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Airport Security

Safe Cities
Israel’s HLS Industry - Facts & Figures
350 companies
US$ 1.35B Homeland Security
US$ 140B (7 % Growth a year) Global

Local breakthroughs & successes:

 CAMERO 'Through-Wall Vision' SYS

 G-NIUS Unmanned Ground Systems (UGS) Ltd. - developed Israeli
unmanned ground systems, (joint venture of Israel Aerospace
Industries (IAI) and Elbit Systems Ltd)
 ODF Optronics Ltd. The company has developed the Smart VMD 360
- a unique VMD algorithm for omni-directional cameras that enables
monitoring motion and events in the entire perimeter around the
omni- directional camera
• Holistic Solution - Based on the Israeli security methodology.

• Risk Assessment - Simulation & Training Systems.

• Advanced Surveillance & Perimeter Protection Solutions.

• Biometrics - Smart Cards, Face Recognition.

• Management Systems & Communications - for First Responders &

Emergency Situations.

• Unmanned Systems - Aerial, Sea and Land.

• Force Protection - Personal / Armed Vehicles.

• IED - Police, Airports.

• Tactical Solutions for Counterterrorism.

• Jamming & Interception - Law Enforcement & Government.

• IT Security & Cyber Terror.

Initiated By:

In Cooperation with:

Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor

Advisory Committee

 Mr. Jacob Perry  Mr. Israel Livnat

 Mr. Avi Hefetz  Maj. Gen. (Ret) Amos Malka
 Brig. Gen. (Ret) Dani Arditi  Ms. Dalia Rabin
 Brig. Gen. Avi Benayahu  Maj. Gen. David Tsur
 Prof. Israel (Izzy) Borovich  Dr. Musa Tzabari
 Dr. Ehud (Udi) Ganani  Brig. Gen. (Ret) Shmuel Zakai
 Maj. Gen. (Ret) Giora Eiland
Airport Security

Safe City project

Targets & Goals
 Exchange of Knowledge Among Industries & Private Sector

 Enhance Cooperation and Exchange of Ideas Among
Authorities from Around the Globe
 Expose Advanced & Cutting-edge Technologies
in the Field of Airport Security and Safe City Projects.

 Generate B2B Meetings and Business Networking

Target Sectors
 Government and Homeland Security Authorities – Ministers,
HLS Secretaries of State, Heads of Transportation Security,
Local Police Forces and other High Ranked Government

 Business Sector – Decision Makers within Multinational

Companies, International Integrators (C – Level).

 Municipal Authorities – Mayors, Deputies and Heads of

Security Divisions.

 Airports Authorities – Airport Directors, Heads of Security

Divisions and Professional Decision Makers.
Join us and…
 Explore innovative technologies and practical strategies for Airport
Security and Safe Cities

 Learn about groundbreaking HLS solutions

 Meet 500 participants, HLS experts from around the world

 Participate in live, on-site demonstrations

 Tour Ben-Gurion International, the world’s most secure

civilian airport
You are invited to join homeland security
ministers, mayors, chiefs of police and
airport security experts to meet HLS
companies from Israel and abroad and
learn about the threats facing us today and
the solutions of tomorrow
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