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Exposing organized c rime’s control of the government and media from a principled voluntaryist/libertarian perspective.

Exposing organized crime’s control of the government and media from a principled voluntaryist/libertarian perspective. Semi-Annual Report May 2019

Greetings friends of the Art of Liberty Foundation,

Liberty is being censored! The first article below details how the Liberty movement is under attack through massive censorship where voluntaryists, libertarians, whistleblowers, truth tellers and the alternative media are being wiped off the dominant social media platforms including: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Apple iTunes (podcasts & news), Stitcher, Vimeo, Instagram, and spotify (podcasts). This is in addition to evidence of CIA- funded Google being caught repeatedly manipulating search results and steering “news” results to a small number of media companies (CNN, New York Times, and Washington Post alone are 23% of Google promoted stories) who appear to be operating as a cartel in a coordinated effort to control human perception.

What This Means for the Liberty Movement

The DARPA Internet simply can’t be trusted and social media especially can’t be relied on as a primary means of outreach. I’m not suggesting that Liberty organizations take down their websites since, for now, people can still get to individual sites if someone has the link BUT we need to be aware that we are being algorithmically censored on Google/YouTube and being kicked off, shadow-banned, and demonetized off the dominant social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Facebook deleted our page for Understanding Our Slavery in May 2018 and even if you haven’t been deleted off completely then realize if you are posting information that exposes organized crime’s fake elections, the illegitimacy of “government”, the harmful effects of their mandatory mercury and aluminum-laced vaccines, trillions missing from the Pentagon, or other “government” criminality then those posts and tweets are likely being shown only to people you communicate with on a regular basis while being hidden from the overwhelming majority of people with whom you are connected. There is evidence that many of these platforms were funded with essentially unlimited capital to buy up and consolidate their competition in a program designed to control perception on a global scale.

Introducing the Art of Liberty Foundation’s Pre-State Project Widely Expose the Organized Crime System with mass distribution of Uncensorable Hard Copy Books & Flash Drives in One US State: New Hampshire

Copy Books & Flash Drives in One US State: New Hampshire We saw this coming, wrote

We saw this coming, wrote about it publicly, were proven correct and are introducing The Pre-State Project a cost-effective plan to get around the censorship of the internet & social media with mass distribution of hard copy “picture booksand inexpensive flash drives that both expose the illegitimacy & criminality of “government” and provide the healthy alternatives of voluntaryism, libertarianism, and real freedom. Goal: Achieve the “100 th Monkey Effect” in a single US State, New Hampshire, where the planet’s densest percentage of libertarians, “Meet-Ups” and pro-liberty organizations can absorb new voluntaryists and libertarians and put them to work in effective activism.

Understanding Our Slavery An Update

Why a Hard Copy Picture Book& Flash Drives?

1. If you want someone to spend time with important information then paper is the most inviting, easy on the eyes, and impossible to delete.

2. The visualizations, infographics, historical photos, and memes expand the amount of people who will engage with any book from an estimated 10-15% to 35-45%+ of those who come across it.

3. The visual repetition of the 20+ control techniques expose the historical pattern/”playbook” of tyranny and visualizations and media ownership charts of the political/media control structure makes what was hidden now visible.

4. The Flash Drives back up the thesis of the book with both evidence of government & media criminality and the peaceful alternative of voluntaryism/libertarianism with books in PDF, short videos, podcasts, and documentaries for a variety of learning preferences.

I am pleased to report that after two years, three revisions, and testing at over a half-dozen events, our book Understanding Our Slavery is, almost, ready for wide-spread distribution.

