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Prize money will be given on floats or entry in the following THREE (3) categories
and THREE (3) cross-division awards:

Float Division — Best in Class- $100

Motorized Vehicle Division—Best in Class- $100
Walking/Non-Motorized Division—Best in Class- $100
(see entry form for definitions)
Best Use of Theme-$100
Most Creative- $100
Most Comedic- $100

Total Prizes, All Divisions: $600

2019 Theme: “Corder: The Golden Years”

Registration form, containing a brief description of float or entry must be filed
before noon, June 21, 2019. Forms for these copies which are also the entry form
may be obtained from the parade planning committee at The Corder Bank.
The parade will form on Saturday night at the Baptist and Methodist church
streets. Entries must be in place by 5:30 p.m. to be judged. The parade starts
promptly at 7:00 p.m. Anyone coming after 5:30 p.m. will not be eligible for prize
money. Entry forms must be in the hands of the parade committee by Friday noon.
Entry forms will not be accepted after that time. Rules strictly enforced. Judging will
be based on originality, workmanship, overall artistic appearance of the entry.
It is recommended by the committee that when tractors are used to pull floats,
that small tractors of less than 50 H.P. be used. No tricycles. All drivers of motorized
vehicles must be 16 years of age or older. Riding power lawn mowers approved if
blade is dismantled. Any livestock or horses must be trained for the type of parade
work and are the responsibility of the entrant.
The Committee reserves the right to remove from the parade any entrant that
is deemed not suitable. We plan to keep our parade clean. Entries from the
neighboring communities will be accepted and are welcome. Please contact the
parade committee no later than June 21, 2019.
Entrant may place their name or sponsor’s name on power unit pulling float, or
on back of float and it will not be considered as advertising. Commercial built floats
are welcome but will not be eligible for a prize. Anyone wishing to use a kit should
contact the committee before making purchases.
If your entry is political, please only write your name and the office you are
running for on the parade entry form. You will be placed in the parade on a first
come, first served basis. Please let parade personnel know when you arrive so that
they can tell you your place is line.
Corder Picnic
Parade Entry Form

Type of Entry: __________________________________________

1. Float *
A float is defined as a decorated platform/wagon that is either
mounted on a vehicle or pulled by a vehicle.
2. Motorized Vehicle *
A motorized vehicle entry is defined as any decorated ATV,
golf cart, lawnmower, or other motorized vehicle.
3. Walking/Non-Motorized *
a. Any decorated entry that is neither a float nor a motorized vehicle
entry. May include street performers, bicycles, etc.
4. Non-judged Entry
5. Horse drawn equipment or saddle clubs
6. Old vehicle

* Judged Categories

Sponsor or entry’s name: _______________________________________

Brief description:

Please double space or write legibly and return to The Corder Bank – fax 660-394-
2211, or email to no later than NOON on Friday June 21,
2019. Any questions please contact: Matt Limback @ 660-394-2617.

Address to mail prize money: __________________________________________

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