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Chemical Hazard Bulletin

CHB: 191

Champion Bactron KCB310

formaldehyde. 50-00-0 <10 1.2 mg/m3
glutaraldehyde 111-30-8 10-30 N/A

UN No: 3265 NFPA Rating:

Hazchem Code: 2X 0: Minimum

DG Class: 8 1: Low

Subsidiary Risk: Not Applicable 2: Moderate

Packing Group: III 3: High

Poisons Schedule: S6 4: Extreme


Liquid. Mixes with water. Corrosive. Acid.Combustible.


Harmful in contact with skin.

Harmful if swallowed.
Toxic by inhalation.
Acute Health Causes burns. FIRST AID
Effects: Risk of serious damage to eyes.
Give water (if conscious). URGENT MEDICAL
May cause SENSITISATION by inhalation. Swallowed:
May cause SENSITISATION by skin contact.
Possible risk of irreversible effects. Wash with running water (15 mins). Medical
Chronic May cause CANCER by inhalation.
Flood body with water. Remove contaminated
Health Effects: * – limited evidence Skin:
clothing. Wash with water

PRECAUTIONS FOR USE Fresh air. Rest, keep warm. If breath shallow, give
oxygen. Medical attention.
Airway problems - 100% O2. Treat burns as thermal.
Advice To
Retract eyelids - irrigate 30 mins. Retract eyelids/
Irrigate 30 mins.
Fire Fighting: Water spray/ fog. Foam - alcohol type.
engineering Local Exhaust Ventilation recommended.
controls: Eliminate ignition sources. Prevent from entering
drains. Contain spillage by any means. Absorb with
Glasses: Consider full face-shield.
dry agent. Neutralize with soda ash/ lime. Stop leak
Gloves: 1.BUTYL 2.NEOPRENE 3.VITON Spills and if safe to do so. Dispose of this material and its
Type BAX-P Filter of sufficient capacity. (AS/NZS Disposal: container at hazardous or special waste collection
Respirator: 1716 & 1715, EN 143:2000 & 149:2001, ANSI Z88 point. This material and its container must be
or national equivalent) disposed of in a safe way. To clean the floor and all
objects contaminated by this material, use water.
Store in cool, dry, protected area. Restrictions on
Storage apply. Refer to Full Report. Dispose of SAFE STORAGE WITH OTHER CLASSIFIED CHEMICALS
this material and its container at hazardous or
Storage and
special waste collection point. Keep locked up.
Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from
living quarters. Keep away from food, drink and
animal feeding stuffs. Flammable Explosive Radioactive Oxidizing
Toxic smoke/fumes in a fire. Attacks metals to x x x x
liberate hydrogen. Dispose of this material and its x — Must not be stored together
container at hazardous or special waste collection
point. In case of fire and/or explosion, DO NOT
Very toxic to aquatic organisms.Use appropriate
container to avoid environmental contamination.
Avoid release to the environment. Refer to special
instructions/Safety data sheets.

For further information call Environmental Protection: 880-9714 (DH) or 427-1535 (JID). For proper disposal methods and locations for the
chemical or chemical contaminated material, contact the Environmental Engineering Division on 880-9754