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Sajeda Ahmad 

January 16, 2018 

Feminism, to me, does not really have a definition. There are many subjects to go 
under this certain category that there are too many definitions to be associated with the 
word ​feminism​. Many different points of views and issues have been put into the meaning of 
feminism, that I came to the thought where I now think feminism does not have a specific 
definition, especially in regards to women and their equalities. I believe that in today’s world, 
there has been many dramatic advancements in regards to feminism or equality. The 
advancements have been shown by comparing our society today, to our society a few 
decades ago. These advancements have also been shown through a variety of campaigns, 
speeches, awards, etc. they all come to show how much our society has improved for the 
equality of women, and what people stand for in their feminist beliefs.  
Comparing today’s world to how it was a few decades ago, we have really improved 
in equality and feminism. During the 1900s, and even way before that, women were seen to 
be stay at home moms, taking care of children and completing housework. And that was 
pretty much it. Women were not seen to have successful careers, while most likely taking 
care of a family at the same time. This was shown through the text ​Our Deportment, or the 
Manners, Conduct, and Dress of Refined Society, ​where women were simply known as “The 
wife a helpmate.” Another example would be women’s rights to vote. Women were the last 
of the citizens to vote, here in America. We were given rights after many women started 
standing up for themselves, and proving men, and others wrong, that we could vote, and 
just because we are women, does not mean that should stop us. Comparing to the passage 
given, Terence McKenna stated, “...a kind of effort to shift the ratios of our emphasis that is 
expressed through our institutions.” Which shows that women are not here just to argue, 
they are here to show that they can try to improve their lives. 
Feminism and equality can be shown through any way possible. For example, in 
campaigns, speeches, books, and so much more. One way this was shown recently, was 
through a Golden Globe speech made by Oprah Winfrey, a very successful African 
American women. She spoke about speaking up for ourselves, as a woman, and basically 
explained to us that silence is not always the answer, because you can be living in fear of 
not speaking out for what has gone out through your life. Like many women, have 
experienced sexual assault, abuse, domestic violence, being sold for prostitution by men, 
and much more. As stated by Audre Lorde, “There is no such thing as a single issue struggle 
because we do not live single issue lives.” Which also explains to us that there is more than 
just one issue going on and around when it comes to feminism, there are multiple issues, 
but nowadays, women have been able to speak up and portray what they have experienced 
throughout their lives, and thankfully, woman are now being more appreciated and 
recognized not only by men, but by many people all around the world.  
Yet, some people might still believe that we have not advanced in today’s world with 
feminism or equality. Terence McKenna has also stated, “Feminism is a tremendously 
underestimated force, viewed in the present context primarily as a woman’s concern.” 
Which explains that people underestimate the power of feminism and that women are 
much more than what they seem to be. This is why some may still think not many dramatic 
advancements have occurred to help women, and their equality, because they are belittled, 
mainly by men. 
In the end, I still believe that there have been dramatic advancements in today’s 
world. Mainly because, if you compared how our society is today, and what women are 
achieving and committing every single day to prove that they’re worth and to prove that 
they are equal human beings, it is a major difference to how society was thirty, fifty, and 
even one hundred years ago. Women have came to prove that we should be equally 
treated and throughout feminism and gaining awareness in anyway possible, has come to 
show that there has finally been dramatic achievements and advancements in today’s