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All About Stars All That U Ever Wanted To Know About Stars March 21-April 19 Know

March 21-April 19

All That U Ever Wanted To Know About Stars March 21-April 19 Know ur Boy Friend
All That U Ever Wanted To Know About Stars March 21-April 19 Know ur Boy Friend

Know ur Boy Friend The Arian Lover is bold, demanding, impulsive, and most certainly self-centered and yet he will take risks in his relationships and in love. Because he cannot stand any kind of restriction to his freedom, you're more likely to find him hanging around motor races, rallies, outdoor activities rather than cutting cigar ends down the local pub. He's looking for adventure and, for the egotistic Ram, love-affairs are as much a challenge to him as hang-gliding.

One of the things that make him an exciting lover is his need to take chances. Romance to this impetuous man involves dragging you around the Himalayas a break taking speed and expecting you to eat vindaloo for lunch and dinner whe you get back to the local Indian restaurant. He expects weekends in the campe in freezing winter with only each other to keep you warm! He needs a woman with guts both spirited and physically non-combustible to keep up with his vigorous lifestyle.

The arrogant Ram can fall in love easily, and impulsively, and if he genuinely

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believes that you are the answer to his dreams, he won't hesitate to become deeply involved. His sexual magnetism is tremendous, and he is so aware of his ability to attract women that he sometimes assumes that no one will reject him. This kind of arrogance can lead him into trouble, but his honest, no- nonsense approach always gets him back on top and he doesn't suffer from self-pity ever.

What you must remember is that Arien hotheads are jealous Fire signs. It's quite all right for him to chat to other women, or even play a touch of harmless flirting, but for you to attempt even a smile at that charming colleague of his across the pub is fatal. In a crowded room, you'll know the Aries man because he's the one with the self-confidence and the smile of a dare-devil lover. He might hastily introduce himself, arrogance and impulse working overtime to meet his challenger head-on. But if you crash, watch out for his honest vent to his feelings. It takes a lot to rile an Aries but, if you don't play fair and true, he won't let you forget it.

If you want a permanent relationship with him and can keep up with his energetic sex life you will be rewarded. But never forget that the Ram's egotism governs his need to satisfy himself first, and you second. But if you both can get over his self-centered approach to love and sex, for really he's always searching for an ideal, there is a lot of warmth and honest love waiting in his heart.


Know ur Gal Friend The Aries woman usually will want to be the boss in everything, including her love life. Because she is a Cardinal Fire sign, she knows intuitively what she wants. Some Aries girls will come straight to the point and pick you up, if you don't make the first move! Like her male equivalent, an Aries girl has great sexual magnetism, and if you're strong enough to take her on, you'll realise why her hot-headed vanity works.

Undoubtedly she will want to take over your whole life if you fall in with her hard-headed approach to relationships. She will always be ambitious for you and for where she comes in your life. She is number one and you will always be number two. If you can bear her egotistic pride then she will be the most loving and passionate partner, but she needs commitment, and she needs to be the centre of your world, or she'll dump you.

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Another important consideration is that exclusivity is her purpose, and that will mean you. Once she's let you into the secret art of ram-shearing then she can get incredibly jealous if you stray out of the sheep pen. She may be a passionate lover, but that passion doesn't make her liberal about free love.

The Ram girl likes men to be young in outlook and appearance. If you've got the energy to go hang-gliding before lunch then you'll be her friend for life. But if you've got a gut hanging out over your trousers and would rather sit in front of the TV with a can of lager, forget having any relationship with her. She needs an energetic man both as a friend, to make impulsive trips and exciting journeys, but also in bed. There is a fire burning in her soul which doesn't need to be put out, it just needs rekindling from time to time. The adventure in her head and the energy in her blood keep her restlessly searching for the next impulsive trip on love. Love is beautiful if she can be the boss, and she can take control, but give her back as much as she puts into a relationship and you'll stay her adventure for life.


How to Date Him This man desires a life of constant challenges, so if you are not up to keeping him on his toes - both mentally and physically - don't even go there. If he likes you, you will know it, as his first moves are as subtle as a stampede. Notably the daring romantic, he is the first to take a blind leap when it comes to love. But remember, his leap works both ways! Direct, passionate and spontaneous, he is never happier than when he is in hot pursuit of his goals. If you happen to be one of his goals, be prepared for capture. This man can live up to your every expectation on first run. However, once he has captured your heart, be forewarned that he will be setting his sights elsewhere if you do not gain his respect and keep him mentally stimulated.

Be a moving target of energy and vitality. Cheerfulness gets big points. He will be flattered if you ask him out, as he likes a person who knows what they want. If for some reason he does decline, say "ouch", smile, and move on. It probably is a done deal, but he will respect your honest reaction and positive attitude. If he ever does have a change of heart, he will let you know.

Make sure you have an adventurous event planned out. Strong Aries types hate to sit for long periods of time, and if they are subjected to it for too long; they just get up and leave - with or without you. This is not a guy who expects you to agree with everything he says, but if you don't, be prepared for a rather

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fiery discussion. "Willful" is his middle name, but if you can match it with some of your own strength of character, he will be intrigued. This is not to say, he will allow anyone to dominate him, as that is not in his make-up. He secretly years for a mate who is strong enough to butt heads with him once in awhile. It might be wise to remember that this guy desires instant gratification to put out his eternal fires, so if you are not ready for immediate intimacy, you might want to make it very clear before the situation gets out of hand.

This man doesn't like a push over, if you boss him around, he will be gone faster than you can think. Make sure you never finish his sentences, or nag him constantly.


How to Date Her Arian female is not the one to be taken lightly by any stretch of the imagination. Born with inexhaustible optimism and a great deal of boldness, courage and initiative, she can be a great partner for anyone who craves plenty of stimulus in their relationships. Strong, willful and opinionated, this fiery lady thrives on challenges and is not afraid to face them head on. She needs a mate who allows her to demonstrate her independence, directness, and idealism on a regular basis, but she can get easily bored if she is always the one in charge. What she is looking for is a competent contender, as nothing is more stimulating to her than a passionate argument. Secretly she is amused by opposing views or opinions, so if you want to see sincere disappointment in her eyes, clam up and refuse to argue. In her favor, she rarely holds a grudge and will easily forget and forgive a disagreement. This does not mean she will give up the fight. Not a chance. She believes she is born to win and not much gets in her way. If a life of peace and constant harmony is what you desire for your happiness, don't even attempt this union.

Normally this women is not shy. More than likely she will give you clear signals if she is interested. She admires people who are as direct and uncomplicated as she is, but show any sign of being dull and you can color her not interested! If you feel she needs the opportunity to get to know you, then give it your best shot, but be forewarned that if she decides to decline, the biggest mistake you can make is to get too pushy. Your best bet is to give her your phone number and tell her to give you a call if she ever changes her mind.

Your first date does not have to be an expensive evening, but keep in mind that she is energetic, highly enthusiastic, and geared for fun and adventure.

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Keep the conversation stimulating and ask her plenty of questions about herself. If she has enjoyed the date, it will be more than obvious. A risk taker by nature, when she hears bells ringing, she is not apt to stop at the front door. Keeping in mind, her need to be challenged, you might want to remember that an easy catch is not always her most thrilling one.

Don't be pessimistic, boring and unmotivated. Never complain, whine or drag your feet when she wants to do anything.


Your Sexual side Aries is one of the most passionate, sensual and sexual and impetuous of the signs. Feelings run high when ardent Aries is around. Arians approach sex as they do with everything in life: zestfully, impulsively and dynamically. Aries is a fiery sign. The ruling planet is Mars the planet of power and enormous personal strength. Arians usually have an enormous appetite for pleasure. Intimacy and sexual impulses are high but short-lived. The challenges of being hunted and conquered stimulates and excites them. Aries lover has no patience and sensitivity this may be the reason for the most of the relationships to go sour.

They are blessed with optimism and enthusiasm that keeps the fire in them burning and igniting their lover as well. Aries lover is burning with sexual energy and likes to be in charge. Arians are sexually dominant, adventurous and unpredictable. Danger is exciting to them, as is having sex in dangerous places. In a relationship, Arians look for a partner who is strong, passionate and exciting and who is not afraid to demonstrate feelings.


How to Seduce It doesn’t take much to find the happy-go lucky, fun-loving Aries - that person you’re drawn to the moment you set eyes on them is a ready-to-go Ram.

Arians are easily bored so make sure you’ve got a long list of ways to get and hold their attention. Always have something up your sleeve, be it a joke, a massage or a white-water rafting trip. Arians can be impatient, so don’t be beating around the bush - strike while the iron is hot.

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Always let an Aries lover think that they are pursuing you, be bright and easy, use your mind as well as your body to stimulate this sign, show that you are an independent type, let your inhibitions go once you are sure this is your dream lover as Aries is not the timid type and develop your sense of humor as Aries wants to be amused.

Those born under the Aries sign love to travel because this allows them to exercise their adventurous spirit. They have a love of new experiences and places. Book a weekend away, take them paintballing or decorate your room like a Chinese restaurant and eat noodles with chopsticks.


Devil in You Sometimes the Aries man or woman is not very tactful in communicating with others; in his hurry to get things done he is apt to be a little callous or inconsiderate. Sensitive people are likely to find him somewhat sharp-tongued in some situations. Often in his eagerness to get the show on the road, he misses the mark altogether and cannot achieve his aims.

At times Aries can be too impulsive. He can occasionally be stubborn and refuse to reason. If things do not move quickly enough to suit the Aries man or woman, he or she is apt to become rather nervous or irritable.

The uncultivated Aries is not familiar with moments of doubt and fear. He is capable of being destructive if he does not get his way. He can overcome some of his emotional problems by steadily trying to express himself as he really is, but this requires effort.


as he really is, but this requires effort. x--------x April 20-May 20 Know ur Boy Friend

April 20-May 20

is, but this requires effort. x--------x April 20-May 20 Know ur Boy Friend The natural inclination
is, but this requires effort. x--------x April 20-May 20 Know ur Boy Friend The natural inclination

Know ur Boy Friend The natural inclination of Taurean man at dawn is to force himself out of the bed he cherishes so much. But that's the only bit of forcing he'll do, particularly in any relationship. If he wants you then you have to be the one to chase him,

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but the move will be welcomed. A Taurean male won't actually make many advances and stubbornly waits for those who are worthy of his incredible sensual attention to come running.

For all this laid-back man-appeal it may appear that sex means little to him. But actually that's the catch. The Taurean male's quite seething sexuality, once unleashed on an unsuspecting female who decides to consider him as her partner, can be quite overtly bestial.

He thinks as highly of his body as he does of the next meal or the next bath. He loves the pleasures and luxuries of life and is essentially an implacable part of the earth, intensely sensual, and dependable. He is an Earth sign whose energy and sexual drive originates from all that natural organic goodness that ironically he rarely eats.

There's actually something quite elusive about Taurean's. You can never quite fathom out where they've come from, or really exactly where they are going to, probably because they really have no idea, nor care about it themselves. This is why it can take a long time to form a deep relationship with a Bull. If you do get past the horns, this affair could be for life. The placid Bull needs gentle handling, both emotionally and sexually. The trouble is that Mr. Bull is often very blind to his own compatibility ratings. He is lured by, and hopelessly attracted to, Fire and Air signs. The Taurean Man often gets tangled up with the Airy intellect or impulsive brainstorming of these very opposite types from him. He just can't keep up with the mind-bending improvisation that these signs so naturally use to charm their way through life.

The Taurus man is warm-hearted and affectionate, and he is intensely passionate. But he is a lover of the pleasures of life, a hedonist in every self- indulgence, and every luxury. Sex is a good, basic pleasure which he enjoys as part of a deep and erotic relationship. If after a heavy night of wining and dining he prefers to sleep off the last glass of brandy rather than spend the night with you, it's not that he's selfish, just that he forgot you for a while. After all, there are other sensual things in his life apart from sex, had you forgotten that?


