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Why | Am Glad America is a Nation of immigrants Noah Delgado Blessed Sacrament Catholic School 5" Grade Ms. Irma Gonzalez Why | Am Glad America Is a Nation of Immigrants By Noah Delgado Seeking a better life, my maternal great-great grandfather Federico Sanchez came to Texas from Mexico in the late 1800s. There he met his future wife Amada Jimenez, who was also from Mexico. He got a job at La Independencia, a ranch near Carrizo Springs, where he worked as a cowboy. His job was herding cattle and taking them on the trail to market with other cowboys. After they had seven children, the family left to San Antonio seeking an even better life. The older children found jobs and the younger ‘ones went to school for the first time. The closest school to the ranch was four miles away, so attending school on daily basis very difficult, but they were determined to learn, Once he was here in Texas, my Grandpa Sanchez found honest work as a laborer and groundskeeper in one of San Antonio’s first public housing projects. He contributed by helping provide a clean environment for residents of the projects. His children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren grew up to become teachers, counselors, engineers, bankers, dentists, and even a research scientist. All because my Grandpa Sanchez’s determination to seek a better life for himself and his family, led him to make the choice to migrate to a land that provided these opportunities. During those days, immigrating to the United States was easier than it is today: Those seeking a life in America only had to walk across a bridge, carrying only their most valuable possessions in a few bags. There was no money, passport, green card or paperwork required, just a will to seek a better life. Today, those seeking to immigrate to America are being denied entry and forced to return to their home country. This is because our president wants immigrants out of the United States of America. But why? We are a melting pot. All cultures are welcome, Today, immigrant families are separated, adults from their children. They are held in separate locations. Is it fair that people just like you and me get separated from their families for trying to seek a better life in America? | couldn't imagine my Grandpa Sanchez being separated from his children and sent back to Mexico only because he was born there and not here in America. What would have become of his children, his grandchildren, and me? I want you close your eyes. Imagine what your life would be like without the sacrifices made by your own great grandparents. How would your life and the life of your family be different? Imagine what Texas would be like if there were no immigrants? Would Texas be what it is today? All your favorite foods, festivals, music, and holidays come from the cultures of our nation’s many immigrants. What would life be like without them? Now, open your eyes. Do you see how immigrants are important to our nation? 1am proud to be a child of an immigrant family. | look forward to a future where my family’s culture will continue to make a difference not only in America, but in the world. Lam a child of an immigrant. | am one of many.