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Tech Rehearsal Begins the Week of June 3RD

There are no more regular class days/times beginning this week
Tech Rehearsal is an “in studio” rehearsal of the show, run in show order, as if it were the actual
performance. No costume, make-up, or hair is necessary. Dancers should wear regular dance attire. All
dancers need to check in at Studio D where they will wait until it is their turn to perform. Dances will run two
times consecutively in Studios B/C. Parents will be invited to watch the dance the SECOND time and dancers
may be released to their parents when their dances are finished.
Dress Rehearsal is held at Atascocita High School, at the designated time shown below. Students should
arrive already dressed in their first dance costume.

Tech Rehearsal (at Profusion)
June 4th (Tuesday) ................... 5:00 – 7:30 pm


June 7th (Friday) ........................... 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm


June 8th (Saturday) ...................... 1:30 pm - Student Check-in
.......................... 2:00 pm – Show Time!

Dance Regular Class

Class Class Time Teacher Song Title
# Day
1 Opener Ms. Sarah Rise
2 Musical Theatre Thursday 4:30 pm Ms. Sarah Be Our Guest
3 Primary Ballet Monday 5:00 pm Ms. Cheryl Spring
4 Ballet 2A Tuesday 6:45 pm Ms. Christie Bring Me a Higher Love
5 Jazz 1 Monday 5:30 pm Ms. Alex Happy Dance
6 Ballet 6/7 Ms. Sarah Fall on Me
7 Acro Dance 1 Wednesday 4:00 pm Ms. Sarah You Are My Sunshine
8 Preschool Thursday 6:30 pm Ms. Cheryl Royal Fun
9 Ballet 2A Monday 4:30 pm Ms. Sarah Fly to Your Heart
10 Hip Hop 1 Wednesday 4:00 pm Ms. Madi Shake It Up
11 Co. Production Ms. Alex/Ms. Sarah On Broadway
12 Ballet 1 Monday 4:30 pm Ms. Madi Sky Full of Stars
13 Preschool Monday 4:00 pm Ms. Cheryl Mermaid Ballet
14 Jazz 1 Thursday 6:30 pm Ms. Madi Boomerang
15 Co. Hip Hop Ms. Alex Mixed Tape
16 Primary Jazz/Tap Monday 5:45 pm Ms. Cheryl Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
17 Ballet 2B Monday 6:30 pm Ms. Madi Secrets
18 Ballet 1 Wednesday 5:00 pm Ms Madi Faithfully
19 Primary Hip Hop Monday 4:15 pm Ms. Alex ABC
20 Dad Dance Ms. Sarah Peace in Christ
21 Tap 1 Thursday 5:30 pm Ms. Catie Jump Jive and Wail
22 Finale Ms. Alex Rise Remix

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