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Memoirs / Self Evaluation

❖ What were the best and worst parts of Senior Project/Senior


To me the best part of this project was the end. Being able to give the
blankets to the NICU gave me an overwhelming feeling of happiness
and joy.

I think the worst part of the project was just having to stress about
getting it all done and keeping up with my school work.

❖ List three things you now know after completing your Senior

Time management, communication skills, how to embroider.

❖ What problems did you encounter, and how did you handle these

One of the biggest problems I ran into with the project was the back
material. I used minky fabric for the back and it liked to move and
stretch when I was trying to sew it. I handled this by trying different
stabilizers and moving fast so it didn’t slip as bad.

❖ Which aspect of the Senior Project/Senior Seminar stretched you

the most? How did you feel about and react to this challenge?

I think something that stretched me the most for my project was

overall just learning so many new things at once. I am easily
overwhelmed with new things so I had to be able to handle it all at
once. I think everything turned out very well for it being new to me.
❖ How has Senior Project/Senior Seminar changed you (skills,
attitudes, work habits, capabilities, confidence, poise,
presentation, etc.)?

I think Senior Seminar has taught me to be proud of the work I do and

accomplish. It has also taught me to go outside my comfort zone with
communication, most the time it works out the way you want it to.

❖ What would you do differently if you had to do the whole Senior

Project/Senior Seminar process again?

One thing I would maybe look at changing is the fabric I used. I would
see if there maybe any other soft easier fabric to work with, and think
about switching.

❖ What advice do you have for next year’s seniors?

My advice for next year's seniors is to get pre-approved early and get
your project done during the summer. It may not be the most fun thing
to do during the summer but then you don’t have to stress about it
during the year.

❖ Has this experience influenced your future plans?

I am still planning to pursue a career of Neonatal Nursing.

❖ What grade would you give yourself for your Senior Project and
what justification do you have for that grade?
I would give myself an A. I think overall I work very hard on this project
and learned a lot of new skills for it.