Know ur Gal Friend It's hard to imagine the placid, reliable, earth mother as a hard-edged Bull, but there is a side to her which might have been overlooked! A Taurean female

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takes a long time to decide if you are worthy of her passion, yet she has the power and the guts actually to initiate the first move in a relationship and should never be underestimated. A bossy girl needs careful handling, and because she is strong-minded and loyal she needs first-class devotion in return.

The Bull lady bears little resemblance to bovine sexuality except for an occasional grumbling temper and a geyser of bubbling anger when resentment overheats her. Pouts grow on a female Taurean's lips very easily. Jealousy is uncommon, but possessiveness is. Her placid, controlled approach to your relationship is her self-protection, her magic eye. She has to impress and be impressed, which is why she often gets tangled up with men with a big cheque book. She likes the sound of champagne corks flying and the permanence of marriage.

Sensuality is the Taurean girl's be-all and end-all. It could be the summer rain pattering on your back as you kiss beneath an umbrella, or making love in the pine forest or bedside the babbling stream. She's a creature of the outdoors, of closeness to nature and filling her senses with tastes, sounds and touch.

Venus in cowhide will be delighted equally whether she's having sex, floating in

a silky warm ocean, eating pizzas at three in the morning, or cooking you both

a cordon bleu breakfast in a tent. Sex is not to be taken lightly and she can get

quite prudish with women who are apparent flirts or downright promiscuous.

The awkward and niggling little word "possession" might create a spot of tension but, if you're willing to be a mate for life, or at least more permanent than the fading perfume on her skin, you will have to take sex and love as seriously as she does. If you can offer her honesty and maybe a sound financia future, a superb champagne dinner or a night listening to the owls in the woods, then she will be impressed enough to let you through.

This girl needs both erotic and sensual communication, a man who can give her

a down-to-earth lifestyle and a really warm heart. But make sure you've got the

stamina and nerve to accept her blatant honesty if she decides to reject you!


How to Date Him Cautious by nature, he doesn't jump into anything without plenty of forethought. Even if he takes you by surprise, you can be assured that the intention was there way before you knew it. Underneath a sometimes cool

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reserve, he is warm, generous and teaming with earthy passion. A fan of all the pleasures life has to offer, he is often security conscious and dedicated to seeing the fruits of his labor. When in love, he is loyal, protective and dedicated - a desirable partner for anyone who values a traditional relationship. However, if you think you are going to change this man, think again. He takes the award when it comes to being stubborn, with inflexible habits firmly rooted in strong soil.

He can be a bit old fashioned, so asking him out first might take him off guard. It may be best to show your interest, but let him do the asking. Sometimes he is slow to get the idea. Brush up on your flirting skills - but don't be too aggressive.

This man loves warm congenial company, tasteful ambiance and home cooked food. If he knows that you made a special effort to please him, it will bring out the best in him. If you can offer an evening that involves all, or any of these aspects, its a good start. Easily aroused and highly sexual, this man does not like to be teased. It is best not to start something you are not ready to finish, unless you make the boundaries very clear.

Don't change your moods, your looks, or your attitudes and never try to change him either.


How to Date Her She is the earth mother of the zodiac, but don't let her lucid sensuality fool you into thinking she is easy prey. This is a women who usually fits the word sensibility. She knows what it takes to enjoy the better things in life, so if the world of material possessions, financial security and ease of lifestyle don't appeal to you, this is not the women for you. She may not be obsessed with money, but she will desire the ease of comforts. Relationships mean business to her, as she is not about to waste her time on anyone who does not know the meaning of commitment and steadfast loyalty.

Take it slow and easy. Coming on like gang busters is going to make her uneasy. If she declines without a reason, don't attempt to be pushy. It won't work. Instead thank her for her consideration, being polite gives you points, give her your phone number and then tell her if she ever feels like some good company and a fine meal, let you know.

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It pays to impress this women, but if you can't do it by spending lots of money, then at least use your romantic imagination. A lovely dinner, combined with a gracious ambiance, is always a plus in her book, but a beautifully orchestrated picnic can also make her smile. Whatever you do, make the event aesthetically pleasing; avoiding loud places and boisterous people. She has a deep sensual nature, but she likes to move slowly into intimacy, so don't get pushy.

Don't be cheap, lazy or sloppy. Always stick to a plan and be on time.


Your Sexual side

Taurus, the Earth Goddess is by far the most sensual of the signs. Taurus has

a passionate nature and a strong sex drive. Taureans make an art of

lovemaking. Their touch is tender and gentle. They have huge sexual appetite

and their sexual nature is direct and uncomplicated. Taureans make an art of lovemaking. Their touch is tender and gentle.

Their sexual nature is direct and uncomplicated. Taurus lover takes his own time with everything and is slow to turn on. Tender and steady caresses of hand and physical stimulation excite Taurus lover being an earthy sign. The Taurean is a creature of enormous sensuality. They are happiest when all their senses are being titillated at the same time. Body contact is important and Taureans are big on hugs, kisses and caresses. The Taurean sexuality also has

a strongly procreative dimension.

Taureans like a stable, orderly life and are renowned for possessiveness; an active sex life is usually part of an ongoing partnership. Taureans are happiest when having sex in their own bed or in natural surroundings that are comfortable.


How to Seduce You’ve put your last coin into the Coke machine and the damn thing’s not giving you your drink. You’re taking the rubbish out and the bin bag splits spilling a week’ worth of wrappers into the street. You need help! The Taurean is always the first to volunteer for that tricky or dirty job.

If you want to seduce a Taurus then be loyal and a good listener, always be

encouraging about their work projects, show you have a sensual side, and always check out this dream lover's favorite music and food.

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Headstrong Bulls are most comfortable when they‘re in control, but sometimes a little provocation can bring out their best. Taureans have a great sense of humour so amaze them with your wit. Taureans are also show offs, often experimenting with their looks – compliment their fabulous dress sense.

At first a Taurus may come across as stubborn but there’s a soft side to that bull. When they give in to you, they’re all yours.

Artistic Taureans love good food, drink, theatre and dancing, so splash some cash and make that a three course meal, champagne, a play and then on to a club for some raving and misbehaving.


Devil in You Sometimes the Taurus man or woman is a bit too stubborn. He won't listen to other points of view if his mind is set on something. To others, this can be quite annoying. Taurus also does not like to be told what to do. He becomes rather angry if others think him not too bright. He does not like to be told he is wrong, even when he is. He dislikes being contradicted.

Some people who are born under this sign are very suspicious of others--even of those persons close to them. They find it difficult to trust people fully. They are often afraid of being deceived or taken advantage of. The Bull often finds it difficult to forget or forgive. His love of material things sometimes makes him rather avaricious and petty.


sometimes makes him rather avaricious and petty. x--------x May 21-June 21 Know ur Boy Friend The

May 21-June 21

him rather avaricious and petty. x--------x May 21-June 21 Know ur Boy Friend The highly versatile,
him rather avaricious and petty. x--------x May 21-June 21 Know ur Boy Friend The highly versatile,

Know ur Boy Friend The highly versatile, spontaneous and amusing Gemini man is always ready for any mental and sexual challenge. He lives in the air, rather than flat-footed on the ground. Passion and sensuality are a rarity in his love life, for he is the

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catalyst of communication. He will move through your life like a shooting star, and never make promises about tomorrow. He is privileged with a youthful appearance and a youthful approach to life. But emotionally, Gemini men rarely let you into their space, in fact they can often seem very cold, in the air, out of their heads and hardly ever in their hearts.

The second problem with which you have to wrestle is that there are always at least two personalities to cope with in one guise. This can be quite alarming when you wake up in the morning with a total stranger, not the man you though you spent the night with! The seductive and alluring man of the late evening can turn into the clown at breakfast, and never be prepared to stay for lunch

Because of the mental struggle of trying to figure out his own identity, a Gemin male needs variety and change in his life. This means that he is often promiscuous, often marries at least twice and always wants two of everything. He has this uncanny ability and agility to be all types of lovers imaginable because role-playing stops him from ever being truly himself. And actually he really doesn't know who he is himself.

The double-lover enjoys the company and friendship of females just as much as any intimate physical relationship. Sexually he is the least chauvinistic of the star signs, and would rather spend the evening discussing the world and sipping champagne with you than be down the pub with the boys. He prefers to move on, to change partners, to try out new experiences, whatever forecast is in the wind, and to leave the fog of commitment and emotion far behind him.

If you can give him fun and variety he might even hang around to breathe your kind of fresh air.


Know ur Gal Friend The female twins sparkle at parties, vibrating among other women who would rather keep cool and mysterious and watch this flirting charmer draw men to her like junkies to a fix. That's why a distortion of the facts has arisen and Gemini girl has been dubbed two-faced in love, and a hypocrite in bed.

They seek out and need constant change in both their social lives and their loves lives, not to mention their careers and their home life. She can jump headlong from the trivial to the profound in a split second because she's more

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interested in actual cleverness than the truth. She may have two or more faces, but they are all-genuine in her own eyes, and in her own pretty head. Gemini girls are adept at role-playing from switching from heaven to earth. Give them a character, a femme fatale, an innocent virgin, a career woman, you name it, they can play it. If you can keep up with their flighty, paced, restless way of life, then you'll have more than one woman to keep you company at bedtime.

Apart from the thousand faces that Gemini women possess they are also known to be incredible flirts. It's not so much that she's particularly infatuated with you, it's more likely that she wants to play the game, drink her way through a bottle of champagne and then go home to sleep off the mental exhaustion of it all. She needs a lot of sleep, but a Gemini woman is more likely than any other sign to prefer to sit up all night discussing the latest philosophy, or the latest painting in your collection, or the books on your shelf. br> She makes vague attachments and loves socialising, but very rarely makes deep friendships, particularly with her own sex. She prefers the company of men to women.

Gregarious girls meet a lot of blokes, so Gemini woman will be well surrounded by a choice selection. But remember, she's attracted to appearances, rather than to depth of emotions. She is capable of persuading herself you're the love of her life. Being in love is easy if you talk yourself into it. Why, then, you can talk yourself out of it again when it takes your fancy, or another man does! Gemini girl's heart is a pretty cold place to penetrate, but if you ever get through the surface, at least you take pleasure in knowing

She is capable of finding something fascinating and appealing in all men, but that doesn't mean it will last more than the second that it takes for her to change their mind, instantly! Enjoying sex isn't the answer to her dreams; only another dream can have that solution. And you can't stay her dream forever.


How to Date Him He may not always be an amazing conversationalist, but if you get him talking about a stimulating subject, you will start to see a gleam in his eyes worth noting - as deep engaging conversations tie in very deeply with his sexual energy. Restless and curious by nature, he will try and squeeze as much as he can out of life - sometimes in one day! He can't stand schedules or routine, so if you are hell bent on an organized life, he'll drive you to distraction. He loves

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being in love, and even more he loves "playing" with love. However, if the "real thing" crosses his path, he couldn't be happier. There is no doubt that he is a complex male, who can seem quite chilly when it comes to matters of the heart, but if he finds the perfect combination of intimacy and freedom in a relationship, he will gladly reveal his heart.

This guy is usually moving in double time, but if you find a way to peak his interest, he'll take notice. Find a way to get to into his brain, then play plenty o fun mind games. If you do a good job, you won't have to be the first person to ask for a date.

Keep it light, keep it entertaining, and keep him guessing. He delights in finding

a person who can match his wit and will spend hours talking with you about

nothing and everything. He will slightly ignore you in public, as he always knows everyone, wherever he takes you, and speaks to each one. Without much effort he can talk you all the way to the bedroom, but for his own good, it's best to give him a chance to connect his heart with his mind first.


How to Date Her

This girl is whirl wind of mental gymnastics and insatiable curiosity. She's not easy to capture for the long haul, but she's full of life, full of ideas and always on the move. She experiences life as a wonderful ice cream shop, and wants to taste all the flavors before making a decision about anything or anyone. If you are not one to enjoy analytical discussions on every subject known to man; don't even bother trying to make her a permanent fixture in your life. However

if you want a relationship with someone who will promise you that life will

never be dull, then this could be the woman for you.