The book was designed from inception for wide-scale distribution using images, executive summaries and memes to make the ideas of liberty accessible to the greatest number of people including those who don’t have time for OR would never read a text-only book. In February we published a “Rebranded and Expanded” edition with a new cover, seven new “one-pagers” and expanded “solutions” section and it has been a grand-slam success! We just sold out of the 3 rd print run, the book has now been downloaded or read on-line over 6,000 times, and website visitors (unique IPs) have more than tripled while pageviews have more than quadrupled over the same

period last year. This month alone I have done, scheduled or am in

process of scheduling over a half-dozen interviews.

interesting is that on the video or publication platforms where you

can read the book or watch my Anarchapulco presentation or interviews where the reader or viewer can rate “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down” (Scribd, YouTube, D.Tube, Bitchute, etc.) we have a 99.5% “Thumbs Up” on over 300+ reviews. In fact, we only have two “Thumbs Down” across all platforms.

we only have two “Thumbs Down” across all platforms. Equally as Additionally, I have now spoken

Equally as

Additionally, I have now spoken or exhibited at over seven events and I have not been challenged seriously on the facts presented or the overall validity of the book’s premise! While I have had some vague “conspiracy theory” type comments, the overall reception has been overwhelmingly positive and in dozens of discussions at both

libertarian and non-libertarian events the most common comment is “Yes

government is run by organized crime!”. Equally as interesting is that even when speaking with statists, minarchists

and Constitutionalists that still believe in the legitimacy of “government” the overwhelming majority concede that the existing governmenthas been hijacked/taken over by an organized crime element (frequently referred to as the amorphous and undescriptive “Deep State”) that is looting the country and tax payers and forcing us into

unnecessary wars and military/homeland security spending.

With this report we are officially launching our fundraising campaign to create a think tank exposing organized crime’s control of the government and media from a principled voluntaryist libertarian perspective and finish a companion “picture bookfor Understanding Our Slavery that will be entitled: Voluntaryism How Real Freedom Leads to Harmony and Prosperity for All, which will explain how the free market delivers all the legitimate, non- redistributive services of monopoly government without the violence, extortion, mandatory indoctrination, and fraud of the State. If you want to help “Strike the Root” then check out the last page of this report for details.

I/we/everyone already know(s) the

The population is ripe for change!

In Liberty, Etienne de la Boetie 2

Common Ground Media Summit Houston, Texas January 12 th , 2019

Summit – Houston, Texas – January 12 t h , 2019 The participants of the Common

The participants of the Common Ground Media Summit pose for a group photo including, in no particular order: Etienne de la Boetie 2 The Art of Liberty Foundation, Derrick Broze The Conscious Resistance, Jimmy Calfee blockchain/crypto advocate, Jason Bassler The Free Thought Project, Matt Agorist- The Free Thought Project, Nick Bernabe The Anti-Media, Danny Quest, Sterlin Luxan Psychological Anarchist , Mnar Muhawesh MintPress News, Anita Moncrief ACORN Whistleblower, Luis Fernando Mises Emancipated Human, Ejay Clinton - Factions of Freedom, Joey Lankowski- NV Cop Block, Justin Harvey March on Monsanto, Micah Jackson Free Thinker Radio, Jennifer Michelle- Social Media Maven

The alternative media saw three major waves of censorship in 2018 and is experiencing the 4 th wave as I write this update. The first wave was in April & May and wasn’t covered by the major media. Call it the “beta test”. The Art of Liberty Foundation had our Facebook page for Understanding Our Slavery deleted, HiImpactFlix, a voluntaryist YouTuber with 500,000 subscribers and 100M video views, and Clarity of Signal both had their YouTube Channels taken down, and TyrannyUnmasked was banned by both Facebook and Instagram in addition to an undetermined number of others. The 2 nd wave was in early August when apparent controlled opposition gatekeeper Alex Jones was made the MainStreamMedia posterboyfor the ability to take down alternative news sites across multiple platforms including YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, Facebook, Sticher, Apple, Spotify and LinkedIn. I believe the focus on Alex Jones was designed to give the policy of banning free speech approval from the left that doesn’t like Alex Jones while simultaneously deceiving the less thoughtful members of the right that Alex Jones is an authentic voice in an attempt to give him some “street-cred”. The evidence? You didn’t think the MSM propaganda system was really going to highlight the authentic, thoughtful, principled, scholarly opposition to their organized crime system did you?

Both waves of censorship set the stage for the big take-down of the alternative media in October right before the rigged elections and the beta-test of selective gun confiscation in Maryland under “Red-Flag Laws” and the federal ban on bump stocks.

