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Religion script

HOST: Good morning America! Welcome to Husky TV. Today we are bringing to the show a
few special guest who are here to share their stories and view on their religion and how it made
them who they are today. Stay tuned.
Our first guest that we have here is gooch he is a christian and we have questions from our
survey from last weeks show


HOST - What is baptism?

A-you get like dump in the water and it’s a new start and wash all the bad stuff away.

HOST-How many gods do Christians believe in?

A- They believe in one god.

HOST-Do they believe in life after death?

A- They believe in hell and heaven if you love god you will go to heaven if you don’t you
will go to hell.

HOST-How do you communicate with God?

A- Christians communicate with god by praying.

HOST-Where do you worship and what does consist of ?

A- They worship in a building called a church and they normally sing and praise the lord
and also read scriptures from the Bible and at the beginning or the end they tithe.

HOST-what is Buddhism?
A- ​ Buddhism is it
he fourth largest religion in the world. Buddhists don’t actually refer to their religion as
“Buddhism”. They call it buddha also this is one of the few regions that are non-theism due to
the fact they don't believe in god
HOST-is Buddhism more of a scientific religion?
A-well buddhist don't believe in a creator (god to be exact) if we compare this to some of
the beliefs of christianity

HOST-what is a monk and how do u become one

A-​a member of a religious community of men typically living under vows of poverty,
chastity, and obedience. And women can't become a monk they can only nuns because a

HOST-how did this religion start?

A-it originated around 400 BC and known as buddha in asia and parts of india, The
Buddha founded an order of monks and nuns known as the ​San​gha who have passed his
teachings down to the present day. Over time people have created 2 different branches of the

HOST-what is buddhism and what do they believe in

A-they believe in something called an eightfold is the ​right views, intention, speech, 
action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentration. They also believes that life is full of 
suffering, suffering is caused by desire, and to get rid of suffering you have to get rid of desire 
and when trying to get rid of desire have to follow enlight folk paths. 


4 HOST: What is the sacred text that Muslims read.

A2: The sacred text that they read is called the Quran and it was said that God
gave this book to Muhammad.

5 HOST: What is the difference between a Sunni and a Shia Muslim?

A3: The Sunni Muslims believe leadership went to the best scholar of Islam but
the Shia believe leadership stayed in Muhammad's family.

2 HOST: Who was Muhammad?

A4: They believe Muhammad was a messenger of god.

1 HOST: What is Islam

A5: Islam is a religion for people following the beliefs of Muhammad.

3 HOST: Where and when did this religion come from?

A1: The religion came from the Middle East about 1408 years ago by a man called
Muhammad he was the Islamic prophet.
Host: Does your religion have a founder?
A:Yes, his name was abraham.

Host: Is Judaism a monotheistic or polytheistic religion?

A: We are monotheistic, and believe in one god.

Host: What is your place of worship, and when do you go?

A: We attend a synagogue, and they hold services friday night, saturday
morning, and saturday night.

Host: What is religions place of origin?

A: We originated from the land of Israel and also Judah.