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LESSON 16 DATE 8/5/2019

DURATION : 9.00 – 10.00 am ( 60 minutes )
THEME : Health and Environment
TOPIC : Narrative on flood and haze
LANGUAGE / GRAMMAR Using ‘one day’, ‘soon’, ‘then’, ‘by then’, ‘later’, and ‘in the end’
CONTENT STANDARD : 4.1 Communicate intelligibly through print and digital media on familiar topics

4.2 Communicate with appropriate language form and style

LEARNING STANDARD M 4.1.3 Narrate factual and imagined events and experiences

C 4.2.3 Produce a plan or draft of two paragraphs or more and modify this appropriately in
response to feedback

LEARNING OBJECTIVES By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
M Use ‘one day’, ‘soon’, ‘then’, ‘by then’, ‘later’, and ‘in the end’ appropriately in the
narration essay

C Produce a draft of 3 paragraphs of narration essay and modify this appropriately in

response to feed back
CROSS CURRICULAR Language , geography
ACTIVITIES: : Class ( 5 minutes)
PRE-LESSON A set of pictures of natural disaster in Malaysia ( flood, haze, landslide)

LESSON DEVELOPMENT : ACTIVITY 1: Class ( 10 minutes)

-Pre-writing activity. Match ‘one day’, ‘soon’, ‘then’, ‘by then’, ‘later’, and ‘in the end’ with
the sentences.
-Pupils answer the questions individually
-Teacher will ask one representative in each group to stand and read their answer to the
class. (Stand and share)

** differentiation strategies ACTIVITY 2: Class ( 15 minutes)

-Pre-writing activity. Paragraph outline. Match the sentences with the purpose in each
-Teacher shows to the pupils there are 3 paragraphs to be written out. (flow map)
-Pupils match the sentences for each paragraph with its purpose individually.
-Pupils change their worksheet with their partner and check the answer with teacher.
(pair work)

Activity 3: Group work (20 minutes)

-Writing task. Pupils will be given a new question.
-Pupils divide the task among them. ( 1 person draft 1 paragraph, the other person will write
the essay in A3 paper)
-Teacher monitor the class and guided the pupils.

POST LESSON : Class ( 5 minutes)

Each group will change their essay with another group and check whether their friend use
the sequencing words in order or not.