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4 Wildfire Hazard Mitigation Construction Guide for Wildfire Hazard Zones

Underfloor and Attic Vents Roofing Walking Surfaces

ORSC Section R327.4.4 ORSC Section R327.4.3 ORSC Section R327.4.7

All Vents 12’ or more above grade or Roofing shall be asphalt, slate, Deck, porch, and balcony walking
surface below: metal, tile, clay, concrete, or surfaces greater than 30” and less
All vents shall have screening made of equivalent minimum Class B. Wood than 12’ above grade or the surface
corrosion-resistant metal mesh with shingle or shake materials are below shall be constructed of
minimum 1/16” and maximum 1/8” prohibited. Cap off or fire block
grid or be designed to resist flame minimum 2” nominal lumber for
spaces between roofing and roof decks <= 200 sq. ft., non-
and ember intrusion (ASTM E2886).
deck to prevent flame and ember combustible, ignition-resistant
Eave, Soffit, and Cornice Vents less
intrusion and provide galvanized conforming to ASTM E84 or UL 723,
than 12’ above grade or surface:
valley flashing where valley flashing exterior fire retardant treated wood,
All vents shall have screening made of
corrosion-resistant metal mesh with is installed. meets ASTM E2632 and ASTM 2726
minimum 1/16” and maximum 1/8” criteria, or meets ASTM E2632 with
grid and be designed to resist flame ignition-resistant wall covering.
and ember intrusion (ASTM E2886).

Exterior Wall Covering

Rain Gutters ORSC Section R327.4.5
ORSC Section R327.4.3.1
Wall covering materials shall be
Non-combustible materials with noncombustible, ignition-resistant,
provisions to prevent the heavy timber, log wall, or wall
accumulation of leaves and debris in assemblies tested in accordance
the gutters (Non-combustible with ASTM E2707. Alternatively, one
corrosion resistant metal screening). layer of minimum 5/8” Type X
applied behind the exterior wall
Underfloor Protection Overhanging Projections covering or cladding or 1-hour fire
ORSC Section R327.4.6.4 ORSC R327.4.6.1; R3274.6.2; R327.4.6.3 resistive exterior wall assembly.
Exterior wall coverings shall extend
Underfloor area of elevated All enclosed roof eaves, soffits, cornices,
Windows, Doors, Skylights Glazing from the top of the foundation to
structures shall be enclosed or meet exterior patio/porch ceilings and floor
ORSC Section R327.4.8 the roof, and terminate at 2”
non-combustible material, ignition- projections less than 12’ above grade or
nominal solid wood blocking
resistant material, ASTM E2957 Exterior windows, windows within the surface below shall be covered with
either non-combustible material, ignition- between rafters at all roof
compliant, one layer of minimum exterior doors, and skylights shall be
resistant material, ASTM E2957 compliant, overhangs, or in the case of
5/8” Type X applied behind the tempered glass, multilayered glazed
one layer of minimum 5/8” Type X applied enclosed eaves or soffits, shall
exterior covering of the underside, panels (typical dual pane), glass block,
behind the exterior covering,, or 1-hour terminate at the underside of the
or 1-hour fire resistive exterior wall or have a minimum fire-resistant rating
fire resistive exterior wall assembly (Gable enclosure.
assembly. of 20 minutes.
end overhangs are exempt).

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