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Mangum- Hollis Teach-

ers Receive Alpha Awards
Students, Teachers Honored demic growth between the
for Progress with Oklahoma baseline and spring summative
May S t a n d a r d s . benchmarks. A mirror of the
The state’s only data-driven state tests, these assessments
23 teacher and class awards have help teachers know each stu-
been decided, according to dent level of mastery at key
Alpha Plus CEO Jan Barrick. points in the year. Alpha Plus
2019 The 2019 Success with benchmarks provide a true
OAS Awards recognize stu- growth model for ensuring
dents and teachers for their progress of each student
Page achievements under the Okla- throughout the year. Fifty-six
homa Academic Standards math classes and 46 reading
0006 (OAS) in mathematics and classes were recognized for
Clip reading. highest growth in their
resized To choose the honorees, schools.
Barrick says her Oklahoma Local teachers wining this
City-based team analyzed cur- award were:
rent school-year assessment Mangum: Edison Elementary;
data through April 15 at Richardson- Math 3-5th hour;
schools statewide that use Al- Gordon- Reading 3- 3rd hour;
pha Plus tools. Awards are Hollis: Elementary; Reagan-
being sent to 65 schools this Math 3 and Reading 3; Hanks-
week, with some being pre- Math 6- 3rd hour and Reading 3
sented in school assemblies in Hollis Middle School.
this month. x Success with OAS Goals
“Our data allows us to Met Awards honor each class
monitor – in real time – student that covered the subject matter
progress under the new, more- required in state and federal
rigorous Oklahoma Academic law by completing all forma-
Standards,” Barrick said. “For tive quizzes aligned to the
these awards, we evaluated OAS objectives. These awards
math and reading formative recognize teachers and students
and summative data. This who work at a steady pace
year’s honorees have made from Labor Day to Spring
tremendous progress.” Break each year. Statewide,
While student scores on the 355 classes using common
2019 state tests will not be formative assessments
available until later this month, achieved their OAS goals for
Alpha Plus data has histori- the year.
cally been an accurate predic- Local teacher wining this
tor of student success. award were:
“Teachers who use our data Mangum Elementary: Hussey-
are able to identify the specific Reading 4-1st hour; Hussey
skills they need to address for Reading 4-2nd hour; Richard-
each student,” Barrick said. son- math 3-4th hour, Richard-
“The granular level of our data son math 3- 5th hour, Richard-
helps teachers better prepare son math 3-6th hour; Wendt
students to succeed.” math 4-3rd hour, Wendt math 4
The awards being distributed -4th hour:
this week include: Hollis Elementary School:
x Alpha Plus Model Teach- Bogle reading 4, Bogle reading
ers were selected from each 5; Hanks-reading 5; Reagan-
school administering both for- math 3, Reagan- reading 3;
mative and summative assess- Strawn- math 3, Strawn math
ments in Grades 3-8 this school 3; Hollis Middle School: Webb
year according to the Alpha -reading 6-2nd hour, Webb
Plus Model of School Im- reading 6-4th hour, Webb-
provement. Only teachers reading 7-1st hour, Webb read-
meeting minimum criteria in ing 7-6th hour.
terms of data and evidence of “This year, we were hon-
effectiveness were eligible for ored to work with more than
recognition. More than 400 500 educators serving 10,500
teachers statewide were eligi- students to improve teaching
ble as of April 15, yet only 57 and learning of the OAS,” Bar-
teachers were chosen for rick said. “We thank all of the
awards. great teachers who live and
Local Teachers winning this work in communities across
award were: our state. We are pleased to
Mangum: Chelsea Richardson recognize these educators for
- 3rd grade teacher at Edison going above and beyond for
elementary: Oklahoma kids.”
Hollis: Kaitlin Strawn and Alpha Plus provides train-
Mona Reagan- both 3rd grade ing, assessments and resources
at Hollis Elementary; Bill for schools statewide. Founded
Flesher and Karla Webb in 1990 by an Oklahoma
(teacher team) 6th and 7th grade teacher, Alpha Plus curriculum
at Hollis Middle School. and teaching tools are aligned
x Greatest OAS Growth solely to Oklahoma Academic
Math Class and Greatest Standards. More information,
OAS Growth Reading including a full list of this
Class Awards recognize year’s honorees, is available at
classes with the highest aca-

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