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Supporting the Florida Nursing Students Association

(FNSA) is one of the most important investments you STAY INVOLVED!

can make in your future. You can really make a
difference by becoming a Sustaining Member of
FNSA, both as an individual and at your school
chapter. Your donations are sent directly to the
Florida Nurses Foundation for use as FNSA
Scholarships which are awarded annually during the
FNSA convention. As a FNSA Sustaining Member you
receive special recognition in the FNSA Convention
Booklet and the FNSA E-publication, Hotline, directly
in your email box as soon as each issue comes out.
It’s a win-win situation!

The amount of funds available to be awarded to

nursing students as scholarships depends directly on
the donations received. Interest from our
Endowment Funds, Pennies PRN Drive and other
fundraising events held during convention also
contribute toward the scholarships. You can see how Choose to further the development & growth
important all these activities are in providing of the FNSA, and make a DIFFERENCE!
adequate funds for all students who apply and are
awarded scholarships.

YES! I want to make an investment in my future by becoming a

Sustaining Member of the Florida Nursing Student’s Association.
Individual: $30 Yearly
Organization/Institution $50 Yearly

Make checks payable & return form to:
Mailing Address:
Florida Nurses Foundation
City: State: Zip:
P.O. Box 536985
Organization: Orlando, FL 32853-6985
Make a notation on your check for:
E-Mail: FNSA Scholarships

You may also visit the Foundation Website at

to donate & become a sustaining member. Simply click on the donation link, fill in your
information & designate your donation to go to the FNSA General Fund.

FNA Headquarters are located at: 1235 E. Concord Street  Orlando, FL 32803  Phone: (407) 896-3261  Fax: (407) 896-9042

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