In October, Facebook alone took down 559 “pages” and 251 individual accounts targeting truth tellers, voluntaryists, libertarians, and the developing alternative media. The Free Thought Project had its Facebook page with 2 million followers taken down, its Twitter account taken down and received a strike on its YouTube channel in the same day essentially proving our thesis that organized crime is engaged in a coordinated “control of perception” program across multiple, ostensibly independent, social media companies operating as a cartel.

In January we participated in the Common Ground Media Summit in Houston, organized by Derrick Broze of the Conscious Resistance and the Free Thought Project’s Jason Bassler which brought together 25+ alternative media journalists and content creators with another 25+ attending via videoconference to discuss how to get around the censorship. I was able to make a presentation to the entire assembly sharing my research on organized crime’s “control of perception” program and our belief that mass distribution of truth material on flash drives (The Liberator!) is the way to go. The 4 th wave of censorship is going on now with Louis Farrakhan, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Alex Jones being the poster children while truth reporter and vaccine researcher Jon Rappoport just had his blog taken down by Wordpress among others.

just had his blog taken down by Wordpress among others. The Free State Project’s Liberty Forum

The Free State Project’s Liberty Forum – Manchester, New Hampshire, February 8 th -11 th

I kicked off the Art of Liberty’s 2019 book tour and educational campaign at the Free State Project’s Liberty Forum conference in Manchester, New Hampshire. The conference brought together over 300 activists, liberty organizations, and media from around the state and nation. The Free State Project has organized over 24,000+ libertarians and voluntaryists who have pledged to move to New Hampshire within 5 years of the group hitting 20,000 signers and exert their fullest practical effort toward the creation of a society in which the maximum role of civil government is the protection of individuals life, liberty, and property.The FSP hit 20,000 in 2016 triggering the move but “Early Movers” started moving in 2003. They now have almost 5,000 activists “on the ground” that have opened 120+ business and invested over $250M in real estate. They added 343 new “movers” last year and 1375 new “signers” who have committed to move in 5

and 1375 new “signers” who have committed to move in 5 Etienne de la Boetie 2

Etienne de la Boetie 2 donates six copies of Understanding Our Slavery to Steven Reddell from Granite Logic Book Exchange which places mini-"Libraries of Liberty" into Laundymats and public places in New Hampshire

years. They have over 20 members/supporters in the New

Hampshire legislature.

dozen elected representatives, several of whom bought books, as well as journalists and media personalities including Pete

I was able to meet with almost a half

“Mance Rayder” Raymond, Vin Armani and Roger Paxton to begin socializing the “Pre-State Project” our plan to supercharge the FSP by widely exposing inter-generational organized crime’s control of government and media to convert the libertarian-leaning within the state to the ideas of Liberty. We donated copies of Understanding Our Slavery for both Granite Logic’s mini Libraries of Liberty” and a copy for an auction to benefit freeing political prisoner Ross Ulbricht.

Anarchapulco Feb 14 th 19 th Acapulco, Mexico

Anarchapulco is the one of the largest gatherings of voluntaryists, anarchists, libertarians and freedom lovers in the world. This year the conference attracted almost 2,000 folks and I was a speaker. My session was packed and my presentation very well-received! While I didn’t speak with every other author I am fairly sure Understanding Our Slavery was the best-selling book at the conference for the 2 nd year in a row with almost 100 sold in 2018 and ~ 110 this year!

The Art of Liberty On the Beach The Turtle Party

! The Art of Liberty On the Beach – The Turtle Party Etienne’s Pres entation to

Etienne’s Presentation to Anarchapuco 2019

entation to Anarchapuco 2019 Art of Liberty Founder Etienne de la Boetie 2 Addresses

Art of Liberty Founder Etienne de la Boetie 2 Addresses the Crowd

We kicked off our fund-raising campaign with a Kickstarter Party at the Campamento Tortuguero turtle sanctuary on Bonfil Beach on Saturday night of the Anarchapulco conference. The party attracted almost 400 attendees who helped us raise over $3,000 towards exposing inter-generational organized crime’s control of the Government and media.

helped us raise over $3,000 towards exposing inter- generational organized crime’s control of the Government and
helped us raise over $3,000 towards exposing inter- generational organized crime’s control of the Government and
Ernie Hancock of Freedom’s Phoenix, Tim Picciott – The Liberty Advisor, educational reformer David Rodriguez,

