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THBT The Media Should Not Report On The Private Lives Of Politicans Or Actress

2. THBT Google, Youtube, and Social Media Plat Form Should Remove Content Which Is Deemed

As Insulting To Religion

3. THW Ban Private School

4. THW Abolish Goverment Funding Of Art

55. THBT School Should Prioritise The Teaching Of Modern Literature Over Classical Literature

66. THBT Woman Older Then 40 Should Not Have Children

77. THW Ban Alternative Medicine

88. THW Ban Teenagers From Using Facebook

99. THW Mak Higher Education Free

110. THW Legalise The Private Sale Of Organs

111. THW Include Debating Into School Curriculum

112. THBT Th Media Should Not Show Image Of Polic Brutality

113. THW Should Control Access To The Internet

114. THW Legalize Use Of Perfomance Enchancing Drugs In Sport

115. THW Impose a Minimum Age For Actrees

116. THBT Important Social Media For The Student

117. THBT Telvision Teach Violence For Children

118. THS School Has Mading

119. THBT Having Classes Is More Important Than Participating In Competition

220. THBT National Examination Must Be Removed

221. THBT Full Day Sistem

222. THBT Boys And Girls Should Be Separated In Different Class

223. THBT Using Internet During Studying Process

224. THW Choose One Of Superhero As Leaders Of Society

225. THBT Formal Education Is More Important Than Informall Education

226. THBT Grouping Student Into Science And Social Class

227. THBT Indonesia Should Become Parlemantery System

228. THBT Multicultural Education As A Conflict Resolution

229. THBT Project Burden Student

330. THW Ban Children To Be Coming Prof Model

331. THS Grading At School

332. THBT Handphone More Important To Student For Searching Information

333. THBT Digital Communication Is More Important To Humanity Than Face To Face Contact

334. THBT Technology Has Outstripped Morality

335. THBT We Should Manage Place Of Worship

336. THBT Reportert Give Real News

337. THW Allow Woman To Terminate Their Pregnancy With Positive Result Of Down Syndrome

338. THW Adopt Findlan Education System

339. THBT Parent Should Be Responsible Toward Their Children Crime

440. THW Google Give Free Wifi

441. THBT Woman To Be A Leaders

442. THBT Mother Should Stay Home And Look After The Children

443. THS Forbiding Beggars In Europe

444. THS National Funding Of The Arts

445. THBT South Korea Should Produce Nuclear Weapons

446. THBT Blood Donors Be Notified When Their Donate Blood Is Given To Another Person

447. THS Implemen Of The Essay In National Exam

448. THS Suspect Corruption In Indonesia Should B Given The Death Penalty

449. THBT Sosmed Makes A Person Behave Anti Social

550. THBT Goverment To Distrupt Internet Servise On Ground Of National Security

551. THW Restrict Media Reporting On Violent Crime

552. THBT It Is Something Right For Goverment To Restrict Freedom Of Speech

553. THW Prioritize Patient With Longer Life Expentacy

554. THW Allow Euthnasia For Those Who Suffers Final Stage Of Metal Illnes
555. THW Strike North Korea

556. THBT Student Are Not Allowed To Bring Vehicles To School

557. THBT Moral Edecation In Modern School Today Is Deterio Rating

558. THR The Rise Of The On Demand Economy

559. THS Tiger Parenting

660. THW Make Local Language The Primary Language Of Instruction In The School

661. THW Impose Fines On Public Acts Of Climate Change Denial

662. THBT Playing Vidio Game Cause People To Be “loners” Who Dont Interact Well With Other

663. THBT People Who Dont Bring Their Own Reusable Bags To The Store Should Have To Pay A


664. THW Remove Religion Columb In National ID Card

665. THBT Too Much Money Is Bad Thing

666. THBT All Student Should Have An After School Job

667. THBT Aliens Probably Exist

668. THBT Dogs Make Better Pets Than Cats

669. THBT Country Life Is Better Than City Life

770. THBT All Student Should Study Abroad

Sekian kumpulan motion debat b.inggris. semoga bermanfaat !


Prostitution should be localized and legalized
- Abortion should be legalized
- Education should be free of charge
- English is against nationalism
- Illegal logging should be legalized
- Cash finance aid(BLT) is not effective at all
- Married teenagers should be allowed to school
- School uniform should be abolished
- Ecotourism to Mount Rinjani should be stopped
- Smoking Should be totally banned In Indonesia
- Work should be based on gender
- School Uniform Should be abolished
- Death Sentence for Terrorists and Drugs addicts
- School Orientation should be abolished
- Prostitution Should be Localized
- The Miss Universe Contest
- School should not concern with students’ physical personal
- Hanphone should be forbidden to bring to school