You may never know for sure if she is truly interested in you or not, as she is a natural born flirt. She doesn't call it flirting, she calls it relating. So, "relate" back and watch how she responds. If her dancing eyes connect with yours, and you see a twinkle in her eyes, this may be a good sign. However, the real proof is in whether or not the communication flows easily between the two of you.

Wear casual clothes and be prepared to talk a lot. Talk about the fascinating people you know, the intellectual types. She enjoys lively atmospheres, observing people and sharing conversations with everyone. Have some original thoughts and be inventive. Creativity ranks high on your Gemini females list. If you want her full attention, then a less crowded place might be a better choice.

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Above everything else, she needs to know you are interested in her mind, even if you do have other immediate interests. If your minds click, there is a major chance romance will be in the air. She has a healthy view of sex, and is just as interested in finding out what makes you tic as you are in her. The strong Gemini type isn't usually shy about jumping into the intimacy arena if the mood suits her. However, it may be best to keep her guessing for a while.


Your Sexual side Being an airy sign Geminis are aroused by intellectual communion. Sex is no small task as their inner nature is very complex. For Gemini, sexual fulfillment comes only with mental satisfaction. There is nothing better than an intelligent, scintillating conversation before sex for them. Geminis have an intellectualized concept of sex and often wants a partner who is an intellectual companion.

They are not fierce or aggressive as lovers but can arouse their lover by sensual erotic fantasizes and stories. They are experimental in lovemaking and constantly keep analyzing their love life. In terms of sexual encounters Geminis crave variety and may have many lovers. Fantasy is a very big part of sex for Geminis. The scenarios they can construct in their imaginations may include graphic details of the meeting, the chase, the seduction and the dirty talk during sex (they are masters at this game), which is just as important to them as the real physical thing.

A keyword to understanding Gemini sexuality is excitement. Their ever-roving

mind, constantly in motion, demands excitement and stimulation.


How to Seduce That person who told you about so and so’s affair with the man from Number 10, that was a Gemini. The twins have an ear for a scandal, not that they’re gossip, they’re just curious about the word. Those born under Gemini are restless and unpredictable - you never know quite what they’re going to do next.

If you want to seduce a Gemini be knowledgeable about what is going on in

the world, be fun-loving, be a mental turn-on as Gemini's most erogenous zone

is the mind, be a constant challenge and be a good friend as well as a dream


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Gemini’s are natural flirts so offer them a little bit of attention and you can be sure they’ll start swinging the moves. The zodiac's Twins have two sides - playful and serious. If you’re after a Gemini, you’ll have to appeal to them both. To attract their playful personality wise up on your jokes- you’ll need to match up to their exceptional wit. Their serious side loves a good debate. For them, a heated discussion is a huge turn-on.

Gemini’s love attention but they are also independent souls. Give them as much space as they need and if they really like you, they’ll be happy to make the next move.

Those born under Gemini love children but dislike responsibility - they’re kids at heart. Take your special twin to see their cheeky monkey counterparts at the zoo, ride the Kiddie coaster at the fair or go rollerblading in the park.


Devil in You Sometimes the Gemini person tries to do too many things at one time and as a result, winds up finishing nothing. Some Twins are easily distracted and find it rather difficult to concentrate on one thing for too long a time. Sometimes they give in to trifling fancies and find it rather boring to become too serious about any one thing. Some of them are never dependable, no matter what they promise.

Although the Gemini man or woman often appears to be well-versed on many subjects, this is sometimes just a veneer. His knowledge may be only superficial, but because he speaks so well he gives people the impression of erudition. Some Geminis are sharp-tongued and inconsiderate; they think only of themselves and their own pleasure.


think only of themselves and their own pleasure. x--------x June 22-July 22 Know ur Boy Friend

June 22-July 22

and their own pleasure. x--------x June 22-July 22 Know ur Boy Friend The Cancerian man is
and their own pleasure. x--------x June 22-July 22 Know ur Boy Friend The Cancerian man is

Know ur Boy Friend The Cancerian man is home-loving, gentle and sincere. He responds deeply to

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life and to every change in emotion or feelings around him. His goodness far excels his weaker, depressive side which can get unbearable and drown an affair in melancholy. His moods can be touchy, he can be as snappy as an alligator and he takes everything too personally, fearing rejection. Yet on the surface he will play the extrovert, be flirtatious, the lunatic every one loves at the all-night party.

A Crab man is overtly sentimental. He will take a long time to pluck up enough

courage to phone you, until he is sure in his Crab-like way he can move in for love. He might seem mildly indifferent: playing guessing games about his true

motives with you when he first takes you out to dinner.

He loves food, and if you offer him breakfast in bed he might just agree to scrambling the eggs himself. This man needs smothering with affection, and sexually can be languid and lazy when it suits him, especially once he feels secure in a relationship. Typical of Water signs, he feeds on gentle rhythms, quiet arousal and delicate love-making.

Don't ever mention your past boyfriends because he will see vivid mental movies about where you have been, and who you have been with. Cancerians are very possessive, and if you mention ex-partners, he will wallow in self-pity for days.

Don't ever look at anyone once you're married. You are collected, part of his acquisitions and his very personal private collection.

Cancer men hide out in the dark corners of pubs, or at the edge of the in- crowd. If they use their extrovert shell to cover up their weaker personality they can be awkward to spot. Sometimes they hover in the wings, hiding from possible failure, appearing as confident and convincing as any fire sign. But around the full moon you can usually spot them when they become touchy and moody, not at all like any Fire Sign!

He is easily flattered, and often gullible in the face of a strong protective woman. He has a cheeky, little-boy-lost appeal that he takes to parties in his search for the perfect soul-mate, and he needs one desperately for all his apparent self-confidence and arrogant manner. It's misleading. Beneath that

gregarious shell is a soft heart. There will only ever be one woman at a time for

a Cancerian man - at least you can be assured of that.


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Know ur Gal Friend When you meet the Cancer woman you will immediately know that you have met the most female of all females. She is intense, explosive, warm and genuine, the genie of the zodiac, the sensitive soul, the Moon disabled by love and emotion. You have nothing to fear, except yourself, in the changeability of her deep and dark side. Do not disappoint her for the woman with whom you have just become infatuated is the past-mistress of love and romance.

Cancer ladies are easily flattered and at their worse are unstable. Preparation for a life of swaying moods, indistinct emotions and powerful sensitivity have adapted this dippy bird to seek attention and seek out sympathy from a nice guy, one she hopes will have a larger cheque book than her own.

She is protective, gentle, highly intuitive and reflective of others moods. Yet like the Moon she sways, changing the light of the night from that pale ghostly shadow land to human and loony laughter. A bit touched, a bid sad, occasionally glad. Moon birds need close friends, domesticity and a strong, tender man to support them.

Frankly, the Cancerian girl needs a permanent, stable relationship with someone who won't get twisted and confused every time she sulks or goes loopy. You've been introduced to an apparently hard, tough, thick-skinned woman in the crowd. It really seems unlikely that someone so extrovert and resilient could be reduced to tears by a slight put-down. But she can! She's an extrovert/introvert, a manic depressive and a bundle of fun when she's on one of her highs. She can be downright rude and criticise everything about you from your haircut to your taste in underwear but she won't survive an in-depth dissection of her own deeper and often weaker character. Cancer women will never make the first move, because they sincerely cannot cope with rejection.

Her imagination sizzles in bed, like throwing water on fire. But she needs emotional and sensual fulfillment, a physical experience that will change as easily as her moods. Cancerian ladies don't take to athletic body-building, or get obsessed about their weight, but they will make or break the sexual traditions if it means pleasing the one man they really want to impress.


How to Date Him This man is emotionally deep, but often times evasive because of his vulnerable sensitivity. He may not admit this, but he can feel emotional

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currents before they are even expressed. He is an instinctive person and rarely logical when it comes to his own motives. Many times this man has strong family ties - especially with his mother. If he doesn't, then often times he has mother "issues" that hold him back from having a healthy relationship until he resolves them. Whatever the case may be, he often yearns for a secure home - life and family. Be forewarned that he is tenaciously self protective, but in the same vein he can be one of the most protective and nurturing partners and parents of the zodiac. What is important is that he finds a person who honors his great gift for sensitivity and helps him express it in a healthy way.

Never one to put himself in a position of being rejected, he will rarely take the initiative to move forward unless he feels absolutely safe with a person. Absolutes are difficult, so this makes him one man who needs to know -without

a doubt- that you are interested. Be brave, be vulnerable and show him you


If you like this man, he needs to know it right away. He likes graceful displays

of affection, as they reassure him that he is liked. Cool, detached- types might intrigue him, but they rarely impress him in the long run. He likes a person who is not afraid to be soft, feminine and gentle. If you can act like a friend, mother and lover - all in one, your first date won't be the last. In matters of intimacy, it is best to start with long promising looks and affectionate hand- holding. He likes a passionate, sensual woman, but rarely expects the whole package to be delivered in one night.

Be yourself around him. Looks aren't that important to Cancer males, but do know some fabulous recipes! Tell him all your funny stories, he likes to laugh.


How to Date Her Sensitive, moody, nurturing and security -conscious, this woman can warm your heart, and in the next breath drench you in ice water. Don't expect predictability and never make the mistake of turning your back when she needs your attention. She may forgive, but forget, don't count on it! Once she is committed, you will wonder how you ever lived without her. She offers a very special love and gives it with generosity and completeness. Anything less would seem like cheating to her. Her moods may confuse you at times, but if you have a gift for helping her verbalize her feelings, it can do much to deepen the relationship. If you yearn for a women who is nurturing, protective and

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delightfully loving, you needn't look any further.

Don't lose heart if she appears cool and aloof at first, as this is usually just a protective devise. Even if she appears extroverted, underneath it all, she does have a cautious reserve until she feels safe with you. She admires strong, confident people, but they must show a sensitive side to their nature before she will let down her guard and be responsive. Her approach is the side-way crawl, but yours needs to be rather direct. Don't be afraid to show her the little child in you, as this will automatically make you all the more desirable. Remember, they don't call her the "mother of the zodiac" for nothing!

Offer to barbecue at her house and compliment her cooking. She likes all of the old fashioned romantic traditions of courtship, so arriving at the door with flowers is going to give you major points. She is impressed by good manners and likes to be treated like a lady at all times. She can be swept away by her emotions, but since the depth of her emotions is what makes her so special, it is usually best to allow them to build to a peak . This will ultimately give you both a chance to enjoy the emotional bonding of intimacy that comes with time.

Cancer females are very sensitive about everything near and dear to them. Never say bad things about her family members--ever! They do possess humor. Pay attention to all her handmade quilts and home crafts. If you are not marriage minded, don't play games with Cancer women.


Your Sexual side Cancer is an emotional sign, the sign with a powerful urge to nurture people. They may pretend to be very cool but they are very sensual and loving. They are usually shy and sensitive so their kind of intense sexuality needs to be awakened, fed and fertilized by tenderness and then brought to bloom by passion. In lovemaking to be emotionally involved with their lover is very important for them.

For them sex is an emotional bonds that they form with their lover. As a tactile sign, you enjoy kissing and cuddling. Their imagination is so fertile that they usually construct elaborate scenarios and fantasies to stimulate them and add spice to their sexuality. Cancerian fantasies are apt to revolve around romantic interludes - making love in water, walking on the beach under a full moon, satin sheets, candlelight, soft music and an ambience of sensual pleasure.

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How to Seduce Conservatively dressed but looking good, the quiet, seemingly shy figure is the loyal Cancerian. They’re likely to have quite a few pets and a straight-talking group of friends. The crab is a good listener and come party time, they’ll be the one comforting the tearful girl on the stairs.

