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North South University

April 20,
A study of the computer LAB
A study of the computer LAB
North south University

Prepared for

Mr. Sayeedul Karim

Adjunct faculty, North south University

Prepared by


Tarek Mahmud 073433030

Letter of transmittal

April 20, 2010

Sayeedul Karim
Adjunct Faculty
School of Business
North South University
Bashundhara, Dhaka.

Sub: Submission of the research paper on perception towards the computer

lab of NSU.

Dear Mr. Karim:

We are glad to meet the deadline to submit our research paper. Here we have tried to
show a vivid picture of the current scenario of computer lab of NSU. We tried to enrich
the project paper with whatever knowledge we had from the perspective of our course.
De facto, while doing the project we found similarities with our study materials that
made us understand the course contents very clearly and we enjoy a lot, doing the

Please find the concerned report attached to this letter. If you have any kind of inquiry
regarding our work, we would highly appreciate if you feel free to address us.


Rubaiyat Saad Majid Safayet hossain

Tarek Mahmud Aqib ul alam

Tanveer Ahmed

Table of Contents

No. Topic Page No.

1.01 Executive summary 05

1.02 Acknowledgement 05

1.03 Origin of the Study 05

1.04 Statement of purpose 06

1.05 Methodology 06

1.06 Limitations of the Study 07

1.07 Objective of the Study 07

1.08 Data analysis 07

1.09 Lab Description 08

1.10 Recommendation 11

1.11 Conclusion 11

1.01 Executive summary

In this research paper, we have tried to investigate the current situation of the computer lab of
NSU. We tried to investigate things more closely. We used multi dimensional data collection
system and data analysis system. After that we tried to come up with the result that is effective
and relevant to the situation. We interpreted the result in a way that is understandable to all. At
the end we try to give some suggestions for improvement of this industry through labor
satisfaction. Our recommendation was based on our analysis, so we hope that we will be able to
fulfill our project objectives.

1.02 Acknowledgement

First, we are grateful to Almighty Allah for enabling us to work on this report and for
making the circumstances favorable to accomplish our task.

We also wish to thank our honorable faculty Mr. Sayeedul Karim for assigning us the
project and for all his kind support to accomplish it. The project intends to develop a
report on the NSUers perception towards the computer lab and its effectiveness. This
report was done under the course curriculum of BUS-251, Business Communication.

We also want to thank and give the due respect to our family and friends for their
cordial support and help they offered throughout the process of preparing the whole
report. Especially we want tank those person who were our class fellows. They gave their
valuable time and suggestion. We want to give thank to all these persons.

1.03 Origin of the Study

This Report is an Impartial University Curriculum Requirement for Bachelor of
Business Administration (BBA) Degree, assigned by our honorable course teacher Mr.
Sayeedul Karim. This report enables us to analyze and evaluate the various aspects of
the computer lab of NSU with emphasis on opportunity as well as risk.

1.04 Statement of purpose

The Report describes computer lab features and availability of NSU as well as its
condition, limitations and the drawbacks, which are, need to improve. To analyze all
these important elements, we learned how a computer lab should be and where to
improve to make it more attractive and effective. There are many specific points, which
need to be reorganized cause thousands of students regularly dependent on it for their
academic and printing purpose.

1.05 Methodology

Primary Data

We have collected primary data by surveying the NSU students who are usually
go to computer lab. We collected Primary Data in the following ways:

 Visiting computer labs

 Students’ opinion

 Questionnaire

Secondary Data
Secondary Data are must to conduct an Efficient Research and to have a fruitful.
We have used different types of Secondary Data in my Research. Sources of
Secondary Data are:

 NSU Websites

 NSU magazine.

 Newspaper
1.06 Limitations of the Study

Although we received co-operation from all the concern people but time is an important
issue in report writing. As we have been given a specific deadline for submission,
observation and learning all the country Operations within the deadline was tough.
Another limitation of this Report is non-availability of the data and Information of
different functions and sectors of NSU computer lab. In spite of all these limitations, we
have tried to put the best effort as far as was possible.

1.07 Objective of the Study:

The main objective behind our study is to bring out the real
scenario of computer lab of our university.

1.08 Data analysis:

We have different lab for different purposes. Our computer labs

• Internet lab

• BBA Lab

• ETE Lab

• MIS Lab

• Advising room

• Library Internet café.

1.09 Lab Description:

Internet lab:
Internet lab is in the fifth floor of the south academic complex in
north south university. This is the middle of the building. In the
lab, there are 40 to 42 computers for students. This lab is open
for the entire student in NSU. A single room containing this
amount of PC’s is not enough. Windows XP are using in the
internet lab, and the computer hardware configuration is not up
to date.


• Center location at NSU

• Faster internet connection 80
not satisfied
• Good sitting arrangement 40

5 student analysis inparcentage
• Very limited computers for

• Low configured computer hardware

• Computers are not protected from virus and worms

• Operating system is not updated.

BBA lab:
BBA lab is Located in the same floor of internet lab. It consists of
two rooms. Around 45 computers are in each room. It is used for
printing, making reports assignments for BBA students.


• Good printing quality

• Logistic support

• Pages provided are not sufficient for a semester.

• Very limited computers for students

• Low configured computer 100

hardware 80
not satisfied

• Computers are not 40

protected from virus and 20

worms 0
10student analysis inparcentage

• Operating system is not


• Software’s are not up to dated.

• PCs are not enough to cover all the students in BBA.

MIS Lab:
This lab is located in both north and south academic complex in
5th floor. Four rooms are reserved for the purpose of MIS.


• All the pcs are high configured in

hardware. 100
not satisfied

• All of them have LCD monitors. 60


• Software’s are up to date. 20

• Every room is big in size. 5student analysis inparcentage


• Projector is far away from the student

• Computers are not fully protected from viruses

Advising rooms:
In advising session administration uses all the computer labs
except library. In advising time student pressure increases.

Facilities: 70
50 satisfied
• Advising is done in a very 40 not satisfied

organized way 30

• Instructors are very helpful during 10

advising. 5 student analysis in parcentage


• Network is not so strong.

• Sometime network get hanged

• Printing output is not good enough.

Library Internet café:

Library internet café situated in the fifth floor of library. The lab is
used for internet purpose only. This lab is for all the students of


• High speed internet connection


• Strongly prohibitive to use social 60

networking website in campus. 40 not satisfied

• One of the best online journals in 20
Bangladesh. 10
5 student analysis inparcentage

• Low configured computers

• PC’s are too slow to use.

• Not enough computers for all students.

1.10 Recommendation:

Computer lab is one of the most important parts of our university.

Thus lab could better in many sides.

 Update latest software’s

 Update optimum level hardware configuration

 Antivirus software for high security

 Allocate more room for printing lab

 More PCs for students

1.11 Conclusion:

After analyzing all these factors, we observe that computer lab

facilities for the nsu students are not up to the mark. For more
effective usage for student, NSU authority has to establish new
computer and update the PC’s with new features and hardware.