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Name(s): Ezgi Göksu BEYAZIT
Hilal TÜN

Art Integrated Math Activity
Unit Title
Geometric Shapes-Activity Name: Shapes in Autumn
Grade Level
48-60 Months
One lesson hour
Learning Outcomes [ASSURE (State Objectives)]
Cognitive Development Domain
Children who are 48-60 months old age (audience) state the characteristics of geometric
shapes (circle, triangle, square) according to their edges (behavior) while they are creating
these shapes by using tree branches (condition) %70 of time (degree).
Motor Development Domain
Children who are 48-60 months old age (audience) collect the tree branches and put them
together (behavior) while creating their new frames (condition) %70 accuracy (degree).
Instructional Materials & Media [ASSURE (Select Strategies, Technology, Media and
Tree branches, foliage, crayons, glue, paper

Learning-Teaching Methods [ASSURE (Select Strategies, Technology, Media and

Child centered and Discussion
Teaching Activities [ASSURE (Utilize Technology, Media, and Materials and Require
Learner Participation)]
For this activity, our main purpose is to give information about basic characteristics of these
geometric shapes to the children by showing a video that is created by using PowToon.
Then, children create their own frames by using tree branches in the form of geometric
shapes they learnt. It is a child-centered activity.
Individual Learning Activities Children create geometric shapes by using
tree branches.

Group Learning Activities They can play a game as a whole group.

The activity will be done after the time of outdoor play by looking at the rotation
program. The teacher adjusts himself / herself by this time and enters the activity when the
students are prepared to go out. "Children, today I want you to bring me pieces of wood and
leaves you find playing outside, I will wait for you next to the wooden house with my bag. We
will do shapes with them in class, later." she says. The teacher collects the materials that
children bring while playing outside. The teacher after the "clean up" time, when the outdoor
play time ends and returns to the classroom; "Children, what did you discover in collecting
these materials in the garden today?" she asks. Then shows the materials to the children by
talking about weather and seasons. The teacher opens a song of “4 Seasons” which is the
work of Vivaldi “” and listens once with
the children. She stops the song and asks the children who the song belongs to. Then she asks:
“Which geometric shapes do you know?” Then, teacher shows a short video that is made by
using PowToon. After showing this video, she shows geometric shapes from the board on the
wall of the classroom. By using children’s arms as edges, she explains edges and shapes. Then,
she says; "I want you to make geometric frames with the tree branches that you collect on
the cardboards. The children continue to play "4 seasons" in the background while doing art
activity. The name of the student whose activity is finished is written on the cardboards. After
all the children have finished their activities, they take all their work; for circle time, they are
asked to sit on the carpet. Children are asked to tell the pictures they made and to tell them
which shapes they are using.
Measurement & Evaluation
Descriptive Questions:

1) How did the materials we used in our activity looks like?

2) Which kinds of materials you find outside in this season?

Objective Questions:

1) Were you able to make frame of shapes which you want easily?

2) Is there any part during the activity that you feel you have a hard time?

Sensual Questions:

1) What did you feel while making frame of shapes from tree pieces?

2) How did you feel while listening the song and drawing the picture?

Daily Life Questions:

1) What other colors we see leaves in all seasons?

2) Do you see any geometric shapes in our classroom?

Measurement & Assessment Activities Teacher can want children to draw a geometric
for Individual Performance shape, which can be circle, triangle and square.
Then, s/he can want them to find an object from
the classroom in the form of what they drew.
Measurement & Assessment Activities Children can create the geometric shapes by
for Group Performance using their bodies.
Homework (optional) -

Explanation regarding to the implementation of the plan

If children cannot find enough tree branches outside, they can collect stones instead of
collecting tree branches.