … communicating anything we’re
Board of County Commissioners is tough economic times,” said County trying to do,” Jacobs said.
reaching for other funding — and Manager Frank Clifton. Gordon said the tax might have
may issue bonds. The money that could have been been passed in a different economic
Clarence Grier, financial services gained from the sales tax would climate, and the looming possibil-
director for the county, presented have been used for infrastructure ity of an increase in sales tax by the
an option Thursday night to issue improvements to future and exist- N.C. General Assembly might have
up to $9.9 million in construction ing businesses and the funding of discouraged voters to raise the tax
bonds for structural improvements loans for local businesses. at a county level.
in Chapel Hill-Carrboro City and “We regret that the tax didn’t “I don’t know what the general
Orange County schools, though pass,” commissioner Steve Yuhasz assembly will do,” she said.
commissioners made no decision. said. “These are times of fiscal con-
The county expects that BB&T “It would have provided eco- straint.”
will purchase the tax credit bonds nomic opportunities, and I don’t Gordon and other commission-
with a 1 to 0 percent interest rate. want these issues put on the back- ers said many of the voting public
The bonds must be issued by Dec. burner.” don’t understand the ramifications
31 to qualify for schools funding. The board considered alterna- of voting down the tax.
“It’s a financially sensible thing tive fiscal options to fund the pro- “Even though the referendum
to do,” commissioner Alice Gordon grams and postponed discussion didn’t pass, we want to send a mes-
said. “With such a low interest rate, on the economic issues until the sage to the public that if we want
it makes a lot of sense.” board’s retreat. to have fiscal health in the long-
Chapel Hill-Carrboro City “It is critically important to sup- term future, we can’t just look to
Schools would be allotted $4.6 port economic development, but it the short-term,” Commissioner
million for major roofing projects needs to be consistent in the bud- Bernadette Pelissier said.
at McDougle Middle School along get,” Yuhasz said.
with other projects. Commissioner Barry Jacobs Contact the City Editor
Orange County Schools would be said that most residents had never at

UNC hits the road vs. FSU

dth/james carras
Pharmacy professor Russell Mumper spoke at an innovation seminar in Sitterson Hall on Thursday. He is
working to develop a way to dissolve insoluble drugs as part of the new innovation program at UNC.

Innovation seminar Seminoles show

balanced offense
side of the ball for the Tar Heels.
Florida State boasts the ACC’s best
scoring defense, allowing only 17.6
points per game this season.
The Tar Heels sit fourth in
the ACC Coastal Division at 2-2
with an outside shot at making

showcases projects
UNC must also deal with the it to Charlotte for the conference
By Jonathan Jones what Davis called the most bal- championship. Despite this, Davis
Sports Editor anced team the Tar Heels have seemed careless that division foes
The North Carolina football faced thus far. Statistically, a team Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech
team moved practice indoors to couldn’t have offensive production were playing later Thursday night,
the Eddie Smith Field House after more evenly distributed than the having to be prompted by a report-

Biofeul, male
to take responsibility for family “I think it’s a great way to bring Navy Field, the usual Thursday Seminoles. er on what teams were playing in
planning,” she said. “Male contra- the community in early on so that a practice spot, was rain-soaked. FSU averages 207.4 yards per the upcoming game.

