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Brief Dasha allows to:

. Automate routine workflows

. Cut costs on repetitive tasks

. Balance workload based on actual


Dasha is the first and only 0 Monitor real time, bias-free analytics
Al that allows you to
. Test parallel hypotheses at no
automate business
additional cost
processes with human level
voice conversations. 0 Allow workers do what actually matters
8: Solution With structured work processes companies

do not need miracle workers, but instead

require employees who can follow
instructions. Jobs become repetitive and it

opens opportunities for automatization.

That's where AI comes into play.

Companies organize their routine processes As Elon Musk said, «Robots took thejobs of
so that every step is structured, factory workers, artificial intelligence will
consequential, and very little is left to ta ke thejobs of office workers».
human element.
Dasha is a human level
voice robot that automates On the other hand, Dasha is human level:

it has personalized approach. Dasha does

routine work processes.
not only deliver information, Dasha listens
On one hand, Dasha has advantages of a to what people say, interprets it, analyzes it,

robot — it is available 24/7, it is scalable and responds accordingly. It can lead the
based on demand, it follows script, it conversation in such a way that people do
doesn't get sick or tired. not realize that she is not a human.
What's wrong with having People make mistakes

numerous employees
People go off script
sitting at their desks,
doing routine work? People have biases

People are moody

People get sick, tired, demotivated

People need time to learn and adapt


People come and go

All of these cost money.

Potential Clients
Dasha is a platform that Appointment management . Customer experience
gives opportunities to support
Delivery verification
create custom models that
. Dispatch management
would automate repetitive
N PS, CSI surveys
business processes via
human level voice Marketing campaigns
conversations. The most The applicable area can
Lead qualification
common cases that we be anything, imagination
have already is the limit — from making
Event invitation
accomplished: restaurant reservations to
New services / service conducting screening
updates announcement interviews.
Examples of Impact

Banking E-commerce Service providers Communication

NPS surveys, financial Delivery details Customer support, Filtering Incoming calls,
monitoring, credit support, verification, customer care, payment processing, personal assistance, office
client segmentation customer support incedent management assistance

Pharmaceutical Hospitality Workplace Politics and

distribution Booking, scheduling, Automating safety checks, Government
rescheduling, improving administering offices and
Repeat sales, promotion . Campaigning, public
customer experience workspaces
opinion monitoring,
incident management
Market AI trained for specific tasks, able to learn
and perform without any human

intervention is expected to hold a major

share of the AI robots market in the near

The science fiction of yesterday already

Dasha aims to substitute workers at their
became reality. AI, NLP, Deep learning
routine tasks, it's total addressable market
capabilities are changing the way
share can be approximated to
businesses and entire industries work.
the employment costs. 38% of USjobs are
The market of AI robots, valued at $3.49 at risk by 2030 due to AI. At the same time,

billion in 2018 is expected to grow to $12.36 since AI enables people to use their time
billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 28.78% efficiently, their productivity is expected to
between 2018 and 2023. increase by 40%.
As for serviceable obtainable market, it's Now it can chat to identify a problem,
share grows as technology develops. answer additional questions, handle

SeIf-Iearning algorithms and NLP allow our objections and assist registration process.
platform to perform more complex tasks Dasha is becoming an active listener.
every day. If at the beginning Dasha could
Since Dasha's architecture is designed to
comprehend simple phrases like «yes»,
be language agnostic, it is applicable to any
«no», «do not call me», now it analyzes the
language and therefore can be used
complex responses — identifies intonation,
worldwide. Currently, Dasha speaks English
prioritizes based on linguistic norms.
and Russian.

As an example, at its earlier stage Dasha

could ask customer a set of «yes» or «no»

type of questions and dispatch to a needed

While several similar robots such Most of all, we consider our competition to
as Infobot or Zvonobot specialize be actual people and companies' status

on delivering info (one-way street), Dasha quo. AI changes the game and not
focuses on gathering it (real human level everybody is ready to accept it yet. Early
conversations). It allows to collect data adopters are ready tojump in to start and

from audience directly, avoiding operator's gain competitive advantage, while the
biases and people's unwillingness to entrance cost is low. The majority of
trust robocalls making calls more organizations though are cautious, and

productive. It also makes it possible to view need time to adopt.

statistics reaI-time, analyze it, build and test
hypotheses at once.
State and
In June 2017 we've signed our first client to
help automate delivery verification process.
Today we have over 30 clients in Russia and

Plans in the United States. For every client we do

not only act as developers, but
as advisers — we learn about company's

current processes, economics, needs and

goals, so we can apply Dasha as an efficient
Withal, our goal is to create a product so that any
company would be able to use Dasha without our

intervention. The platform should allow businesses to

create conversational models via user-friendly
interface, integrate it with the existing CRM systems,

launch it in few simple steps, monitor and analyze is in

real time and scale it based on demand.

To do so we've raised $2 million as the first

round of investment from RTP Ventures and
RTP Global in 2019.
Progress 0220 .220200 .022020


. . . . Common sense Context Goal-oriented dialog

Interruptlons Turn-taklng m

._ _ 5
Text Named entity Sentiment Natural language U}: 1 + {'5
classification recognition analysis generator LF— _—‘ ‘


_ _ _ _ Voice activity Speaker Noise

Speech to text Text to speech identification suppression


Progress https://d 15

Economics Setup fee — is calculated depending on
model complexity, model type and number

of integ rations.
At the current stage we do not introduce
our product to customers directly yet. We Cloud solution — clients pay on monthly

create custom models for our clients that basis. Amount depends on selected plan
automate their repetitive business and total number of successful calls. There
processes. As experts in the field we learn are 4 available plans with different number

about each company's current processes, of calls per month. More calls take place —
economics, needs and goals in order to lower the cost per1 call.
build bespoke solution. The cost of
On-premise solution — clients pay annual
implementing Dasha is calculated as
license fee.