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WL/CM-02NE Series Direct-call Doorphone System USER'S MANUAL (Edition:V1.02) Repair mba [cnr spy ere we epowe la a te te per tee Ses ies [ete detec eae rita nese ee oe cerca |stats fssorsone ory aia a Contents 1, System intodvetion 2, Systm features 3, System components 4, Produt stature and functions '5,. System components and parameters 6, System dlagram |Video system diagram 2 Au system diagram 7, System connection |Video system connection for 3 or 4 houscholérsloor 2.Video system connection for 2 houseblders! oor 5 Video system connection for 1 householéro0r 4Audio system connection for 3 or 4 houscholders!o0r 5 Audio system connetion for? houscholderloor (Audio system connection fr 1 householerfloor 8, Wire materials 9, System operation 10, Installation: na 2.Door sao’ insta 11, Simple malfunctions removing on and notice ‘Ania iy Sr ton pel, ooking an sy. ‘Stennis wih oom nla hed se can asi ‘Stow power won ee ta, ine poe ‘$item ir poe as opal for diet ble mabe. tee sin of ord ion Swen fine pone pl ee “#Video system component st: MORNEA HE). EMLEANEDRA). EMIRNEDX. MORNE AI. CALEANE(L AT) CMLOBNE x6). cegast 2}. eMsaNBI 1, WLONE 6. WLEANEA XS). WLOBNE x6) WLInt)52), WI-ODNEUt) (2\aiindor phone: WLADNEFD, WLADNEEC (owe spy: FS-UPS oc PSE Bor stn pane cover ohio done Tes lke rst fhe ak sve wie sched ow Ma 4 stows a ad ea et [Sa alcoves es Installation tps on wall (Orit cago on prope pion the wall acing de it (Gr fur 66 lsat dor station tiltion szon ove, Fie ‘ck cove ote prove mh beatae late ues and ewe (442 come (oie the om cove ote ack cove hem e225 "ner hrgan azo lek em. Notes (Oye les shal be le eon toh sour tation nde (2) ek cover embed he def groove shale tad and ‘eon The bs ph ha te road pat fhe terete esp lose te urine ots dhol Ty th Bost wi he a ‘eto et cove anid aly lle aber i dor (sibel lion tod te dor ain he id ht ly epee 4) nl he dor ion ane poss whet yg ‘semper, sults ech witha cle tthe eg ie ot ‘ae a (statis ight pnd the wenger ot el pepe