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Repub othe Prigpnas [APPLICATION FOR ISSUANCE OF VISAS, OR FOR CHANGE OF ADMISSION STATUS, ‘TO, OR FOR EXTENSION OF STAY AS, SPECIAL NON-IMMIGRANT UNDER SECTION ‘47(A)(2) OF THE PHILIPPINES IMMIGRATION ACT OF 1940, AS AMENDED ‘The undersigned, for and in behalf of the foreign national named below, here | by applies for histher admission as/change of admission stalus tolextension of histher stay, as ‘special non-immigrant under Section 47(a)2) ofthe Philipines Immigration Act of 1940, as ‘amended, and in suppor thereof submits the following information and representation, 41) Name of applicant/sponsor: 8) Address: ) Nature of business employment or activity 2) Name of foreign national: 28) Date of bit: b) Place of Birth o) Sex: argc: | e) Givi Status: [ ‘) Nationality: 9) Passport No 1) Postion Nature of employment: i) mare: Name of Spouse: Names of Chiliren: | eeREE | |) Wil the spouse and unmarried minor children join the foreign national? No Yes When? '3) Name of foreign national's previous residence for the past five (5) years Page 1083 4) Date of arrival and length of stay: 5) Expectod date of arrival (if issuance) and longth of stay. 6) Educational background, training and experience: 7) Undertaking of employerisponsor: ‘a. Applicant employer/sponsor shall notify the Department of Justice of the ‘ormination of employmentiraining of the foreign national within thrae (3) days: after such termination. ». Applicant employer/sponsor shall likewise assume responsibil for the voluntary