If you want to seduce a Cancer develop your sensitivity, be warm and tender, practise being patient, be a homebody more than a social butterfly, be a good cook, show you'd be the perfect person to cuddle up on a cold winter night, be sensual, emotional, sentimental and romantic.

You’ll know when a Cancer has fallen for you by their big grin, healthy appetite and confident eye contact. They may as well wear their heart on their sleeve!

Cancerians love the great outdoors. Depending on the season, plan a romantic picnic in the park, build a snowman or take a stroll through the hills. You’d be wise to follow their example of saving money a well as spending it. They appreciate the occasional treat but are believers in the saying, ‘the best things are life are free.’


Devil in You Sometimes Cancer finds it rather hard to face life. It becomes too much for him. He can be a little timid and retiring, when things don't go too well. When unfortunate things happen, he is apt to just shrug and say. "Whatever will be will be." He can be fatalistic to a fault.

The uncultivated Cancer is a bit lazy. He doesn't have very much ambition. Anything that seems a bit difficult he'll gladly leave to others. He may be lacking in initiative. Too sensitive, when he feels he's been injured, he'll crawl back into his shell and nurse his imaginary wounds. The immature Moon Child often is given to crying when the smallest thing goes wrong.

Some Cancers find it difficult to enjoy themselves in environments outside their homes. They make heavy demands on others, and need to be constantly reassured that they are loved. Lacking such reassurance, they may resort to sulking in silence.


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July 23-August 22

MSN Hotmail - July 23-August 22 Page 22 of 65 Know ur Boy Friend The Leo
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Know ur Boy Friend The Leo man is known for his magnanimous nature and his warm and generous heart. But he is also a prowler, one of the more sexually active signs of the zodiac. Like Capricorn and Scorpio he is motivated by power. The subtle difference is that Leo assumes success in everything he does, particularly when it involves relationships and love. He can't bear the thought of rejection so he never even thinks about it. That's why he blazes his way through life, and that is how he wins.

He falls in love easily, but it will often be subconsciously motivated by the desire to impress his companion. Leos have dramatic tastes, extrovert and extravagant desires, unnerving energy and yet he is so self-opinionated that he can be intolerably conceited and inflexible.

If you have fallen for a Leo man and you want to attract his attention, then you just have to flatter him and turn yourself into a willing audience. In return you will get a real gentleman, who will protect you like a gallant knight and perform great deeds for your sake. Well its not quite as easy as that but you get the picture. Be careful they are very sceptical and will not be deceived easily.


Know ur Gal Friend She is one of those girls who is always surrounded by men at social events. She will insist on being the centre of attention at all parties. The Leo girl also assumes she will be the nucleus and hotbed in any relationship and, for her, relationships need to be warm, affectionate and full of physical expressions of love. Bear-hugs, stroking her wild hair are all gestures that show how she is adored. And she needs that very badly. This naturally vivacious, clever Cat finds men drawn to her like mosquitoes to blood. This very sexual Cat can at times be overpowering and over dramatic, but her magnetic personality always catches the limelight.

Leo was born to lead and not to follow. If you are strong enough to challenge

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her, then she may play the role of a sweet innocent for a while. But if she's not the starring role in your life then the loud, extravagant will of her ego will come hurtling out to confront you.

Her vanity irritates other women and attracts many men, and she can be arrogant and incredibly stubborn. She is self-opinionated, but she is also generous and compassionate, able to create the kind of atmosphere in the bedroom fit for the most sensual and seductive love-making imaginable!

If you can keep up with her energy and delight in passionate and exciting sex, then she might decide to make you a permanent fixture. The Cat woman will scratch for her independence, and won't sacrifice her career or freedom for many men. Although she will flirt her way through a boardroom of old fogies to assure success in her career, you will have to trust her integrity.

Flatter her and she'll let you closer. Her vanity and her magnetic personality are, ironically, her weakness. But with respect and belief in a Leo woman you can be assured of a loyal and true partner. Never try to control her or play ego games. She needs a strong man who will pamper her; give her the world and in return she'll give you everything back. Attention-getting, and attention-seeking go together, so be prepared for the occasional mild flirtations when she's out at her business lunches, or career parties. If she weren't the star of the show someone else would be, and she really doesn't want anyone else to take that leading part away from her.


How to Date Him He may not be a king, but he likes to act like one. Dynamic, expressive and warm-heated, he is usually in a position of authority. If he isn't, he should be - because this is what makes this man a happy camper! Domineering and self- assured, he is not one to be lead around by anyone. He has a mind of his own, and is not afraid to speak it. This is not a man for anyone that has a difficult time handing out compliments and stroking ego's. He needs it, expects it, and sometimes even deserves it. There are some introverted Leo's, but they are rare. The ones that are more reserved still have the above qualities, only it takes a bit longer to realize it. Life with him will never be dull, this you can count on! What you can't count on is that he is going to be easily changed. However, he is drawn to fiery people, as life is not worth much to him without occasional fireworks. A lover of drama, passion and all that brings pleasure, he is a perfect match for anyone strong enough to match his fire.

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He loves attention, so give it to him. He loves compliments, so give them out freely. He admires a person with character, who is also aware of their own personal strength, so don't be too demure. If he is interested, it won't be long before he does the asking.

He is all man, and likes to play that part to the nines. Your best bet is to let him make the plans. He enjoys social atmospheres where the two of you can stand out in a crowd. Some Leo's are flamboyant and love to dress accordingly, and others are more conservative and prefer to look dignified. No matter what, he likes his companion to dress elegantly. If his flamboyance does not come out in his dress, it will come out in the way he entertains you - as he loves to impress

This man is a pleasure lover, so escorting you to his den will definitely be on his mind if you have successfully aroused his passions. It's your call, but be forewarned that he is a born lover with a ravish appetite. You may want to give him more time to impress you. Always look good around him, and dress sexy and feminine. Leo males love the chase, so let him!


How to Date Her When she walks into a room, it's almost as if a Queen just made an appearance. Dignified and dynamic she loves everything that spells drama. Even if she is not flashy, there is a presence about her you can not miss. Her confidence, combined with her generous and affectionate nature, make her a woman who normally gains a lot of admiration. What you promise, you better deliver. She does not like games at her expense. She is happiest when she is the center of attention, but she also likes a partner who can hold their own. Disliking anything that is considered humdrum, she will go out of her way to bring excitement into her life and yours! She prefers to be in the company of creative, energetic people who know what they want, and how to get it. Commanding, with a gift for leadership, she has no problem telling people what to do, but she quickly loses interest in anyone who is too submissive or timid. It takes a special person not to be threatened by her natural tendency to take charge, as normally this is just her way of expressing herself. If you have a difficult time taking suggestions, then this lady is probably not for you. She needs a person who is as confident and strong, but also is sensitive to her needs.

Compliment her, admire her and treat her like a Queen. At this point, if she is indeed interested, it won't be a secret. She expects to be treated with dignity

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and respect at all times. It is not so much where you go that is important, but the way she is treated when she is with you. She loves music, art, theater and any festive event that is lively, but she will respond well to an evening where the two of you can spend time getting to know one another too. Stay focused on her, and do refrain from letting your eyes wander off to other areas of interest. This kind of behavior does not sit well with her. She rarely suppresses her passionate and affectionate nature, but she also has a strong code of moral ethics that are not easy for her to toss away. However, once in love, the "lioness of the Zodiac" settles in for some serious pleasure.

She doesn't care if you are well read or educated, but do be suave, polished and act like you know what you are doing. She will marry you, but be prepared to take care of her sexually, financially, and emotionally. Leo females are a handful, and remember, she can always get another man, so treat her right.


Your Sexual side As a fire sign, fires and passions burn in the mind and the body. They are exceedingly passionate and sexually demanding. They radiate sexual confidence and like to take charge in bed. The royal lover likes to explore pleasures of sex. Sexually, Leos like to be admired, craved and flattered even more. Leo rules over the heart so they have to be attached or fond of their lover to enjoy sex.

They may prefer the drama of courtship to the predictability of any permanent nesting arrangement. Leos enjoy having sex in a splendid way such as at the Taj or on an expensive, luxurious yacht. No other zodiac sign can be so majestic, in fact theatrical, and grand in lovemaking. Leos fantasies revolve around themes of exhibitionism, romance set in historical eras, variety in love and sex, sadomasochism and may also explore unconventional boundaries.


How to Seduce Leos are the life and soul of the party and will always be found in the middle of a big group of friends. They are great storytellers and the room will go quiet when they begin to tell a tale.

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If you want to seduce a Leo think of as many compliments as you can, be sparkling and dynamic, make sure you have a great sense of humor, always let Leo be the center of attention, always let Leo be the leader and make them see you can be a pleasure loving partner.

The symbol that represents the Leo is of course the Lion, and like the king of the jungle himself, they are very proud creatures. Don’t go rushing in, approach with care and sensitivity. Treat the Leo as you would expect to be treated yourself. Be kind and loyal and you’ll be rewarded with a roaring good time. One hint: flattery will get you everywhere!

Lions are born leaders but a love struck Leo makes it extra clear that they are comfortable sharing the spotlight. When a Leo falls for you, they’ll soon be showing you off to the rest of the world.

Leos are great lovers of creature comforts and enjoy frequent shopping trips. Head for a designer outlet, a craft fair or an auction and spend, spend, spend.


Devil in You At times, Leo can be just a bit too arrogant. He thinks that no one deserves a leadership position except him. Only he is capable of doing things well. His opinion of himself is often much too high. Because of his conceit, he is sometimes rather unpopular with a good many people. Some Leos are too materialistic; they can only think in terms of money and profit.

Some Leos enjoy lording it over others--at home or at their place of business. What is more, they feel they have the right to. Egocentric to an impossible degree, this sort of Leo cares little about how others think or feel. He can be rude and cutting.


others think or feel. He can be rude and cutting. x--------x August 23- September 22 Know

August 23- September 22

can be rude and cutting. x--------x August 23- September 22 Know ur Gal Friend
can be rude and cutting. x--------x August 23- September 22 Know ur Gal Friend

Know ur Gal Friend

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The Virgo girl is quiet, self-aware and keeps her eyes firmly pinned on anything that might remotely interfere with her calculated plans for life. This includes her personal relationships which are as critically analyzed and subjected to meticulous scrutiny as if she were conducting a witch hunt or a scientific experiment.

Miss Virgo is not only critical of herself, she is acutely critical of others. She nit- picks rather than knits, and can really infuriate you with her constant reminder that you have a speck of dandruff, or your tie is wonky. She believes that she knows best, and this confident mental sharpness affects all her personal and sexual relationships.

She expects tidiness and perfection around her which includes an organised pristine relationship with her ideal man. The Virgo girl can lack real human warmth at her worse and, because she is such a worrier, even sex can become a chore, and your performance tainted with imaginary faults.

But a Virgo girl loves romance; the first innocent kiss or the love-letters scribbled from a stranger. She can become infatuated with someone over the phone, or by the pure physical beauty in a man. She loves sentiment and delicate love-making. An Interflora sign will make her weep and she's nuts about soppy films, as long as no one is with her when she watches them. If you are too dominant a partner she can become frigid just to suit herself. Coldness is natural to her.

Perfection is wasted on talentless men and she will often be fatally attracted to opposite dreamy types, escapist musicians and artists. The Virgo girl is dedicated to pursuing happiness, and her strength is to be able to be both obsessively practical and ridiculously romantic, because love is the purist form of analysis.

Sex will be a delight to her if you keep it light and emotionless, but don't ever be late for a date, or her time-keeping will start clocking you in and out of her bed. She'll never be unfaithful, it's not in her nature. But if you can't enflame that spark of sexuality out of her ice-box she will quite coldly and mercilessly look for it elsewhere. The modest, clever and cautious Virgo girl will be the most affectionate and prudent partner if you can accept her perfectionism. She might decide you're her ideal and throw a party; but she'll stay in the kitchen and worry about the spilled punch.


