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ROGER CATIEL Attempted Homicide


1. Mr. Witness, can you recall the exact date and time when the
incident happened?

2. Mr Witness, on the 8th paragraph of your SS, you mentioned

that you were intoxicated when you had an encounter with
the accused.

So it is possible Mr Witness that you were not ?

3. What was your tour of duty on that day, Mr. Witness?

4. Mr witness, you said in paragraph 5 of your SS and I quote

“Mayroon pong tumawag sa aming tanggapan at sinabi sa
amin na mayroon mga customer sila sa nasabing bar and
restaurant na may dalang baril”.

a. Mr Witness, who personally received the call?

b. What was the name of the caller, Mr Witness?

c. Mr Witness, you responded based merely on the

information relayed to you by the said caller. Is that

d. Mr Witness, the accused was not particularly described to

you. Is that correct?

5. Mr Witness when you got inside Codallian Bar and

Restaurant, you did not immediately identify the accused. Is
that correct?

a. Mr Witness, how were you able to identify the accused?
6. Who was with you when you responded?

7. Isn’t it true Mr Witness that you were not in proper uniform?

8. Isn’t it true Mr Witness that the accused wasn’t drunk?

9. In paragraph 12 of your SS, you stated and I quote “Kaagad

na tinanong ko sila na kung mayroon silang dalang armas o
baril sabay humingi kami ng pahintulot para sila ay

a. You said “SILA”. Who were they, Mr Witness?

b. Isn’t it true Mr Witness that when you asked the accused if

you could frisk him, he did not allow you to do so?

10. You also stated in your SS that you brought him to your
office at PCP 7.

a. Isn’t it true Mr Witness that you brought him to your office

for questioning?

b. Isn’t it true Mr Witness that he was not assisted by a


11. You said that you marked the seized evidence?

a. What markings did you write on each of the 2 pistols?

… on the 7 live ammos?
… on the 45 caliber?

b. What did you use in marking them?

c. Who were present during the marking?

12. Isn’t it true Mr Witness that you did not prepare an

inventory of seized evidence. Is that correct?
IF he prepared…
You’re telling the court Mr Witness that you are adding a
testimony which was not part of your SS?