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Should Child

Protection Laws Be

Stephanie Hernandez
What do you think ? does this issue really need more
My opinion: laws protecting children should be enforced because there are to
many kids being abused whether it’s mentally, physically or emotionally.

Facts : Abuse traumatizes children especially younger kids in extreme ways, we

hear cases all the time. Yet a big excuse when asked is “it’s not my business , it’s
not my place to tell a parent how to “discipline” their child. But is this really
● This is a cry for help we need change and there are multiple reasons why this
must stop
● Vulnerability
● Predators
● The government isn’t doing enough

We have to be the change

● Younger children are the most vulnerable because they don’t know what to in
that situation and they don’t know right from wrong and can easily be tricked.
● it’s easier to gain their trust and it’s easier to keep them quiet.
● what if these were your kids?
● Predators are getting off easy the most they do is just have to register as a
sex offender yet there is no justice for the victim
● Predators are right under our nose, we’re too blind to realize

John Couey 2005
46 years old 9 years old
Is the government doing enough?
● The US has the worst records among industrialised nations losing on average
almost 5 children every year to child abuse.
● Politicians are like blind, they don’t realize the reality of this situation they just
try to sugarcoat it.
Service Learning Experience
● Interviewed a student , learned her story
● Found hotlines and shared them on the web
● Made a poster and got students opinions
● Went on social media and got people’s feedback
Interviews :
From a student who attends
Garinger High School
What does social media think ?
These are some of parents and students opinions
---Child services
● NC child services number 704-36-3000
● Different programs : child support enforcement, child protection services
intake referrals & info, etc
● There are different options and i dont think a lot of people realize that
My Experience
● Students and adults opinions (majority agreed)
● Overall i learned a lot about this topic and about the effects it has on kids, but
also how to help someone and where to go to.
● During my hours i learned that they’re are a lot of people who never spoke
out, but finally spoke out at least a little about their story when i asked
● Also The different programs there are and how there is always somewhere to
turn too