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Know ur Boy Friend

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If anyone could be more accurate, more perfect at time-keeping than a quartz watch, then it would have to be the Virgo man. He is the precision master, the careful and discriminating quiet one in the corner of the bar, who will drink exactly the same amount of alcohol every visit, and who knows precisely the health advantages of wine and the mortality rate of heavy drinkers. This neat and tidy man often pulls weights down the gym rather than girls, and worries about his digestion and whether he should be celibate.

The Virgo man finds warm, emotional relationships difficult, and yet he seeks out quality and the perfect woman. He analyses sex and relationships with the meticulous. You see, Virgo men don't really need anyone else in their lives. They often panic about their lack of passion, and then devote an awful lot of time worrying about it. He sometimes falls in love with the logic of a relationship, with the actual methodology of it all, but very rarely is deep and genuine emotion involved.

Virgo men have this thing about purity. Not that they are pure and virginal, but they will search for the purist form of experience and will often sublimate passion for neutrality. This is why if you're not near perfect in his eyes you'll be rejected before he even attempts to test you out. Sex can be a pure and impeccable experience for a Virgo with a girl in mint condition and the right motivation. But is there any life in his soul, any passion or warmth in that apparent cold and solitary physique?

He is very attractive to woman because he appears to be a challenge. If you get past that cold shoulder there might just be a sensual, sensational warm heart. He has a heart, but it's as invulnerable as his emotions. On the surface he is the perfect. He is the sexual technocrat of the zodiac.

If you can put up with his dissection of your personality, if you like a distant lover and a punctual friend, a lover who is dexterous but unemotional, he might make one of the better permanent relationships. But he compartmentalizes life; the past stays the past, the future the future. He carries little sentimental or emotional baggage with him. It's tidier, isn't it?

If you finally get through the cold earth that buries this man you'll find a faithful lover. He's not exactly a bundle of laughs, but the strong silent type who once he's found his perfect partner will never, ever look at another woman again.

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How to Date Him

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Often times this man is misunderstood. It stands to reason that none of us should be categorized, and Virgo men are a good example of this. Bare in mind that all the signs have a fundamental drive, but depending on other factors, this drive is not always experienced in the Sun Sign expression. However, even though it may not be discernible by first observation, he is always organized in his mind. He may not fall into the category of being neat and tidy, but don't bet on it. Two words that fit into his world are "discrimination" and "perfection", and this you can count on. He appreciates people who are intelligent and witty, but for long-term commitment he needs someone who is trustworthy, warm and gentle. Yes, he is picky and he often takes a long time before he commits emotionally. This can prove to be frustrating to a potential mate, but once he does commit, he is unquestionable devoted.

The best approach is a steady, but easy- going one. He likes to observe you for awhile before making a hasty decision. He's not a gambler by any definition, and especially when it comes to love. He seems to mistrust anything that happens too suddenly. If you share his interests, then you will have a firm base to stand on. Not easily taken by just by appearances, there has to be a meeting of the minds to keep him interested for any length of time.

He is a solitary person, whose social group is small. He shies away from party animals. Don't be too talkative. He wants to date someone with a purpose in life. Be interesting, and invite him to your workplace. Don't expect a wild night, because he sure doesn't. He always enjoys stimulating conversations in a refined, but not too flashy atmosphere.

It's best to keep your emotional jets on low and concentrate on getting to know him on the first date. Underneath the complex layers of his personality, you will find a sensual earthy man yearning to please you in every way. Secretly he yearns for a partner who can gentle guide him into the world of pleasure and play. If you can provide this, his genuine support of you, and his helpful generosity will be yours for the asking. However, this man needs time to analyze his true feelings before you give him that chance. Virgo males are not usually sexually promiscuous. Sex won't happen until you push for it.


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How to Date Her Serious minded, by nature, this gal is skillfully analytical and dedicated to whatever she sees worthy of her attention. She may appear extroverted or introverted, but either way she still has a practical reserve. She is not an open book, but once you get to know her you will find she has a lot to offer in the way of gentle caring and ongoing mental stimulation. Not one to take love lightly, when she is in a relationship she works hard at making it right. Her need to be of service and helpful at all times, often makes her the target of people who can take advantage of her. This is because of her desire to fix things that are not working properly, and that can mean people. At the same time she can be critical of people who do not live up to her rather defined set of expectations. However, if you want a woman who will work at your side, and is a born giver, this gal will probably be your best bet. Do her a favor though, and show her how to take as well.

This woman is governed by her head first, so it is important to gain her respect before she is ready for anything more serious. Usually articulate and intelligent, she appreciates a person who can carry on a good conversation. She strives for perfection, and likes to see other people striving for the same effect. She may or may not be shy, but unexpected advances can make her nervous. The best bet with her is to take logical steps in getting to know her and the rest will fall into place.

She normally pay's attention to her grooming, so it is best that you do too. She admires a person who is articulate and refrains from swearing. Off color jokes, especially on the first date are not recommended. Some Virgo's are natural conversationalists, but the introverted ones prefer to observe and listen. If she is the later, then ask questions that can't be answered with a yes or no. You may want to ask her what kind of food she likes before taking her out to eat, as she can have some very strict health rules. In matters of immediate intimacy, she is a bit too logical to jump into anything too quickly. Patience and consideration go over well with this lady. She is not a prude, but she prefers a person who shows restraint. Underneath her cool reserve, she has strong earthy passions, but it takes a special person to win her heart.

Wear the latest in fashion, and above all, have a manicure. Virgo females notice everything! Have a degree, be a professional, know everyone who is anyone. Exude confidence. Do not have other girlfriends. It takes several dates for them to decide if they want you. They are neat freaks, and don't want to pick up after you. They only love a handful of men, and you won't have any competition. Just be real! Quality is important to female Virgos.

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Your Sexual side

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Virgo, the virgin, is an earthy sign. Their sexual identity runs mostly on conservative lines but this doesn’t mean that they are boring. Outwardly cool and calm composure is a fade because buried deep inside are great passions. Sexually and in love Virgos are giving, generous, deeply loyal, exciting with impressive cosmopolitan tastes.

They want a partner who is secure in both vocation as well sexual prowess. In sexual relationship they are very caring, controlling too and can make their partner feel the most wanted person on the earth. Virgos can lose themselves in pleasure with the same intensity they devote to their work or duties yet some of them can be rather sexually repressed.


How to Seduce

Those born under Virgo are very hard-working and aim to please others. They are neat in appearance, move gracefully and wear beautiful jewellery. They have the habit of making the tedious of tasks into a game.

If you want to seduce a Virgo be emotionally strong as Virgos can be very

critical, be cool, calm and collected, make it obvious you're not playing the field as Virgos are usually not playboys or playgirls, establish yourself as a good friend, be intellectual as this sign needs a blending of the minds and try to be "perfect" in many ways.

Virgos want to make people happy and they love the adulation of others. Praise their ideas, congratulate them on their achievements and tell them how wonderful they are. Virgos are often worried about their appearance so take a little extra time to tell them they’re looking good.

A Virgo will ask lots of questions when they want to get together with

someone. The Virgin of the star signs must know everything about their partner

if the relationship is to develop.

Virgos can concentrate on the most intricate tasks for hours on end and are able to absorb information very easily. Your team will be a winner when you

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take them along to the pub quiz and they’ll be fascinated by the gadgets on show at the Museum of Science of Industry.


Devil in You

Sometimes a Virgo person is too critical. He thinks that only he can do something the way it should be done. Whatever anynone else does in inferior. He can be rather annoying in the way he quibbles over insignificant details. In telling others how things should be done, he can be rather tactless and mean.

Some Virgos seem rather emotionless and cool. They feel emotional involvement is beneath them. They are sometimes too tidy, too neat. With money they can be rather miserly. Some Virgos try to force their opinions and ideas on others.


try to force their opinions and ideas on others. x--------x September 23- October 22 Know ur

September 23- October 22

and ideas on others. x--------x September 23- October 22 Know ur Boy Friend Libran man who
and ideas on others. x--------x September 23- October 22 Know ur Boy Friend Libran man who

Know ur Boy Friend Libran man who can be active or passive, will be laid-back, indecisive and fluctuate between love and sex in his head, easy-going, well mannered and everybody's friend. Someone with wit and humour, who curves through life rather than angles through it. He is essentially a relaxed man who is fair and lovely about the world and naturally charming with every female he meets.

He needs harmony, beauty and idealistic truth in his life. For him, life has to fulfill dreams of romance, particularly when love and sex are involved. But this is where he gets confused. Not because he's a soppy sentimentalist, far from it, but because he thinks sex is love and love is sex. You just can't have one without the other, it wouldn't be fair.

This sociable man needs and demands a lot of friends of both sexes. If you get involved with a Libra be prepared to tolerate all the other female friends he spoils. Some of them may be ex-lovers that he hasn't quite decided whether to

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see again or not.

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But there are times when a Libran won't be forced into making a decision at all and, when it comes to any conflict, emotional or physical, he would rather walk out than fight. The eternal problem for Librans is not making a decision. What bugs him is why he has to make a choice about commitment in his relationship, because essentially he hates to reject anything, and that mostly includes his freedom.

He can fall instantly in love, but he falls in love with the essence of the affair, rather than the girl. The face value of the romance is all that matters to him initially. He is attracted to the appearance of life, not any underlying spiritual meaning.

He loves the romance of sex, the caresses, the body language, the first meetings. Sexually his head rules his body. This sexual egalitarian is wonderful lover and romantic, but remember, he can fall out of love as easily as he fell into it!


Know ur Gal Friend She is lovely, perfectly lovely. Attractive, gregarious, articulate, spirited and independent. A real woman but with a tough head and a strong heart. She's mentally alert and logical about life like any Air sign, but she really hates to reject anything, or anyone and making decisions just means not having the best of both worlds.

Libran women have deliberately charming smiles which they can turn on when it suits them, to show how wonderfully feminine they can be. But the logical intensity of her mental gymnastics can be slightly off-putting if your intentions are of a deeper or more physical need.

She needs honesty, beauty and truth around her, no heavy emotion and no remorse. She'll cheer you up when you're down, brighten your life with her sparkling humour and will thoroughly enjoy sexual pleasure and hedonistic delights. Don't be a spoilsport or a worm, and if you can't find you way out of a paper bag then you're not her kind of man.

She’ll love you for ever if you are her mental equal and her physical mirror image. But remember, this girl can be led astray by beauty and by the idea of love. Like her male counterpart, she can fall in love with the affair before she

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knows who you are. She'll listen to your opinions about politics, point out her own, then with equal fairness spout everyone else's point of view. That's why getting close to her heart can take a long time. She talks a lot, and she talks for everyone.


How to Date Him

If there is anything this man loves, it is romance. He thrives on it actually.

Normally he is extroverted, but even if he is more introverted, his eyes give away his romantic nature. Second to his love of romance, he is concerned with principles and has some very strong opinions as to how a relationship should or should not be. The ritual of courtship is something he understands completely. In fact, it is in the midst of courtship that he seems to shine the most. It's when it moves into the stages of intimacy that he sometimes has a problem. This is because he is more idealistic than realistic and has a problem working on a relationship if it shows signs of conflict and disharmony.

He needs a person in his life who knows how to create a relationship rooted in harmony and equality. Never comfortable making all of the decisions, he is drawn to a mate who is decisive. His emotional extremes can be apparent at times, but he would much rather discuss them than be by himself. As a mate he is exceptionally good at listening to logic, but overly emotional displays are sure to unglue him.

A good start is to be gracious, friendly, light-hearted, lovely and delightful. He

desires a relationship that honors his need for perfect harmony, balance and equality in a relationship. Being beautifully groomed and feminine in appearance is always a plus, as he has a keen eye for aesthetics and enjoys all that is invested in the female image. One thing he is definitely not crazy about


abrasive, loud or overly aggressive types. So if you are doing the asking, do


in a very soft way.

