56 Soc Media Ideas fo Bicycle Tour Di cial a or e irectors
1. Encou urage your ride directors to be engaging with potential r egin w riders well in ad dvance of the e event on social media sites our s o asis frequently lead up to a ride ding e 2. Ask yo “Likers” to suggest your ride to friends on a monthly ba and more f 3. Get ou and persona engage with your peers, jo groups suc h as Cycling B ut ally h oin Blogs or on their Facebook accounts 4. Sign up for Twitter an use Twellow u nd w.com, Twitaho olic.com or Twiitterlocal.net to find both local Tweeters and o d people on Twitter interested in cycling, tours and related topics e 5. Start an external blog on cycling an events that interest you; w a g nd i watch how they interact 6. Join professional gro oups on LinkedIn and contribu to the conv ute versation 7. Get Google Reader and subscribe to blogs about cycling, sociall media and ev planning; u Google Ale to a vent use erts stay up-to-date on industry sites & keywords of interest 8. Upgrade your interne usage policie so employee understand the "rules of e et es es engagement" w social mediia with 9. Select a Facebook Username (face t U ebook.com/use ername) that m matches your do omain or comp pany name 10. Add a Twitter tab to your Facebook page y k 11. Add a YouTube tab to your Facebo page to brin your YouTu videos into your Faceboo page t ook ng ube ok 12. Use Tw wtPoll to create web-based polls on Facebo and Twitter to gather feed e p ook r dback and engage your audie ence 13. Embed a newsletter subscription bo into your Fa d ox acebook page use 14. Put lin to your sociial media sites in all of your company email signatures or u a service like WiseStamp nks p.com to do it for you while including your latest social media updates m 15. Rotate your Faceboo Avatar (imag in the upper left on your pa weekly, m e ok ge r age) monthly, with ea ride or whe ach enever possib ble 16. Use so bookmark tools (Delic ocial king cious) to collec links of sites and articles th are relevant to your ride, c ct hat t cycling habits or rides in gen neral and share these with your riders and a e amongst your p peers 17. Teach managers how to use RSS, watchlists and alerts to find o when people are discussing your compa h w out any and pr roducts, as they could be pote ential riders 18. Publish post-ride res and survey responses on your blog (rem sults y n ating personal content); enco ourage move incrimina volunteers and riders to comment and suggest wa to resolve tthe issues s a ays 19. Create a wiki for new policy or proc e w cess development 20. Use th Links Faceb he book App and post links to rele p evant content r regularly on yo Facebook p our page 21. Create a “ride alumni” social netwo as a Facebo Group to a e ork ook allow you to con nnect with ex-r riders, current r riders, volunteers, fans to sh “insider tip and swap deals on other rides hare ps” d 22. “Favor other rides or tour compa rite” s anies that you recommend to your riders an customers o your Facebo r nd on ook page ment ogging tool, su as Yammer or Co-op, inte uch r ernally to share ideas amongs ride directors and e st s 23. Implem a microblo volunteers 24. Implem a Live Ch feature on your website an on your Fac ment hat y nd cebook welcom page so if po me otential riders h have questions on rides or your company they can contact you or the ride director d r y e directly 25. Instead of sending emails, write blo posts, tag th & refer ride to the key p og hem ers posts for inform mation 26. Have your support ve y ehicle drivers take ride photos and video an upload to yo Facebook p nd our page – Tag ride ers where appropriate 27. Install QuantCast on your website to learn as muc about your r t ch riders and cust tomers as poss sible in order to o improv your market return on in ve ting nvestment
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    28. Answe common cus er stomer questions on your blog and syndicatte to Facebook Twitter and your newsletter g k, 29. Tweet links showing your company riders or rides featured on o t y, s other Web sites or mainstream media s m 30. Post your ride docum y ments (sign up forms, flyers, etc.) to Scribd.c to improve you search find-ability and t e com e to encourage sharing 31. Create a list of resou e urces for your riders and post on your blog. R Repost, Tweet and mention o Facebook b t on before each ride for each ne group of riders r ew 32. Invite past riders & customer to gue blog, tweet or post Facebo updates fo you est ook or 33. Create a Twitter hashtag for your event to connec everyone onlline around the same convers e e ct e sation 34. Post Facebook upda at rest stop and mention local merchan on social m F ates ps n nts media (link to th pages whe heir en possib ble) 35. Work with merchants to offer riders social media specific offers a deal (on p w s s s and places like Four rsquare and Faceb book) 36. Create a Flick Photo stream for eac ride and cro post photos onto Faceboo and Twitter. Embed a Flic e ch oss s ok ckr widget into your web to serve as a “satisfied customer photo book” t bsite s o 37. Create an volunteer group on Face e ebook/MySpace to allow your volunteers to jjoin together online networks of e expert tise 38. Create a page on your intranet (ma e aybe using Yah Pipes) to co hoo onsolidate the WatchLists for key industry is r ssues and co ompetitor rides, then share the link to your key staff memb k bers 39. Include training on blogs, wikis, and sharing tools as part of the volunteer induction program d 40. SMS reminders to rid of certain events, obstac r ders cles, detours or important ride dates r e 41. Start a YouTube cha annel and allow anyone to pos videos of the experience either voluntee w st eir ering for, on wh on hile a ride with your even or company nt 42. Create videos of ride interviews an post on You e er nd uTube 43. Create a cool event or rider recruitm video and post it on You e o ment d uTube, then pa it around a few friends and see ass what happens. (Don''t know what a cool event vide is, then don try.) h eo n't 44. Create videos ads fo all of your ke rides, post th on YouTub and link to t e or ey hem be them on your w website, Facebook page and anywhere else. Send link to videos in your email to p a ks y prospective ride ers 45. Add a share on Face ebook, Digg, St tumbleupon link to your webs and especially to your ride site e-specific page es 46. Look at advertising on social netwo sites such as Facebook or MySpace a o ork a r 47. Implem Facebook Tabs for each of your rides – almost like a microsite for e ment k h each ride within Facebook n 48. Put alll of your ride ro outes into MapM MyRide.com 49. Create content for As e ssociated Cont by republis tent shing your blog posts there (it helps with rea g adership and n news outlets will republish your content on their sites) s o 50. Have your ride direct run online webinars and “ride fairs” talk about life on t rides, the p y tors k the personality of th tour he directo and answer questions from potential cus ors r m stomers 51. Have multiple people involved in yo social mediia campaigns, in case someo leaves m e our one 52. Ask qu uestions, do triv make up games related to your ride – a via, g t anything to spa interest and engagement iin ark d your social media pre esence 53. Manag all of your so media site through Hoo ge ocial es otSuite or Twe etDeck to keep all of your interaction in one p e place c eason and com back next year ming 54. Hold contests to keep riders engaged in the off se 55. Get pr rofessional help with your soc media effor p cial rts! 56. Have fun! f
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