Ernie Hancock of Freedom’s Phoenix, Tim Picciott – The Liberty Advisor, educational reformer David Rodriguez, and blockchain/cryptocurrency expert Jimmy Calfee kicking around Liberty

The party was a magical evening on the beach complete with a bonfire, fresh coconuts, amazing vegan food, fireworks from an adjacent wedding, and a release of baby turtles into the surf at midnight. The crowd enjoyed the sounds of

freedom artists Alais Clay, the Freenauts, and Ela Mental.

provided some fun paid jobs for young attendees, supported our truth moment artists, and significantly benefited our

favorite turtle sanctuary with catering and venue rental.

Wired Magazine did a story on the conference where a considerable portion of the article talked about how cool the party and the turtle sanctuary were without mentioning our foundation or that we are exposing inter-generational organized crime’s control of the government and media! Somehow the MSM always misses what is most important!

I’d like to take a moment to thank the folks who helped to make the party such a fantastic success: Nate Henderson of Eat, Sleep, Crypto who helped organize everything, Jimmy Calfee and Chris R. who helped finance, Bruce Baumann who MCed the event, DJ Koala who made the crowd bounce, Kenny Palurintano of Kenny’s Conscious Kitchen who made amazing vegan food for everyone, AV and CTRAFFIK from The Freenauts, Ela Mental, and surprise musical guest Alais Clay who rocked the house!, our “Bus Wranglers” Stephen Fisher & Nancy Hawaiian Huynh, and Monica Marinas Vallarino & Michel Montero Vallarino from Campamento Tortuguero who opened their turtle sanctuary (and home!) to us, Miriam Gomez who jumped in and helped make coconut drinks when the line started stretching down the beach, Foxy and Free Alexandra Kate who helped sell T-Shirts and everyone who came out and supported Real Freedom!

Understanding Our Slavery is Keeping Kids Out of the Meat Grinder

I was having a conversation with a couple of high school seniors at my gym who were planning on going into the military after graduation with the dream of being special forces. I explained you can get the same or better training privately (Max Velocity Tactical & The Jackson Hole Shooting Experience are two examples) and gave them a copy of Understanding Our Slavery. I ran into one a couple of weeks later and he had changed his mind completely! Makes it all worth it!

We let in students and anyone on a tight budget for free,

The South by Southwest Conference, Austin Texas

The South by Southwest Conference, Austin Texas Anarchapulco Rolls Into Austin for SXSW – Pictured include:

Anarchapulco Rolls Into Austin for SXSW Pictured include: Etienne de la Boetie 2 , founder of the Art of Liberty Foundation, Colin Pape, CEO of Presearch with wife Tara and Son Jax, Joby Weeks Angel Investor & Weeks Abroad, Danny Sessom Host of the Cryptoshow, Angelo Rossati Bitcoin investor, Phu Styles venture capitalist, Brian Farris Hemp Carbon Fiber Entrepreneur, Lauren Slade Blockchain influencer, Minesh Padhiar all-around cool guy, Nic Levy, Stephen Huntsman Founder, Adryenn Ashley- CEO and Founder of Loly, Ryan Brown Blockchain PR, Frederic Meyer Director Tech Investments, Inovis Group Please note: Only ~20% of this crowd attended Anarchapulco and no endorsement of the Art of Liberty Foundation is implied.

I am living and working in Austin, Texas and right after I returned from Anarchapulco, a group of freedom-loving voluntaryists and crypto entrepreneurs rolled into town for SWSW. I ended up meeting so many amazing people over the course of the week that I think I am going to

return every year.

backpack and it seemed like every time I would mention the book or was showing someone almost immediately someone else would offer to buy it right out of my hands. Ex- NBA Golden State Warrior and cannabis activist Matt Barnes bought a copy and he and I had a 30-minute conversation on the real reasons that professional athletes shouldn’t stand for the national anthem. I was able to take Rolling Stone reporter Neil Strauss through an overview as well. I also struck my first distribution deal where crypto- entrepreneur David Pomerantz did a bulk order for his crypto-only retail store and brought three friends to a private presentation on the book.

