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2. Rewrite each sentence replacing the 1. Complete each sentence with a suitable form
underlined words by a Phrasal Verb. of the Phrasal Verbs in the box..

get on get over head for join in live up to check out go on call back have on look for

run out of put forward put up settle down slow down look forward to

put up with stand for write down check in

There isn´t any juice left. The sun isn´t always shinning, but life must

____________________________________ ________________.

What´s the meaning of UE? I ________________ a blue skirt and a green shirt

____________________________________ yesterday.

The window in my bedroom needs to be fixed. Guests must ________________ by 6.00 p.m.

____________________________________ I´m ________________ seeing Mary and John again,

My brother was seriously ill, but he has recovered aren´t you?

now. All passengers tried to ________________ at the

____________________________________ same time.

The show wasn´t as good as we expected. My mother isn´t here. Can you ______________ later?

____________________________________ I´m going to travel before ________________ and

What exactly are they suggesting? starting a new job.

____________________________________ The plant growth ________________ by the lack of

When the party began everyone took part. rain.

____________________________________ Before I began writing my book, I ____________ my

The plane is going in the direction of Lisbon. ideas.

____________________________________ Where have you been? I`ve been_____________ you

We can´t tolerate such heat. everywhere.