birth control ception is going to be a really hot

new product.”
lot of the effort doesn’t get wasted.”
Chancellor Holden Thorp has
W i t h t h e t e a m t r av e l i n g
Saturday to Florida State, UNC
game on the ground while the
passing game, led by quarterback
He and his staff did review the
film from N.C. State’s 28-24 upset
Other presentations included pushed for the University to pri- coach Butch Davis still planned on Christian Ponder, averages 207.8 victory against FSU last week.
by Jessica Kennedy and research that could lead to more oritize the creation of innovative, blaring music through the speakers yards. Davis said the Wolfpack was effec-
Paula Seligson accurate drug testing, more effi- entrepreneurial projects on cam- in the enclosed facility to simulate “A lot of that has to do with tive at minimizing big plays —
staff writers cient energy collection and storage pus. Thorp initiated the Innovate@ crowd noise this weekend. Christian Ponder,” Davis said. “His something that will likely be a key
Presentations ranged from a in solar panels, improved methods Carolina program this year to help “We’ll probably play some music, ability to create plays, scramble if the Tar Heels should succeed in
male birth control pill to biofuels of creating hydrogen fuel, and researchers see beyond the purely maybe some Jay-Z,” Davis said. “It’s and run a lot when he has to, that Tallahassee.
Thursday evening during an expo nanocapsules for the application academic value of their work. pretty loud when we pump in that has certainly helped their rushing “(N.C. State) did a good job
of recent research out of UNC. of medicine for cancer patients. “The seminar pushes the fore- music. Our kids have gotten used to game.” with their coverage units, they did
Ho s t e d b y t h e O ffi c e o f “The seminar is aimed at fos- front both of medicine and tech- that over the last couple of years. Chris Thompson, Jermaine a really good job putting pressure
Technology Development, the tering that culture of innovation nology while recognizing that you “As a matter of fact, some of Thomas and Ty Jones all average on Christian Ponder,” Davis said.
Carolina Seeds of Innovation show- and helping faculty, students and need to focus on the commercial them tell us the music is way loud- at least six yards per carry for FSU. “They tried to minimize as best as
case aimed to provide researchers staff,” said Peter Liao, project man- application,” said attendee Timm er than any of the crowds that they The three have combined for 1,356 possible his ability to make plays,
with business and networking ager in the Office of Technology Crowder. play in front of. They wish that rushing yards this season. to scramble, and I think that was
opportunities. Development. “It supports the economic mission we’d dial it down a little bit, but it “They’ve got three really good certainly something that was
“It’s important to get the tech- “We like to show examples of of the University.” makes a point — you have to com- running backs, and they rotate important.”
nology to the public’s hands,” said how innovation is managed and municate.” them in and out,” Davis said.
attendee Harvey Krasmy. how things are commercialized.” Contact the University Editor That communication will be “There’s not certain things they do Contact the Sports Editor
The night featured five present- After the seminar, attendees and at essential, especially on the offensive with one that they don’t do with the at
ers, each of whom gave a short presenters gathered at the Top of
lecture on the marketability and the Hill for a networking session.
details of their respective studies. One of the goals of the semi-
Suzanne Minton, one of the nar was to promote collaboration
presenters, said opportunities for between people of different fields.
research at the University are great, Keith Karczewski, a self- Take 15/501 South towards Pittsboro
Exit Market St. / Southern Village
but that researchers also have to employed consultant, said he THE SWITCH J
look outside the campus. thinks the collaboration of students
Fri: 6:50pm Sat & Sun: 2:00, 7:10 Mon-Wed: 7:10pm MEGAMIND I ..................................12:45-2:50-4:55-7:15-9:25
INCEPTION J DUE DATE K .........................................12:50-2:55-5:00-7:25-9:40
“We love UNC, but we need to and professionals is important for Fri & Sat: 7:00, 9:40 Sun: 4:00, 7:00, 9:40
grow new businesses,” she said. funding as well as marketability. Mon-Wed: 7:00, 9:40 HEREAFTER J .........................................1:15-4:05-7:20-9:50
Minton presented a non-hor- “It’s a good way to stop programs THE PIANIST K RED J ...............................................................1:25-4:15-7:25-9:45
monal male birth control pill which that are either not going to be Sat: 4:15, 9:15 Sun-Wed: 9:15pm THE SOCIAL NETWORK J ............1:20-4:15-7:10-9:35
could be made available within the defensible from a legal perspective The Pianist K UniVarsity Film Series Admission is FREE.
Tickets available at the Box Office starting at 6:30pm.
HARRY POTTER & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, PART 1 Thurs. (11/18/10) @ Midnight
All shows $6.50 for college students with ID
next decade. or aren’t going to have a commer- The Varsity Theatre Bargain
“Men really do want to be able cial application,” he said. 123 E. Franklin Street, Chapel Hill • 967-8665 Matinees
405067.CRTR $6.50

Reli gious Directory

The Daily Tar Heel The Daily Tar Heel
0-10 Christian Science Church RD.crtr - Page 1 - Composite

To the Chapel Hill

Christian Science
8-27-09 Newman Center RD.crtr - Page 1 - Composite 01-15-09 Hillel RD.crtr - Page 1 - Composite
02-04-10 Chapel in the Pines RD.crtr - Page 1 - Composite

Downtown Chapel Hill

at the Bank of America Center
10:30 Sunday Worship
Sundays at 10am
North Chatham School • 3380 Lystra Rd.
North Carolina Hillel • 960-0616 919-360-4320
5:15pm, 210 W. Cameron Ave. • 919-942-4057
9am, 11am & Student Mass at 7pm RSVP for Shabbat and more at Come as you are. Honor God. Love the You are welcome here. Community. Live like Family.

