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Incident Report INCIDENT #: 20190500692 Page tof 3 GEORGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE INCIDENT REPORT Incident Detail INCIDENT # 20190500692 Date Entered: 9/18/2019 Status: Cleared by est ‘Occurence Date: 5187201920551 -S/182010.21:46 Reporting Offcor:Karg, Robert Cleared: No Location: Lucedale MS Incident Description: Dispatch Notes ‘2001- G1S-Outat 1211 2082 G12. 10.28 5-1 mage contact with Mr. McLeod, he is severely 31, He went back nthe residence Instrument Used for Enxy: Not Applicable Point of Entry: Not Applicable Poin of Ext: Not Applicable thor Entities Involved: Caller -Mersil, Megan oe: Race: Sex: Home Phone: Notes: Dispatch information: call Phone: ‘other Phone: lOffense(s) ‘Genes: (138) 07 5:7(S)—NW) - DOMESTIC VIOLENGE-- SIMPLE ASSAULT - [1ST OR 2ND OFFENSE] Completed: True lag Motivation: None (no bias) Promises Entered 0 Forced Enty: False Location Type: Residenoe/Home (hcludes apartment, condominium, and nursing home) Suspect of Using: Alcohol Ctiminal Activity: None/Unkrown ‘Weapon Type: Personal Weapons (hands, foe, tthe) Property \Victim(s) Vien # 1 NOLEOD, MIGRELEF os Sex Female ave: Write Ethncly: Unknown Addoce 00 $2020 - IN Lucodaie MS 0462 ‘Cause: Argument Cause: Other Cieumstances Injury Type: Apparent Minor Injury ‘Adttonal Cause: Unable to Determine/Not Enough Infomation Vielen Type: taut Resident Status: Unknown Home cet other: lOffender(s) / Suspects (5) Repon By approved By arg. Robert tneidont Report INCIDENT #: 2ore0s00632 Page 20f3 ~ 01 Amested —Offender# 1 Name: DOUGLAS. D. MCLEOD Notes: oS TT Ser Male Rave: White Height 60 ‘Weg: 180 SSN ou ‘Adecoss on 9116201 ENS \cedale Ms — Home Col: NE Other: ‘ase ‘Arrest Date: si1872010 ‘Anes Type: On-Viow Ares (take into custody without ‘warrant or previous nccer rapt) Ethncty: Not of Hispanic Origin Resident Status: Resident [Narrative Date: SROZ019 25100 AM Namo: Depuly Robe Kar (On May 18, 2019 at approximately 2051 hrs Deputies responded to 1211 Bexley Church Ra in reference to a female that has been punched by @ male, Upon arrival Deputy Karg was advised that the male in question is Mr. Doug McLeod. Deputy Karg approached the front door of the residence. Deputy Karg attempted to make contact with someone at the residence by knocking on the door. Deputy Karg advised E911 Dispatch that no one is coming to the door, could they call the RP back and let them know that a Deputy was outside, At approximately 2052 hrs Deputy Karg made contact with Mr. McLeod atthe front door. Wi, McLeod opened the door and stepped out onto the front porch with 2 glass of what looked and smelled to be some type of intoxicating liquor (beverage). Deputy Karg advised Mr. McLeod that he was dispatched t the address in reference to an assault that had occurred. Mr. McLeod responded with the statement " are you kidding me, Deputy Karg advised Mr. McLeod that he was not kidding and that Deputy Karg would not kid about the incident, Mr. McLeod made the gesture with his hand in a means to advise Deputy Karg to hold on! Mr. McLeod walked back inside of the residence and shut the door behing him. Deputy Karg attempted to locate Mr. McLeod through the window to see where he was going. Deputy Karg advised Dispatch that Mr. McLeod had reentered the home and shut the door behind him, Deputy Karg also advised that Mr. McLeod was very Signal 31 ( showing signs of intoxication). At approximately 2053, brs Deputy Sullivan arrived on scene. Deputy Karg advised Deputy Sullivan that Mr. McLeod had reentered the home and could not be seen. Deputy Karg could hear a maie’s voice yelling towards someone that the cops are here. Deputy Sullivan advised Deputy Karg that he can see Mr. McLeod coming back towards the door. Deputy Karg observed Mr. McLeod stumbling just before he opened the door. Mr. McLeod opened the door and the weight of the door threw Mr. McLeod off balance and he almost fell backwards back into the residence. When Mr. McLeod exited the home to the porch he immediately started to apologize and advise that" we are good " and" I'm sory tell hem to come ‘on out.” Mr. McLeod walked over to the porch rail between Deputy Karg and Deputy Sullivan. Mr. McLeod displayed the signs of someone under the influence of an intoxicating liquor. Mr. McLeod had slurred speech and walked slow in a zig zag pattern towards the rail, Once at the rail Mr. Mcleod needed to grab hold of the rail in a means to steady himself as he leaned against it Deputy Sullivan asked Mr. McLeod what is going on at the residence prior to the arrival of Deputies. Mr. McLeod advised that him and his wife are hanging out. Mr. McLeod attempted to say something else but due to the slurring of his speech Deputies were unable to make out what he was trying to say. Deputy Karg stood at the front door of the residence awaiting the victim to exit the residence. Mr. McLeod advised that he was going to go back inside the residence to retrieve his wife. Deputy Karg and Deputy Sullivan advised Mr. McLeod that he could not return to the inside of the residence. Mr. McLeod advised Deputy Karg to enter the residence and get his wife. Deputy Karg opened the front door and could see two females standing at the top of the staircase on the second