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Jennifer Servin

Mrs. Mua

Public Health 4

May 5, 2019

My Path

My goal is to become a Probation for Juveniles. One way to achieve my goal is to keep

attending my academy until I age out. Police Explorers is a academy that will prepare me for my

future career and reach my goals. I plan to achieve this goal by continuing with the academy as

well as attending college after I graduate high school.

With these plans so far I feel everything will be a little more tight schedule wise with

school and having that family time. I am debating whether to get a job, just to help out back here

at home. If so I will work around my college schedule although everything for sure will be

stressful I think as long as I keep my confidence it will go okay. College is a must for me i order

to receive my Bachelorś degree. After graduation I will be a full time student in college taking

my basics (Math and English). Some more classes I will be taking is Sociology and Human

Development. I chose human development because it is actually a class where we get to hear

others out and understand what they went through and how they made it to where they are now.

In the long run all these classes will be helpful to my career.

In a couple years from now I plan on living in a apartment, I am only attending the

Merced college for 2 years and transferring out maybe into another state. If I am to move out of

state I plan on going to Colorado, Texas, or Oregon. I choose these places because it is

something I always wanted to visit for no reason. Wherever I choose to move, I plan on getting a
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job to pay for my housing, college courses, and anything else needed. My short term goals are to

live in a apartment, get a car, learn the whole process of my future workforce, not having to get

into the second option of my back up plan. Some more of my short term goals are to work on my

work ethic and get out of California. In five years I see myself starting my career and working

with children. I also see myself getting little things together such as buying a house and helping

my family as it is likewise.

Therefore I do not want to get ahead of myself, but I feel my career path will go just as

planned. As long as I do whatever it takes I will get there.

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