He is a romantic and loves a companion who indulges him. Social events are always a pleasant arena, but so are candle light dinners for two. Ambiance counts. He wants to show you what a perfect gentleman he is, so let him. Libra men don't like vulgarity in any form. Dress tastefully, and do use your flower scented perfume. He loves women who dress up, wear jewelry, use makeup, and are happy being feminine. He is fascinated with fantasy, including sexual fantasy. Don't discuss your recent love life. Don't be argumentative, Libra males hate conflict. You can discuss your latest painting, the last book you

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read, or what your plans are for interior decorating. Libra males love cozy fires, and sensuous females near it. Fore play is a big high for Libra males.


How to Date Her Loving, sweet and full of life, this lady is a delightful package of enchanting charms. The main aspect of her character is her need to relate and communicate. Easily bored, she if often preoccupied with all kinds of activities, which tend to be more mental than physical. At times she can seem elusive, aloof or indecisive. This is simply a diversionary tactic she uses skillfully when she is weighing out both sides of any situation. Although she can be sweetly assertive if she needs to be, she is not one to be too aggressive. Impressionable, with a delicate nervous system, she tends to get drained when life gets too stressful. She needs a committed partner who can offer a strong shoulder to lean on when life gets chaotic. She values the good life and all the luxuries life has to offer, but she is willing to wait for the material goods as long as the relationship is high on the priority list. If relationships are secondary to your work, you may want to look elsewhere. She may not demand that you change, but it won't be long before the lovely butterfly of the Zodiac takes flight.

Be a "class act", and this woman will take notice. She is attracted to strong, intelligent, loving mates, who are bright and ambitious. Flirtatious by nature, she loves attention and usually gets it. Sometimes you may be left wondering if she is indeed serious about you, or it is just her way of being friendly. The fact is, she may be flirtatious, but if she accepts an offer for a date, you better believe she is interested. She takes this thing called love, seriously, so be prepared to fall in love or don't bother. They don't call her the Goddess of love, for nothing!

She likes elegance and beauty. Bring her flowers, cards and special little feminine gifts. She'll be thoughtful too. Although Libra women are the ultimate in fashion and femininity, they are big flirts. Flirt back with her, she loves little games. You can fall in love anytime you want to with her. She lights up when a man knows how to treat a lady. Be romantic and indulge her, as she knows how to make you feel better than you have in a long time. So don't hold back and be sure and show her just how wonderful you can be. A delightful conversationalist, she will keep you entertained and laughing the entire evening.

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Remember that nothing is more of a turn off to her than a person who insists on talking about dark subjects. The air will suddenly turn chilly if you subject her to gloomy and dismal subjects. She simply does not want to go there! Your car isn't as important, as how you treat her. She isn't the type to cheat on you, unless you forget about romance. Your occupation isn't that important but be sure to earn enough money to support her frequent shopping trips. When you propose to her, present her with your poetic love vows, and promise to hire a maid for her. Libra females love to be married!


Your Sexual side Librans are blessed with enormous charm and sexual charisma. Libra is a sensual and generous lover who has deep desire to satisfy and please their lover in bed. They are flirtatious by nature and masters in lovemaking. The Libran sexuality is the pursuit of pleasure. For Librans everything surrounding sex must be beautiful and harmonious.

Sights, sounds, smells, a romantic movie, candlelight dinner, music by the fireplace, exhibitionism, erotica, mirrored ceilings, massage oils, perfumes, colognes, sadomasochism etc. all arouse Libran senses as they make the creative pursuit of the pleasurable life an art form. They like to be spoiled with gifts and other sexual/romantic rituals. Their desirable partners must be agile, alert, aggressive, have a vivid fantasy life, be creative and imaginative, have a gift of gab and be sexually exciting.


How to Seduce What a stunner. Libras are often very attractive and equally sophisticated. They hate upsetting anyone and will be the first to back down in an argument. They can be exhibitionists but loveable all the same.

Libras are extremely romantic and have a lot of love to give. You need to drown your intended in love and affection - they want nothing more than your undying love. Libras see physical contact as the ultimate sign of attraction, so smooth that imaginary eyelash from their cheek, touch their arm as you talk and soon they’ll be all yours, to have and to hold.

Be kind and understanding, always let them know that you need their advice about something as that flatters their egos, show that you are interested in the

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arts, make sure you share a calm, relaxed life and pamper your Libran lover in every way possible.

The more a Libra shares their innermost thoughts, the happier he or she is. As they begin to return your compliments and confess their secrets, you'll realise just how hooked your Libra lover is.

Libras love to cuddle. They are happiest when they’re snuggled up to that special someone. Cook them a candlelit meal and then sink into the sofa to watch their favourite film.


Devil in You Some people born under this sign tend to be rather insincere. So eager are they to achieve harmony in all relationships that they will even go so far as to lie. Many of them are escapists. They find facing the truth an ordeal and prefer living in a world of make-believe.

In a serious argument, some Libras give in rather easily even when they know they are right. Arguing, even about something they believe in, is too unsettling for some of them.

Libras sometimes care too much for material things. They enjoy possessions and luxuries. Some are vain and tend to be jealous.


luxuries. Some are vain and tend to be jealous. x--------x October 23 - November 21 Know

October 23 - November 21

and tend to be jealous. x--------x October 23 - November 21 Know ur Gal Friend Whether
and tend to be jealous. x--------x October 23 - November 21 Know ur Gal Friend Whether

Know ur Gal Friend Whether striking or self-effacing, plain or ravishingly beautiful, the one adjective, which best suits, a Scorpio woman is seductive. To the Scorpio woman sex is as natural as breathing. It's a psychology deeply rooted in her being. Her sexuality permeates the atmosphere around her and accounts for a great deal of her attachments.

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When a Scorpio woman is emotionally involved, nothing is simple and a great deal can become convoluted overnight. By nature, the Scorpio woman is shrewd and intuitive. However, once she has been in the bedroom too long, her brain does not serve her well.

Essentially, Scorpio women are all or nothing in their emotional response and have a tendency to become galvanized by powerful attractions that are highly problematic.

It is not terribly uncommon to see an awesomely attractively woman in this sign attached to a man who should not be let out in public. However, usually the couple does not go out in public. Quite often he doesn't even bother to call. The fact that they get together most likely has to do with her patience, positive thinking and exclusive obsessive-compulsive preoccupation. When a Scorpio woman is obsessed, she is inclined to give all - reason, emotion, energy, inventiveness - to receive less in return. In her mind, she is being fulfilled to the depths of her body's intelligence.

The ego drive- which can include the desire to seduce and conquer - can be very strong in the Scorpio female. This is a sign that is particularly vulnerable to the presentation and trappings of power. There is often a sense of exaltation that comes from tasting power firsthand and through significant others. At times power can become a priority over more compassionate considerations. The drive toward it can become a compulsion that diminishes personal happiness in time.

In the Scorpio woman there is either a need for power and dominance or a need to attach to a man of power - and sometimes both.

The struggle for power can be such a passion in the Scorpio woman's personality that it dominates and dictates the tone and guidelines of every relationship. When so driven, Scorpio women can be consuming - to both themselves and others. Yet at the same time, they cannot simply pull the plug on their emotions.

Scorpio can be a cold, ruthless sign when seeking control. When a Scorpio woman is betrayed, or sometimes ignored, a slow, burning ferocity is born that can be merciless. This need for control can be so deep within the personality that she may avoid relationships altogether. Although Scorpio is commonly considered the sign of sex, it is not uncommon to see Scorpio women who completely withdraw from sexual relationships until they feel a deeper sense of

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control. To reiterate, sex to a Scorpio is deeply psychological. It is always the attitude about themselves in relation to the partner which constitutes the strength of the passion.


Know ur Boy Friend Apart from a snake or a hypnotist, a Scorpio man has the best chance of fixing his penetrating eyes upon the one he loves or lusts and capturing her. No matter how hard you resist if he gets it in head to seduce you, this man will hypnotize you.

Like any insect, the Scorpio male has the ability to rattle and repel. You can meet him at the standard office party and find him offensive and unnerving, disagree with him about every subject under the sun, but he'll have you, and there's nothing you can do about it!

To him sex and love are the whole meaning of life and the answer to every emotion. His attraction to women is motivated by his obsession for finding the truth and often he falls prey to his own intentions by a touch too much promiscuity. The trouble is Scorpios actually need long-term and stable relationships. But the man is dangerous if you are on his hit-list. He'll pursue you secretively at first. If you find you are the chosen one he can also take over your whole existence.

His jealousy is intense. He lives and breathes every emotion, and with it love. He'll surprise you with spicy and secretly rendezvous. In bed he'll be the connoisseur of all things sexual and emotional. He will want sex to be a symbolic esoteric experience that sometimes falls close to obsession. Sex is big business to him and he can justifiably prove it with his reputation of a discreet but highly dangerous lover. But he has incredibly high standards and you must be spotless, almost virginal. The Scorpio male wants all or nothing and the longer your mystery is prolonged the more intense the turn-on he gets.

You have to be emotionally and mentally strong to have a relationship with this man. If you think you can handle him, can bear the shock when his eyes start to penetrate another victim's heart across the room, beware! This man is powerful.


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How to Date Her Sizzling with magnetic power, this lady is more than a handful. Highly intuitive, her penetrating eyes (always a clue to the Scorpio) seem to look right through to your core. Mysterious and secretive by nature, she is never an open book. Getting to know her takes time, and not everyone gets that chance. She is attracted to people who are productive, determined and confident. If she likes you, its evident, and if she doesn't you better move out of her way. She won't

necessarily be rude, she just won't give you the time of day. Her life is normally

a life of transformation and change, but her focus is invariably steady. This is

not a women who takes anything lightly, so make sure you are ready for a deep intense relationship - one that offers a lot of intimacy and depth. She won't settle for less.

If possible, let the energy between you build before making a move. She loves

the dance of love, and will be intrigued with anyone who knows how to start the dance slowly. If she is one of the more introverted Scorpio's, she may be cautious at first. However, if there is indeed chemistry between you, it won't be

long before she will focus her attention on you!

First impressions count with this gal, but more than anything she longs for a companion with emotional depth. However, don't spill your guts on the first date, as she does like a person who is somewhat mysterious. What you do for

entertainment on your date is not as important as the quality of the time spent with each other. Her sexual nature is sophisticated and very real, so when the time is right, you will both know it. Whether it is the first date, or not, makes very little difference if the feeling is right. However, if you take this step, make sure the feeling is mutual. This lady does not respond well to a "love them and leave" mentality and can prove to be a difficult enemy if betrayed in that way.

A fatal mistake is to anger a Scorpio female. Scorpio women will get you! She

has a passionate nature and can have more than one love interest.


How to Date Him Magnetic, intense and motivated toward finding out all there is to know about life, this man is not one to fool around with unless you are ready for a relationship that is all encompassing. He is intuitive, but he rarely lets you know

this up front. He is naturally secretive and very difficult to read, but he respects

a person who is adept at reading between the lines. He lacks a basic trust in

people, so direct, honest, no frills communication with this man is imperative.

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His tolerance level for anything less than the truth is minimal. Remember that very little escapes this "detective of the Zodiac", and he is an expert at flushing out any skeletons in your closet. Scorpio can be extremely jealous and controlling by nature , so if you are a flirtatious by nature, you may want to rethink this coupling.

He is attracted to people who are passionate about life, but not too sweet or syrupy. A sensual person will always attract his attention, but if a sharp mind is not part of the package, he will not be impressed for long. He dislikes anything that feels like manipulation. At the same time, he prefers being discreet in all his dealings, so if this is a work- related romance, make sure you keep your advances subtle in the company of others.

If your style is to wear over- sized bulky clothing, you might want to consider something a bit more feminine and sophisticated for your first date. He usually responds well to a women who enjoys her femininity. Exotic foods and an imaginative conversation is always going to leave him with a good taste in his mouth, but don't pry too much into his personal life for starters.

