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I, THE JURY OF ACCUSATION A. The Assize of Clarendon (1166) 2 Bul iri Demet 182-118 0-48 "NC Dogar Cranamey et 2c 198) ere begins ie Asie of Clarendon made by King Hen 1 sith he sent of he secbishop, sop, abort ed bons fal Eaglnd 2, (The afore King Hen, the advice fal hs barons, fete preseration of pee fe the naitenance fuse hat (tej hating thal be made troghout te never coun, Sn thoughout sever hundreds rough tele af he more [Bvt men af the se and rough fur ote more fl men ‘teach apn eth that hey wil sea the wth, whether there be ‘ing robber or murderer oh or anywho in ecver of sae paetes eo aneeeeeeerea hers song hemes "And let ayene, wh tal e oan, on he th ofthe afore: sau crt o nero spect of having bean robber or me ere or they or ecrver oem ne thelr ing be iy ‘eater a ptt the ode f water, i et i sea athe hat sot beans robber or murder or hel or cairo tem sine ‘heer hing has teea Kg, othe le ofS tinge, o rae Ae wines mune thio ter hen has been erated hough he frei oth, heuer ar ot aout ‘o cme speny enough nto the county wae try hve been he levee shes end wordt the eae ce by ome wel ered ono ta hey hae ates ch mem nh ce shal ed Sick word othe shes infrning ther where they dee the men to be bough belre them alt these bring hem befoe adie and ee il hoe they have been etd, awl me ‘0 bear th red of te couny and of he unde why they Ive been, and there belo the ste let them ad el 1 Ad inh cae hws who hee been wend rough the Mor oath of he ele o a ave coro ute or hates the od hing is cour in he resee of sbes ‘nthe lord ing bl ae l hcl fe fe eb he eect ning the bo ‘he jac who ey othr tno thm that hey have om i. [And wher ober or murderer or tebe or receiver of hem, ho fave bean srened through the other there re handed er © (Ge ete tice re eect el ite dc 7 Ad inthe evr nas where tere lye ach Be there eR tg {nd fom hi ore) fone sal be exo Bae sme nego ‘won athe oversight the fags eva toh end ain te “hehe maybe able to guard ewe wo sal be ese by te tical seemed to thi by the san. “Moreover, the led eng wl fatal sal come 9 the couary ort ake th oath, wo ht none hl tein behind on acount fen anh cheat a yh come oe Ad ether be o oe whi ican without, who sha ford ee sero eter om court rh lan ete ‘ew ofiaakpde ant se thal re wade pledge; net che (ten before he he under ee pledge. I And eure be aone in hy ora Sorsgh cade or sidhooe i. who bl fob be bens eae it han. {Dire those whofe been sxe ora aatodouy suspect ‘fbeing cbc or murderers rhe reves of thea of ‘Shia or peor charged concerning the fret bu tbe king mound ta hey sal i he seo capt hen. TT And if anyone shal be taken xpos fhe pe of stbery othe he be ofl epte and bens ne teinony ‘om te pbc ed as no warn i be no wn he Jus ot ben otro epect on cent he goede in i posession, let im go the rea ate "1 Ao sayne sl cof to robery 2 made ofthe, or te hatboring tow who hve commited hen nh resco e Inf eno inte dz out and flere Wish to deny ‘ler noche is iw 14 Morcoer the lord ing wil a those who sl be wed by the and abled Wyte a, they bare bee fil eat and peal and gat phen bythe etimony of any and at Ft rl men, sl ajar he ng dso with ihe hae they shal ero the, lest he wind dete abd Wit ‘hein wd hy sal ve sear he sallow he ea, ad ‘hey hal note to Engh gan eee by he mercy ofthe or ing and both now, andi hey eu hea be ootawed anon th etn etthem be seed one