Would You Like to See

Your Church
Religious Organization
in the DTH
Religious Directory?
If yes, please contact
Tiye McLeod 919-962-0252

Place a Classified: or Call 919-962-0252

8 friday, november 5, 2010 Opinion The Daily Tar Heel


The Daily Tar Heel EDITOR, 962-4086
EDITorial BOARD members
“I’m too whipped by my mom
Cameron Parker callie bost Sam Jacobson
Established 1893,
117 years
Opinion EDITOR
Robert Fleming
Taylor Holgate
Mark Laichena
Maggie Zellner
to keep my beard. Right when
of editorial freedom Pat ryan
associate opinion EDITOR
November ends, I’m shaving it for
her sake.”
Grant Miller, Senior, on No shave november

Featured online reader comment:

“It is widely known that the DTH
Hinson Neville
The freshman perspective
is a less-than-mediocre publica-
Freshman business major from
Roanoke Rapids.
tion. Why don’t you take a poll??”
E-mail: nevilleh@email.Unc.Edu J, commenting on “Lawsuit is about more than


crowds We should find comedy in

life without kvetching
Kvetching board

change to
v.1 (Yiddish) to complain
TO THE EDITOR: To the boy making my sand-
Occasionally, a letter to the wich at Alpine: There is a fine

crazy cops
editor is published kvetching line between being funny and
about kvetches. completely insensitive. Guess
While it is true that some- which one making fun of my
times the kvetches are offensive stuttering problem by asking me

and also true that they often if I wanted a “puh-puh-pickle”
line of heavily armed men make us laugh, the issue that

Deanna does districts

on motorcycles simultane- would be under?
I would emphasize is the fact
ously rev up their engines that we are kvetching to begin To the guy wearing cargo jorts:
preparing to push civilians out of with. Didn’t your mom ever tell you
their way. The intimidation factor Perhaps with Thanksgiving that two wrongs don’t make a
is heightened by their impenetra- right?
ble helmets and black uniforms. Redistricting bill introduced by Speaker Santoro approaching, we might consider
being grateful for the experiences Getting your mug shot on the
Behind this tightly packed line of
motorcycles marches armed men is a start to achieving needed reform we have on campus.
Perhaps the Daily Tar Heel
front page of the DTH — Total
frat move.

