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Page 1 of 1 COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY DATE/TIME |vexicte| OFFENDER / VIOLATOR CHARGES AND POST-ARREST COMPLAINT ‘court CASE UNIFORM CITATION Eb ]WARREN COUNTY SHERIFF DEPT. 1140000 oe AEST STEP 7 TREE > ins BRIAN Le UNKNOWN 3 HSE AT FETE ‘UNKNOWN o aS RR ATE ATOR NOENT STAT 219 ScOrTIN [rar | Jrmaremme | Junounenoe ay Ta FRET GRTAL STATUS [TTS RECAT OTP TO CPPETOET BOWLING GREEN « 4205, BWORCED ‘Spimarons uoEnae | KY oaassari sor} 250 [Brown ‘OREN t Taarcarae Cleommerein. vernous [CJPLACARDED HAZARDOUS VEHICLE mal tliat BREOFERAT = = Tse : uae Creme | flume Jock OMROAVOR Ths SA RESULTS mconor. aria carecetcn oF HATE] [Jota worrequesren | [jones [tooo worreauesreD | usavovns TERETE WORSERG PTET TEETH | ie ormeauesten | EA ESTAS STE TERE TERETE OT PR I TCT ORE | WoC TE BaF COCRT OF WOE | oY. EAE tH 22 TOT aR 05 | 23 | 2019 a aur STORE [WE OFRET Bie rea rad om GREER 05 | 23 | 2019] 11:35pm [ae TaRaER —] WOCRTONCGCE [ASE | —SIRTTSOR | URES | SARTO ORE | BOONE BRST Tfecf ef eens fo | zany of of of ts CONTA je 1: ALCOHOL INTOX IN A PUBLIC PLAGE (1ST & 2ND OFFENSE the above date | observed above subject while I was working a special dotall at SKYPAC who appeared extremaly intoxicated. 1 lowed above subject outside the building as he walked to his vehicle. Once outside of his vehicle above subject got into his vehicle, 1d started the engine. Bofore above subject left the parking lot, made contact the ahove. The above stated he was not going anywhore ind lasked him fo exit the vehicle. Above was very unsteady on his fea, had slurred spooch and smolled of alcoholic beverage. Above ad his daughter in the vehicle with him at the ime he was attempting to leave the parking lot. Above was placed undor arrest. Upon Iking above to Deputy Smith's cruiser, he stopped and tried to talk to his daughter. Above was given verbal commands to entsr the hicle fo which he passively stood stil. Above was placed in the vehicle with a minimum amount of force. Above asked multiple times of| cruiser cameras was on, fo which deputies replied they were not. CORT TOCRTON Cano | Cour] Jpn ‘ARRESTED. cour WARREN al 9 our cas nuns vor rea | NOT PREPAYABLE ene TNS TRE] aoe al eS eR TT ny gla 22 ETT ST aay rene} SIE g FARES TO, z rv Sig 3 Corner omer T°" spect i. Soro ee] | 4 407, ia [EVIDENCE HELD 4 se 8.