He does not care what you do for an occupation, nor your financial status. Scorpio males want to control you to conform to their ideas of living. So, if you aren't strong in your own identity, then you will lose him. Scorpio males like the challenge of ownership. They love you most when they can't have complete control over you. His reputation for being sexy is not a myth; but he prides himself on his control. Let him practice this "control" and he will find you even more intriguing.


Your Sexual side Scorpio is a water sign. It is the most sexual of all the zodiac sign. Most Scorpios have a smoldering sex appeal. They are sexually highly volatile and volcanic. Their sexual appetite is insatiable. Powerfully libidinous and intensely sexy, they ignore taboos. Scorpios are intense and polarized about everything in their lives including sex. Scorpions see sex as an opportunity to explore the mystical depths of emotion.

Scorpios are inquisitive, experimental and they use sexual props to saturate the environment with eroticism. Their sexuality can be described in two words, variation and power. Scorpios desire a varied sex life. However much they enjoy sex they use it as a potent weapon for domination and survival. Most of

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the time it is the Scorpio who is in charge of the sexual relationship. The more aroused a Scorpio is, the more uninhibited and dominant they become. Sexually they become totally involved, uninhibited and intensely orgasmic. They are highly sexual but have some hidden agenda. Scorpio lover can use sex to manipulate and overcome their partner.


How to Seduce It’s not the taking part that counts, it’s the winning. Scorpios are highly competitive and will accept any challenge without a second thought. They were probably the class clown too, the one who co-ordinated the pranks on April Fool’s day. They spend a lot of their time eating and drinking.

Scorpios also have a rather mysterious side and can be control freak so let him or her make the final call on plans. They love the company of enthusiastic, imaginative and sensitive people so transform yourself into that eager, creative and understanding being you always knew you were.

Look sexy at all times, be prepared to discuss sexual things that turn you on the most, keep your body in shape as they will want to see a lot of it and learn to be a night person as Scorpio comes even more alive then.

The basic dinner and a film combo date is out. This is far too obvious and overdone for a Scorpio. Accompany them to their yoga classes or take up stargazing. However, they excel at board games that stimulate their competitive streak. A game of Cluedo will also allow them to demonstrate their uncanny ability to find out things about other people.


Devil in You The Scorpio person is sometimes hypersensitive. Often he imagines injury when there is none. He feels that others do not bother to recognize him for his true worth. Sometimes he is given to excessive boasting in order to compensate for what he feels is neglect.

Scorpio can be proud, arrogant, and competitive. They can be sly when they put their minds to it and they enjoy outwitting persons or institutions noted for their cleverness.

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Their tactics for getting what they want are sometimes devious and ruthless. They don't care too much about what others may think. If they feel others have done them an injustice, they will do their best to seek revenge. The Scorpion often has a sudden, violent temper; and this person's interest in sex is sometimes quite unbalanced or excessive.


sex is sometimes quite unbalanced or excessive. x--------x November 22- December 21 Know ur Boy Friend

November 22- December 21

unbalanced or excessive. x--------x November 22- December 21 Know ur Boy Friend The Archer is born
unbalanced or excessive. x--------x November 22- December 21 Know ur Boy Friend The Archer is born

Know ur Boy Friend The Archer is born humane, bold and voracious. It seems that he has the spirit and the morals of an Angel, but watch out, the legendary bowman is more likely to have the soul of a gambler and the morals of a sexual extortionist. With unnerving blind faith and the optimism this happy-go-lucky man wins his way through life and relationships like a trail of fiery stars. His honest and blunt admission for loving women make him the sort of guy that other men hate and women adore.

He's honest and open about himself, doesn't pretend to be something that he's not, and certainly lets you know if he's had enough of your company. He flirts easily, is really everybody's friend and is lighthearted and easy about life and women.

He often looks for adventure, sexual or otherwise, as long as he can maintain his spirit. That is why Sagittarians often resort to casual relationships to make sure there is nothing to stop their capricious wanderings. Meeting challenges head-on is the way the Archer travels through life and love. He responds to the thrill of the chase, of a woman who is hard to pick up. But he is idealistic and if you live up to his high standards he has the uncanny ability to know exactly how things are going to work out with you. If he actually agrees to make an arrangement to meet you the following week and the stars are in his eyes as well as yours, you might think you had instigated the wonderful moment. But Sagittarians have this knack of making you think big, and sharing their expansive nature.

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Like the other Fire signs, Sagittarians need outdoor activities and an extrovert lifestyle. If you can keep up with his active and quite fast-paced life he might consider you to be the pal he's looking for. Sex isn't everything to a Sagittarian, he needs someone to play mental and physical games too. He needs and inventive sex life, and his moods can range from passionate and fiery to warm and playful. Sex is fun, not a deep emotional experience.

So don't ever get soppy about him, he really doesn't like the kind of woman who hangs around like a lost doll, or who hasn't a life of her own. This man needs someone who is never possessive and rarely jealous, though on occasions he can be.

Watch out for the hailstones though, the Sagittarian can flash in and out of your life like a magnetic storm to avoid those rain-clouds of commitment. But if he's convinced you're as free and easy, as unemotional and as unpossessive as he is, then maybe he'll forget about his unreliable and irresponsible attitude to life, and settle for permanent free love. That paradox is what he really wants.


Know ur Gal Friend The outspoken sagittarian woman will insist on letting you know if you don't match up to her ideal, and she'll also pull your ideas apart with frank and brutal honesty which, to the uninitiated, can be a cultural shock. She lives independently and is always happier if her freedom isn't curtailed. Her honesty is genuine but it can sometimes cut through your heart like a butter knife, particularly as she's one of the most vivacious, amusing and popular females.

She prefers the company of men in any social setting and openly flirts in a rather innocent and childlike way. She has no need for emotional depth to her relationships and prefers the surface attractions, the moles and wrinkles of appearances, rather than the viscera of human emotion. Friendship and companionship are more important than close emotional ties, and often- platonic relationships with men and keeping friendly with ex-lovers is the easiest way to maintain her freedom and ensure an easy-going existence.

She can be so frank, that discussing her ex-boyfriends' intimate inclinations can sound like boasting to your ear, when she was only just letting you know how absurd she finds the whole sexual game. She doesn't mean to hurt anyone, never means to upset or put down a friend, and will end up confused and embarrassed by her own big mouth.

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To be so confident, to be so sure that a relationship will work as long as she has her freedom, is a bonus to any partnership. Communicating inner emotions and deeper tensions is not part of her vocabulary and that's why she often confuses love with casual friendship. Sex is also not to be confused with love, and she can have a strong physical relationship with a man and just be good friends.

If she's kept you up all night at a dinner-party, played the life and soul, flirted with your dad, and hardly noticed your jealousy, don't expect her to apologize. Her mind is set, and her morals are high, but she does like to have fun, her own way. If you want her to do anything, always ask nicely, never order her or tell her. She won't be bossed, in public or in private, or in bed. Don't trap this incurable romantic. Don't question her and you'll find her free love is all for you.


How to Date Him This guy is as active as they get! If he isn't physically moving in a thousand directions, he is mentally. He wants life to be filled with challenges, accented with plenty of heart warming experiences. A true lover of life, he is often depicted as the perpetual teenager of the zodiac. This does not automatically mean he is immature, but it does mean he maintains a youthful exuberance and enthusiasm in all that he does. A boyish bravado is often noticeable too,

but he doesn't really take himself all that seriously. What he does take seriously is his freedom of thought, word and action. Sometimes known to scatter his energies, he can appear to be irresponsible at times. What he needs is a lofty, but realistic goal to center him. He responds well to people who duplicate his thirst for life, and are willing to chase after greener pastures. Remember this man is a moving target, but if you do manage to win his heart and soul, make

sure you give him room to stretch

boredom, as this relationship promises instant mind expansion in a multitude of


One thing for certain, you will never know

This is one man who relishes a spirited "sporting" game of love, so once he is intrigued, he will go the extra mile to impress you. Let him. A great sense of humor coupled with a playful and fun personality will get his attention, but keeping him at arms distance for a while is highly recommended. If he is interested, you can stand back and watch the sparks fly when he sharpens his bow and arrow to capture you.

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Sagittarians loves to communicate- so give him plenty of opportunity to display this side of him. He enjoys an intelligent companion, but he is less than thrilled if he can't get a word in edge-wise. Philosophical discussions, with splashes of humor, always keep him attentive. The man lives to expand his mind, and yes, romance can fit in that category. He likes talkative women and female jocks. He wants a buddy to join him in his pursuits.

Sagittarius males like their comfort and the wide open spaces and places, and freedom with their women. Make no mistake about it, he does love women, all of them. When your Sagittarian's heart goes out to you, he won't know what to do about it, because he didn't expect to fall in love. Lusty and affectionate by nature, sex is a pleasurable sport to him. He rarely thinks less of a person if they see it the same way either, but it is good to know that sex alone is not what snatches his heart.


How to Date Her Spirited, lively and straight forward, this lady is generally ready for almost anything in a moments notice, especially if it means it is a new adventure. She thrives on expanding her spiritual, physical, emotional and mental consciousness, and rarely stops to contemplate her next move. If she is a true to her nature, she will love the great outdoors and have no problem keeping up with the boys in sport- related activities. If she doesn't fit that mold, then you can be rest assured she likes traveling and anything that opens the gateway to new horizons. Basically very optimistic, she is always ready to give you a pep talk if you need it. It may not be smothered in honey, as she tends to say exactly what is on her mind, but it's sincerely honest. In return, she is attracted to people who are honest, open minded, non-judgmental and independent. If you want a partner with a sense of humor and a high -minded philosophy to match it, you need not look any further. This is a lady who won't try and clip your wings, but you better not even attempt to clip hers either.

Sagittarius women can be ready for a date on a moments notice. Make her laugh. You also get big points if you are kind, considerate and generous. Don't be afraid to let her know she is admired either. She isn't usually one to demand constant attention, but she laps it up like a hungry puppy if it offered. One thing for sure, she is not attracted to people who are unbending, or worse yet, smothering and possessive. Anything resembling restriction will cause her to trot away in the opposite direction. If your idea of a perfect lifestyle is a scheduled routine - with little interest in unplanned changes - you better not

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start something that won't have a happy ending. However, it probably would be the best mistake you ever made.

She is an easy person to be with and not very particular as to where you go on the first date, but take a wide birth around taking her anywhere that is too stiff or conservative. Exotic flavors and warm inviting environments, peppered with diverse uplifting conversation will always please her. If she is the "sporty type" watch her eyes light up, if you invite her to go on a nature walk. Provide a picnic for two and let nature provide the ambiance. Not one to hold back her passions if she is so inclined, she will not shy away from honest affection. You can win her heart with variety in your lovemaking. Show her you want to be a companion in all of her zany schemes. For her sex is an experience worth risking if she finds a partner who mirrors her high minded values and dedication to being forthright and open.


Your Sexual side Freedom-loving Sagittarius is a natural philanderer who hates to be tied down for too long. Ever impetuous Sagittarians are full of passion and loves to explore. They can be boldly passionate and full of fun. Sagittarius is not shy and they trumpet their adventurous sexuality loudly and openly. They are wild, passionate and adventurous in lovemaking. A sexual adventure in the woods, an isolated barn or empty ski lift stimulates and excites Sagittarians.

Sagittarius is not coy. They don't enjoy playing "go away, come closer" games. They know whom they want and the signals will be clear. They also appreciate directness from their partners. For Sagittarians sex is a celebration and they bring to each encounter the appetite and anticipation of a feast. Sexual relationship with one partner for long bores them and they get this urge to move. Sex is great but in fact like sports or a game where they must perform to win.


How to Seduce Sagittarians know everybody. They can’t walk down the street without bumping into someone at every corner. They find it difficult to complete tasks and be it a project, a jigsaw or a book - they’ll often abandon it before completion.

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Those born under Sagittarius want to see sparks fly. They want to look at you and think ‘wow’. They love instant attraction. However, they also like to be kept guessing and hate to be too tied down so keep them guessing and they’ll eventually come crawling. Remember, routine is for robots.

