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5/16/2019 Ref.

Essay 11th grade - Google Docs

Ralustian, Erin Rose L.

Period 0

Due: 8.30.2018

Best Work Reflective Essay

In my 5th period class, honors U.S History in my junior year, I wrote an essay comparing

the economy between The Great Recession and The Great Depression. In the essay, we had to

compare the economic crisis that they faced. When Ms. Shaefer gave us the project, I was

stunned. I didn’t know what to do because I never written an essay in history. I was sure it is not

an essay that we write in English class. We were directed to include statistics and an alternative

to prevent what happened during those era. It took me 1-2 weeks to plan and write the essay.

I chose my Economic Crisis during The Great Depression VS Recession not because I

have nothing to choose. As you can see I did not get a high score because of missing numbers

and because I turned it in late. I could’ve written an essay about my other projects but I chose

this piece because it stood out and I learned how to imply what I learned in english, math and

history. I refreshed my knowledge on how to calculate percentage because it is not given in when

I search the statistics of the event. I never knew you can include math in an essay. The only thing

I regret is, I waited until the last minute to turn it in.

Over all, this essay is one of my best work because I used my knowledge from different

subjects and understand it more about the pain and struggles of the Americans during those

events. I was also given a chance to think outside the box and put my opinion on how we could

do to prevent it or what alternatives can we make if it ever happens again. 1/2
5/16/2019 Ref. Essay 11th grade - Google Docs 2/2

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