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Ramona Delborne (9)

Making a splash! Freshman Ramona Delborne shown

diving, has flipped her way through the diving season this
year. This is her first year on the team and she says “The
team is super supportive and fun. I was a little nervous
coming in to it, but it has been such a positive experience. I
met new people and made bonds that I was not expecting.
We love to joke around and dance when we aren’t diving, of
course.” In this sequence of pictures, Ramona was
completing a back layout with a half twist, which is just one
of the many dives that the womens dive team learns. They
learn inward, reverse, pike, and many other challenging

Aiden Kelly (9) and Ngoclinh Pham (9)


Annabeth Wood (9) and Hadley Brugh (12)

Sam Overton (11) and Julia Kasper (10)

Katie Chignell (9)

Aiden Kelly (9) and Ngoclinh Pham (9)

Julia Kasper (10)

Bella Behrend (12)

Hadley Brugh (12) and Annabeth Wood (9) Mikayo Briggs (9) and Maya Shaver (9)

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Splash Money

Sam Overton (11), Audrey Silvernail (10), Caroline Sherer (10), Aiden Kelly (9), Ngoclinh
Abi Fortner (9)
Pham (9)

Women’s Swimming and Diving

Lauren Perrone (10) and Adeline Witherspoon (10)

Lauren Perrone (10) and Adeline Witherspoon (10)

Just add water The Enloe Women’s Swim Team had an amazing and successful
season. Senior Hadley Brugh, who has been on the team all 4 of her years here at
Enloe, says “Being a member of the Enloe swim team for the past four years has
allowed me to push myself mentally and physically and bond with a group of people I
am so glad I can call my teammates.” This attitude is very common among the swim
team, and the overwhelming amount of team pride and spirit on the team is evident
on all the faces of the members.

Caroline Sherer (10) and Emilia Wall (10)

Aiden Kelly (9) and Ngoclinh Pham (9)

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