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BNPT Gives Solutions in Prevention of Radicalism on

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Dean Dr. Rahmad Syafaat

presents gifts to BNPT
Director Brigjen Pol Hamli, SE

Initiated with a statement issued by BNPT (Badan Nasional Pencegahan Terorisme

/National Terrorism Prevention Agency) regards to a list of seven universities which are supposed to be radicalism
headquarter, then arouse ideas from Faculty of Law Brawijaya University to organize a national seminar entitled
radicalism on campus in order to synchronize perception about its causes and problem solving. The seminar was
conducted on Tuesday (31/Jul/2018) in building A 6th floor meeting room of the faculty.

Dean Dr. Rahmad Syafaat, SH., M.Si mentioned many parents of students anxious after BNPT issued its release.
Therefore, Brawijaya University moved to find solutions on how to counter radicalism among students.

"We don't have to blame each other but we shall find solutions to solve the problems in many ways. Its analogy is
like curing diseases, but the medicine is not just one kind. Therefore in order to counter radicalism in campus, also
there are many approaches to use in countering the ideology," said Rahmad.

Rahmad also added there are five solutions to counter radicalism in campus by counter-radicalization, de-
radicalization, counter ideology, neutralize the media and neutralize so the ideology is not growing.

In the seminar, BNPT which was delegated by Brigjen Pol. Ir. Hamli, SE mentioned that it is not only 7
universities which become the headquarter for radicalism but almost all universities throughout the Java island
already infiltrated by radicalism and will propagate on campus outside Java.

"Based on a research by INSEP in 2012 there are some factors who mastermind terrorism to run their action such
as religious ideology, communal solidarity, mob mentality, take a revenge, situational and separatism," Hamli said.

The BNPT Director gave solutions to prevent radicalism growing on campus such as by investing insight of
nationalism and defending the country, anti-radicalism, anti-terrorism, and intolerance into the course of matters
pertaining to the state, as well as deeper ideology cultivation about Pancasila, UUD 1945, The Unitary State of the
Republic of Indonesia and Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. [dimas/Humas UB/trans. Denok]

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