followed by a huge empty bus, a Editorial Board might publish a
fleet of patrol cars, and several tudent Congress is tasked will increase the diversity of combining the South Campus Dear Sherlock Holmes, Good
board of quips that say “Thank luck solving the case of where
enormous public works vehicles. with reevaluating con- Student Congress by adding a and Ram Village districts
you” instead of complain. I dumped the clothes you left
Without knowing the context, gressional districts. The freshman voice. should alleviate this problem. These quips could follow a
it could easily be assumed that this latest effort — spearheaded by The other change, shift- We think this redistricting in my room. Truly yours, Sexy
similar tone and format; it is Firefighter
is taking place in the aftermath of Speaker Deanna Santoro — is ing the composition of dis- plan is a good one, but it is not possible to find comedy in daily
a violent military coup where mar- a good start. tricts, might not seem like a a panacea to student govern- encounters without adopting To my suitemate: Next time
tial law has been enacted and the The rules and judiciary com- big deal but we think it will ment’s election problems. that tone of annoyance, criti- you piss your boyfriend’s bed
military is expected to use brute mittee threw around plenty of decrease the need for special It does nothing to address cism, and dissatisfaction. (while still in your Halloween
force to maintain civility. We can say thank you for costume), please don’t hang the
ideas, like electing representa- elections. the often vacant graduate stu-
It is not surprising that as steam the life we have been given dripping skirt you borrowed on
began coming out of the public tives by year or major, but ulti- Santoro says districts that dent seats that can contribute my doorknob.
mately settled on keeping and include dorms that are mostly to problems achieving quo- by appreciating the ridiculous
works trucks, many dazed — or moments on campus. Not only To my suitemates: Quit writing
intoxicated — onlookers presumed refining the current geographic freshmen are less competi- rum. Student Congress can-
can we say thank you, but we kvetches about me peeing my
that they were being gassed and district plan. tive than other districts. This not change anything about
should. boyfriend’s bed while I’m sitting
fled the vicinity. Who could blame The changes include assign- is mostly because the pool of the graduate student seats right to next to you. The joke was
We attend a top university in
them? The number of officers on ing a seat reserved specifically students that are eligible to without the approval of the one of the richest countries in over once I washed the sheets.
Franklin Street on Sunday night for a freshman student and run during election season is Graduate and Professional the world.
was overwhelming and verged on Sweatshirts are out, winter
strategically shifting some dis- smaller. Student Federation, and they We are receiving an education
ridiculous. has come. All of us fellas
tricts around. Few freshmen want to com- have not been able to reach a and living a lifestyle many people sure are glum. But only four
Even Granville Towers, a Reserving a seat for a fresh- mit to living in freshman dorms compromise yet. in the world cannot even imag-
renowned safe-haven for party- months until elation, and the
man is a good idea. Student as sophomores, so there usually But the current bill is a ine having. We are better off and end of hi-boob-ernation.
ing freshmen, tightened its grip. luckier than we often acknowl-
All 1,000 residents had letters
Congress general elections are not very many candidates. solid start. The redistricting
edge. Dear DTH, on behalf of all par-
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Precinct predicament
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And, to top it all off, they autho- also show we value the people, Crazies: See you in 2012, and in
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law enforcement personnel to Current precinct lines are confusing and inconvenient places and instances we meet
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make rounds throughout the prop- binging on the Kool-Aid for the
erty to issue citations for open con- for students trying to vote on election day Caroline Fish past two years. Love, America

tainers and underage drinking. Senior Should I be concerned that my
Sure, safety is important. tudent confusion should buildings. to vote more if the precincts
Psychology roommate is obsessed with the
But I couldn’t help but feel that be avoided for future Tracy Reams, director of were changed to make voting
movie “Psycho?”
the efforts of law enforcement elec tions by making the Orange County Board of more convenient for every-
and Granville Towers alike Morehead Planetarium and Elections, said there are five one. After all, there are 18,000
Registration times aren’t To my girlfriend, sorry but “No
were no longer strictly about Science Center an Election Day election day voting sites for undergraduates. fair for some students Shave November” is a double
safety; instead, their over-the-top standard.
voting site. students who live on campus. Reams said there is not TO THE EDITOR:
measures served only to need- On Tuesday, an estimated According to Reams, add- much that can be done right The UNC registration needs To the guy wearing shorts/T-
lessly tame conduct and deplete 400 students showed up to ing Morehead Planetarium as now, since precinct lines are to be re-structured. shirt and a scarf/gloves: The
Franklin Street of any college fun The randomization of regis- forecast of 73/40 does not actu-
that was to be had.
vote at Morehead Planetarium a voting site would be a diffi- frozen because of redistricting.
tration times makes it so that ally mean that it will be both
After all, how much crowd to cast their votes, only to be cult task. She said the Orange But the Orange County Board
some students simply cannot get temperatures at the same time.
control is really necessary if, redirected to their assigned vot- County Board of Elections of Elections should keep this
ing sites. Many more students must first request the change issue in mind and consider stu- into classes that they need. Dear College Republicans:
according to police spokesperson Although the randomiza-
likely did not vote because they to the State Board of Elections dent voters in future precinct Holding your post-election party
Lt. Kevin Gunter, only a hand- tion makes it so that a student at an expensive restaurant and
ful of people’s behavior—out of were confused about which site and then the N.C. General redrawing. is equally likely to have an early forcing the “common man” to
35,000 participants—was out of they were supposed to vote at. Assembly. Also, other pre- At the very least, the Orange registration as a late one, many pay to enter really isn’t helping
line enough to deserve a citation? Morehead Planetarium was cinct lines would have to be County Board of Elections students (myself included) have your reputation.
Of course, Halloween was used as an early voting site for redrawn. should better educate students been issued late registration
entertaining regardless. But the Strength through unity, unity
this year’s midterm elections. Understandably, there is a on where the voting sites are times two or three semesters in
fun seemed a bit discounted, through faith! Remember,
So, it would have been a prime lot of red tape. But college-age for each precinct. a row. Remember the 5th of November.
given the multitude of junior and
Election Day voting site for people are one of the toughest Such confusion on Election This makes it so that we are
senior student’s complaints about unable to get classes we desper- Isn’t it a little early to be beg-
the increase in cop-to-student students who live on campus, demographics to get to the polls. Day inhibits people from cast-
ately need time and time again. ging for meal swipes outside
ratio. What did the Class of 2014 since it is near most academic Students would be encouraged ing their votes.
I, for example, was unable to get Lenoir?
miss out on? into News Writing (JOMC 153) To the cute boy I voted beside:
The extreme policing made me