floor. Deputy Karg advised both females to come down the slairs and exit the residence with him towards the driveway where Deputies had parked their vehicle's. Deputy Karg ‘observed that both females appeared frightened, Deputy Karg observed that one female ( later identified as Mrs. Michelle McLeod } had blood all over her face, neck, and arms. Deputy Karg was advised by Mrs. McLeod that she was scared of where Mr. McLeod was. Deputy Karg reassured Mrs. McLeod that he was on the porch but away from where she would be walking. Deputy Karg observed Mrs. McLeod to be shaking and very upset over the incident. Deputy Karg observed Mrs, McLeod kept asking to wash her face and was very upset aver being outside and around Mr. McLeod Repo By aeproved By Karg, Rober Incident Report INCIDENT # 20t90500632 Page 9013 Once outside and around the Deputies Units Mis. McLeod advised that she was okay but that her nose was hurting Deputy Karg advised Mrs. McLeod that he needed to check her over for all injuries. Deputy Karg continued to reassure Mrs, McLeod that she was okay and that everything will be okay. Mrs. McLeod advised Deputy Karg that Mr. McLeod was drunk, Deputy Karg retrieved a white towel from his trunk to give to Mrs. McLeod for her nose in the event it started to bleed again. Deputy Karg advised Ms. McLeod that due to the injury she received during the altercation Deputy Karg was going to have an ambulance come on scene to check her out. Mrs. McLeod advised " No, No, No" that she is a Nurse Practitioner and did not need an ambulance. Deputy Karg advised Mrs. McLeod that its protocol to have an ambulance respond due to the incident. Deputy Karg advised Mrs, McLeod that she did not have to go to the hospital by ambulance if she did not want to, Mrs. McLeod advised that she respected what Deputy Karg needed to do and the Sheriffs Office protocol, Mrs. McLeod advised that she wanted to retumn to the residence to get some more cloths on due to the fact that she did not have a bra on. Deputy Karg advised that it would be fine to do that. Deputy Sullivan at this time was in the driveway with Mr. McLeod retrieving his drivers license from his vehicle Deputy Karg advised the second female (later identified as Ms. Meagan Merril) if she would accompany Mrs. McLeod Inside to make sure she is okay. Deputy Karg entered the living room area where Mrs. McLeod was sitting and began to ‘ask her about what had happened? What was said between her and her husband? Mrs. McLeod continued to repeat that " He just snapped.” and " this is what happens when he drinks too much." Mrs. McLeod advised that its always something that she either " works too hard or whatever.” Mrs. McLeod advised Deputy Karg of where her room is located. Deputy Karg questioned Mrs. McLeod on whether or not they had separate rooms or the same room. Mrs. McLeod advised that they share a room. ‘As Deputy Karg and Mrs, McLeod entered her bedroom Mrs, Lauren Moore arrived at the residence. Mrs. Moore is the daughter of Mrs. McLeod. Deputy Karg asked Mrs. McLeod about how she was hit. Deputy Karg described was it an open. hand or a closed fist that she was hit with? Mrs. McLeod advised that she was unsure of how she was hit. Mrs, Moore advised that she would retrieve Mrs, McLeod's driver's license from the kitchen. Wirs, Moore was able to locate the social security card on Mrs, McLeod and later located her driver's license, Deputy Karg asked Ms. Merrill about the incident and if she had witnessed the act. Ms. Merril advised that she was Upstairs. Ms. Merrill advised that Mrs. McLeod came running into her room upset and her face was bloody. Ms. Merrill advised that he was "freaking drunk” and wanted sex from Mrs. McLeod. Ms. Merrill advised that Mr. McLeod became Upset because she was not taking her clothes off fast enough. Deputy Karg was able to locate the area in which the assault had occurred, Deputy Karg was able to locate biood on the bed as well on the floor next to the bed. Deputy Karg also located some items from the dresser on the floor in front of the bed. Ms. Merill advised that she had told Mrs. McLeod to scream if she was in trouble, Ms, Merrill advised she did not hear any screaming from Mrs. McLeod until she came busting in her door with blood all over her face. Ms. Merrill advised that Mr. McLeod came upstairs and was attempting to enter the room. Mls. Merrill advised that Mr. McLeod was yelling that if she did not come out of the room that he" was going to kill her fucking dog." Mrs. McLeod advised that she did not want to go to the hospital by ambulance. Deputy Karg advised Mrs. McLeod that Mr. McLeod will be arrested today for Domestic Violence Simple Assault and transported to the Regional Jail. Mrs. McLeod ‘was understanding of what needed to happen under the State of Mississipp's Statute Deputy Karg advised Mrs, McLeod that she needed to go to the hospital to be checked out. Mrs. McLeod advised that she will go to the hospital but will have her daughter take her. Deputy Karg advised Mrs. McLeod that if possible could they bring the medical results to the Sheriff's Department to have a copy put on file with the report Mr. McLeod was placed under arrest, transported to GCRCF and booked under Domestic Violence - Simple Assault Ropar By [rorevesty arg, Robert