I had copies of Understanding Our Slavery in my

the book. I had copies of Understanding Our Slavery in my Ex-NBA player & Golden State

Ex-NBA player & Golden State Warrior and cannabis activist Matt Barnes & EdlB2

Current Book and Liberator Statistics

UoSlavery Hard Copies Sold @ $20- $25 a copy

UoSlavery Hard Copies Donated to Students

UoSlavery Hard Copies to Media

UoSlavery Hard Copies to libertarian VIPs (Mises, Cato, FEE, Reason BoD members)

UoSlavery Hard Copies Lost by airline






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UoSlavery Downloaded from Website

UoSlavery Downloaded from Dropbox Liberator

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Liberator Flash

Liberator Flash Drives / DVDs Donated to Students

Liberator Flash Drives Media / VIPs


Liberator Complete






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New Interviews & Media Available now on the Understanding Our Slavery Website

Upcoming Interviews Getting Ready to Drop or Scheduled

The State of Anarchy - Carmen Carangi Week of May 27 th

Veritas Radio June 5 th

Forbidden Knowledge TV & Podcast June 25 th

Culture of Peace - with Luke Tatum June

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Anarchadelphia Sept 13 th -15 th Use promo code UOSLAVERY for 5% off where Art of Liberty gets 5% as well.

– Sept 13 t h -15 t h – Use promo code UOSLAVERY for 5% off

Our Fundraising Campaign and How to Help

Why is New Hampshire the “Achilles’ Heel” of Statism Globally?

The “Live Free or Die” State!

Small Population: 1.35 million

- Targeting parents of high-school students (avg 3-4 person households) 100K = ¼ of adult population

Small State: Easy/cost-effective-to-canvas

7 th Highest per capita income & low % of population dependent on gov’t “jobs” or welfare

Free State Project (FSP) “On-the-Ground” since


Almost 5,000 FSP Members Currently In-State

20+ elected FSP supporters in legislature

2018 – 343 new “movers” and 1375 new FSP signers pledging to move within 5 years, more Liberty activists arrive in the state every week!

Highest percentage of crypto-currency actively used in commerce

560 annual “meet-ups”, four major annual events and dozens of pro-liberty organizations, social and political networks to absorb, educate new voluntaryists/libertarians and put them to work in their provenly effective activism.

The perfect “Laboratory of Liberty” to test transitioning from monopoly “government” services to voluntary free market services.

Similar to how Cannabis legalization spread rapidly after it was passed in Colorado, we believe exposure of the organized crime system and real freedom can spread nationally and then globally.

We can win everywhere, but first we have to win somewhere, and that somewhere is New Hampshire! Etienne de la Boetie 2

We are currently raising a $50,000 seed round to finish our companion book: Voluntaryism How Real Freedom Leads to Harmony and Prosperity for All, create a think tank to study our “political Issues” as inter-generational organized crime and launch “The Pre-State Project” to free New Hampshire.

Please review our complete Executive Summary on the new book, think tank and Pre-State Project here:

Visit our Donation Page @

Credit Card or Crypto-Currencies.

Visit our BitBacker.IO page to schedule a recurring donation using Crypto-Currency:

Please e-mail us at to schedule a call to discuss a large donation, understand our uses & proceeds or to get our wire transfer information.

How to Help in Other Ways

1. Can you forward the PDF of the book and/or the

YouTube video of the presentation on the book from Anarchapulco to just five (5) friends who you think would be

open minded and receptive?

2. Can you introduce us to major Liberty donors looking to

“Strike the Root”?

3. Can you provide a quote or testimonial from someone

whom the book has woken up or kept from joining the military?

4. Can you introduce us to liberty and truth movement

bloggers, vloggers, radio talk show hosts, and alternative media that can help promote our project?

5. Can you introduce us to Liberty donors in other

countries that might be interested in sponsoring a local, translated edition of Understanding Our Slavery where we remove the East German examples and replace them with examples from that country? See page 105 in Understanding Our Slavery for more details.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are looking for a volunteer webmaster, a talented graphic designer/meme maker, a grant writer, and a social media/ PR Coordinator. Please e-mail