Broken promises
last semester due to my 1 p.m. I’ll be your Elaine Marshall if
and the rest of the Halloween- registration time. This semes- you’ll be my David Price.
on-Franklin virgins miss out on ter, my registration time is 1 p.m.
the wild event that marks the To all the pharmacy students
again. that didn’t go out Sunday night,
halfway point in the first semes- If a student receives a late you missed out, and I got an A.
ter of our fully fledged adult lives.
The town of Chapel Hill, University wrongly uses contour mining registration time one semester,
I believe he/she should only be To the 25 different kvetch cos-

Granville Towers, and other enti- tumes I saw on Franklin, you’ll
he University should tour mining. We are inclined damage the earth’s surface. able to receive a relatively early
ties should seriously consider one the following semester (and never look as good as the ones
reviewing their methods of crowd never promise stu- to agree. If it is not feasible to pur-
dents one thing and do Contour mining, while not chase coal from deep-mining vice versa for those who have an published on Fridays.
control — their “Homegrown early registration time to begin
Halloween.” If officials step away another. This includes using quite as destructive as moun- companies due to the increase Send your one-to-two
loopholes to get around a taintop removal, is still within in price, then the University with).
from crowd reduction goals sentence entries to edit-
for and look objectively at the problem. the category of surface min- should make students aware, subject
Adam Bowers
image painted by the army they Last May the University ing. Therefore, the University of the situation and focus on Sophomore line ‘kvetch.’
deployed to clear Franklin Street, stated they would avoid pur- is using a loophole in ordering working toward ways to make Journalism
they would see what all of us saw. chasing coal obtained through coal. the change feasible — not make
They would see the absurdity of surface mining. This came The University says that con- false promises.
such severe patrolling of a college after an Energy Task Force tour mining is better because Rejecting the recommenda- SPEAK OUT department and phone number.
event. Hopefully, sometime in recommended this policy to the soil can be replaced — tions by the Energy Task Force ➤ Edit: The DTH edits for space,
the next year, they will make this Writing guidelines: clarity, accuracy and vulgarity.
the school. unlike with mountaintop and buying the surface-mined ➤ Please type: Handwritten Limit letters to 250 words.
If not, tune in next year as town But UNC recently signed removal. But there is evidence coal would have been prefer- letters will not be accepted.
officials invite the full force of the contracts for three years worth that restoring the surface to able to the University’s duplic- ➤ Sign and date: No more than
➤ Drop-off: at our office at 151 E.
of coal obtained by using con- its previous condition is much ity. Instead, the University has two people should sign letters.
American military to Franklin ➤ Students: Include your year,
Rosemary Street.
Street and the Class of 2015 tour mining. easier said than done. insulted its students. major and phone number. ➤ E-mail: to
realizes that fun Franklin Street Stuar t Boss, president But whether you agree with UNC should stick to the ➤ Faculty/staff: Include your ➤ Send: to P.O. Box 3257, Chapel
Halloweens are a thing of the past. of UNC ’s Sierra Student surface mining or not, another commitments it makes. If it is Hill, N.C., 27515.
Coalition, stated there is little issue here is the fact that our unable to fulfill a commitment,
Monday: difference between mountain- school should not be breaking it should work with the stu- EDITOR’S NOTE: Columns, cartoons and letters do not necessarily represent the opinions
of The Daily Tar Heel or its staff. Editorials reflect the opinions of The Daily Tar Heel edito-
Nick Mykins enlightens us on light.
top removal, a very destructive the spirit of its agreement: to not dents to reach that goal, rather
rial board. The board consists of eight board members, the associate opinion editor, the
method of mining, and con- support mining practices which than make empty promises. opinion editor and the editor.