Show you can play friend as well as lover with equal ease, always show the positive side of your personality as it's the one Sagittarians like to see, show you can be just as energetic as they are, make sure you have a great sense of humour and make sure you like adventures too.

Your Sagittarius is for keeps when they actually stick around until the end of the night - or the next morning! When the loo no longer transforms itself into something from a magician’s disappearing act, they’re yours.

If they seem a bit flustered, develop a stutter or become prone to the blushes, you can be sure they’re under your spell.

Sagittarians love speed and travel. There are plenty of activities out there that’ll make sure they’ll experience something never to be forgotten they won’t be forgetting you in a hurry either. There’s rally driving, quad bikes and go- karting to name but a few.


Devil in You Some Sagittarius are restless. They take foolish risks and seldom learn from the mistakes they make. They don't have heads for money and are often mismanaging their finances. Some of them devote much of their time to gambling.

Some are too outspoken and tactless, always putting their feet in their mouths. They hurt others carelessly by being honest at the wrong time. Sometimes they make promises which they don't keep. They don't stick close enough to their plans and go from one failure to another. They are undisciplined and waste a lot of energy.


They are undisciplined and waste a lot of energy. x--------x December 22-

December 22-

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January 19

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Know ur Boy Friend On the surface this man may be a hard-faced, apparently bloody-minded hard- liner, but somewhere underneath it all you might find some true warmth and a consistently easy-going nature.

Capricorns are often conventional and rarely let themselves slip into any gear other than the one they have selected. In relationships with women they need to be in control. In the wild abandon of infatuation his feelings and emotions are held from the cliff of freedom. He will be in charge of his destiny and yours, if you so much as show any inkling of desire for him.

He admires women who can persuade him out of his stuffy Goat ways. But he also like women who are ambitious for him too. Can this bedrock of society really rock the sexual and emotional bed? A few women can release him from his rope of cold love. His inner nature often mellows as he ages, and oddly enough the paradox of this man is that as he gets older and more conventional he will also let go of any sexual inhibitions and allow spontaneous "feelings" to enter his heart.

He often gets involved with women just for financial or career advancement. You'll often meet rich and successful females who have been taken advantage of by a Capricorn man. The funny thing is that a Capricorn can digest all the flack you might throw at him for using you.

The Capricorn man is shatterproof and biodegradable. Once he's decided you're the partner for his tenacious way of life, then he'll want to run you as smoothly as his business.

He can seem cold and passionless, restrained and indelicate in sexual communication. He is awfully possessive and it's very hard to change his opinions. But he has a dry and witty sense of humour and there's always that twinge of inner warmth to draw out. He's not dull, but his approach to sex can be as disciplined and as ambitious as his approach to work. There is a closet romantic in his heart trying desperately to get out, and he needs a wise woman

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to open the door for him. As long as your relationship is within the boundaries of his own white lines, and he is in control, you'll find the most loyal and reliable partner behind those wardrobe doors.


Know ur Gal Friend Don't ever expect a romantic encounter with this woman to last very long. She'll have all those graceful, feminine wiles, make all those suggestive noises about a full-scale affair, but the kissing and the intimation and the candlelit dinners will last only as long as she wants them to. And that is often shorter than you'd imagined!

Capricorn lady is always ambitious and she knows what she wants. If she wants you, she'll look beyond the romantic aspect of love for something more stable, more gutsy and more to do with a business arrangement than an emotional one.

She is often power-mad, whether it's in the office, or in a relationship. There's no point floundering around in bed making wild romantic promises, and sharing ideals when you can go for the real thing. A commitment, a permanent relationship. She doesn't relax in love easily and has a cool approach to sex and emotions. But if you give her the lead she can be intensely passionate and will gradually lose her shyness once she's known you a long time. She has to control the affair her own way, but don't let her fool you into thinking her calm and bossy approach is the only backbone to her heart and her head. Her feathers are easily ruffled and, although she doesn't live in the twilight zone of feelings, she can get jealous and brood quite easily, and sulk if she feels slighted or betrayed.

She needs to know exactly where she's going in life and with you. Self-imposed discipline makes her sometimes pessimistic. Capricorn girls find intimate relationships difficult to handle unless they are really in charge, and that's why they make excellent partners or wives, but not very wonderful lovers.

The Capricornlady needs her home and her mountain to climb. If she is sure you are worth pursuing she'll also ensure that she is ambitious for you too. A lot of Capricorn ladies are the true reason behind a man's career success! If you can let her take the lead through the chaos of emotion, not burden her with demanding encounters and weak-willed indecision, then she'll stay at the top of the one mountain she yearns to climb with you, called, love.

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How to Date Him

Responsible, disciplined and teaming with integrity, this man is rarely anything but a gentleman. He may not be the white -collar edition, but even in jeans and

a sweatshirt, he reeks of principle. There are exceptions to this rule, but they

are few and far between. Some Capricorn's appear to be rather stiff and rigid, but it's mostly a front. More than anything they are just keenly aware of the social rules and regulations of life, and prefer to pay strict attention to them. If you can get them to relax, they will love you forever, but this is not something that comes naturally to them. They have the reputation for being the workaholics of the zodiac, but this does not always mean they work swiftly. They tend to move deliberately, but methodically through life - seeing it as a process that has to be learned. Born with an old soul, they seem to grow younger in spirit in their later years. They are not always clearly ambitious, but once you get to know them you will not be surprised to find they have some well defined goals. If you want a man who believes in commitment and is distinctly protective, this is the man that can provide it. He may be slow to walk

down the aisle, but once he commits, you have a man who takes relationships seriously.

A conservative approach is best with this man. Abrasive or flighty types don't

stand a chance with him, but his interest is often peaked if a person is sincere,

gentle and dignified. He possesses an enormous amount of sensual and warm

passion underneath his cool reserve, but it often takes time to emerge. He needs a lover who can help him learn how to relax and take the weight of the

world off of his shoulders


Dress in style, but be sure you show some cleavage. Still waters run deep with Capricorn males. Your first dates will seem like business meetings, but eventually you will get to know him.Let him decide what you are going to do. This is not a man who is comfortable letting anyone else set the pace. Compliment him on his achievements and he will open up to you. By nature he

is commanding and the social "rituals" of courtship are important to him.

Don't be an airhead or aimless. He appreciates a hard working woman, whom he can consider an equal. He does not know how to play, so you will have to lighten him up with your humorous antics and fun loving side. If you are independent and rebellious by nature, so be it, but this is not going to be the person who is going to admire these qualities in you. He is not against strong individuals, in fact he admires them, but if you use your strength to try and

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manipulate him, be prepared for uncomfortable moments. Solid values and self respect are a big issues with him. He may not admit this when his earthy passions surface, but know it to be true and take your time with him.


How to Date Her Serious-minded, practical and goal- orientated, this lady is determined to get ahead in life. "Getting ahead" doesn't always mean a life of frivolous luxury, but

it definitely means she wants to maintain a sense of internal and external

security. Quietly ambitious, she often has solid work ethics and expects nothing

but the same in anyone she redeems valuable. Not afraid to be alone, she is not apt to jump into any relationship without long- term character surveillance. She may lack spontaneity and frown on risk taking, but her boundless patience and persistent loyalty makes her a prize possession. If you are looking for a dedicated mate with he feet firmly planted on the ground, this lady could be the one.

Not one to let just anyone into her private world, it is best to concentrate on making her a friend first. She is attracted to people who are strong and confident, but display virtues of sensitivity and sincerity. Often times she does not easily express her softer side, but underneath her well- preserved facade, she is full of depth and sensual passion. It takes a special person to unleash her passions, but if you are not afraid to be put to the test, move forward with determination.

A conventional date is your best bet. Dress in your designer clothes, and be

impeccable. Pinstripes and subtle scents arouse her. A good meal in a nice atmosphere is always relaxing for her. If she is an introverted Capricorn, she may not be inept at keeping the conversation going at all times, but interestingly enough, she is also not uncomfortable with moments of silence.

Be successful at whatever you are undertaking. Let her know about it. She loves expensive presents with thought behind them. Immediate familiarity or spectacles of affection in public, do little to impress her. She may seem cold emotionally, but don't be fooled. She has those sexual infernos, looking for a release! She does not trust men entirely, so don't give her the bums rush, or you will be part of the homeless.


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Your Sexual side Capricorns' sexuality is a deep, enduring and intense bonding force. Capricorns sexual nature is as powerful as their earthy aspirations. Sexual intimacy and expression has to be developed over a period of time. They have a very serious and aloof attitude hence they miss out the fun in sex. To most of them love and sex go together and are meant to last a lifetime. Capricorns are not usually publicly affectionate yet they are privately passionate.

Capricorns like to be mentally stimulated by their partners and this will turn them on quickly indeed. Capricorns may go through alternating phases of sexual passivity and animal lust. In their passive phase they may choose to go without sex but at other times they may have so many suitors and lovers that they can barely keep up. Capricorns want a partner who is responsive and responsible with old-fashioned values.


How to Seduce A bit of a workaholic is the Capricorn. Not one for big social events, they much prefer the home life, however, they are bound to have at least one hobby, which they are absolutely fanatical about.

Capricorns take romantic encounters as seriously as the board meetings. To pull, you must prepare as if you are attending a job interview. Dress smart, be punctual, know as much about them as possible and be dedicated.

Develop a really witty sense of humor - it can melt the coldest Capricorn's heart, always be serious about serious things, accept the fact that their career's usually comes first, be prepared to play the waiting game, learn how to give a good massage that will help your Capricorn dream lover unwind at the end of a long day, try to have the same sort of background as your Capricorn dream lover and always remember that appearances are everything to Capricorn who can be something of a snob.

Once you’re in, you’re in. First impressions count and if you get the job, they’ll expect you to make them proud. Things are really hotting up when the start splashing the cash.

This sign of the zodiac is one that has to be impressed. Forget the taxi, book a limo, forget the plane, it’s Concorde or nothing. If they’re into flowering arranging - make sure you know your chrysanthemums from your carnations

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and buy them a bouquet if they’re into fishing - learn to love those maggots and buy them the latest high-tech rod.


Devil in You Like everyone, Capricorn, too, has faults. At times, the Goat can be overcritical of others. He expects others to live up to his own high standards. He thinks highly of himself and tends to look down on others.

His interest in material things may be exaggerated. The Capricorn man or woman thinks too much about getting on in the world and having something to show for it. He may even be a little greedy.

He sometimes thinks he knows what's best for everyone. He is too bossy. He is always trying to organize and correct others. He may be a little narrow in his thinking.


He may be a little narrow in his thinking. x--------x January 20- February 18 Know ur

January 20-

February 18

narrow in his thinking. x--------x January 20- February 18 Know ur Boy Friend Aquarius man is
narrow in his thinking. x--------x January 20- February 18 Know ur Boy Friend Aquarius man is

Know ur Boy Friend Aquarius man is an unconventional and eccentric freedom lover, and yet wants to be everyone's friend and stick to his own quite rigid lifestyle. Aquarian men set out to find as many friends as they possibly can, rather than worry about love and sex. Love and sex are valid, and part of life, but they aren't the be-all of existence for this fixed Air sign. As long as the Water-Bearer sees change and progress in others, or in the world around him, then he is blissfully happy. He does not particularly pursue or encourage it in himself.

He's an oddball, a weirdo, often the man you meet at the office disco who doesn't drink and doesn't dance but smokes a pipe and looks like an anarchist. He might also be that man on the commuter train you see every morning who gazes at you with alien eyes and has an aloof and rather cold appearance. He's actually silently working you out, because Aquarians enjoy scientific investigation of the human psyche!

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His feelings about women can be as cranky as his habits, but there is one thing he will always do first before he makes any move to attempt a relationship:

convince himself that you are strong enough to cope with his inquisitive and probing mind.

He feels it's his right to know everything about the woman of his choice, and the deeper the mystery you stir, the longer you remain an enigma, the more likely he'll want to nose-dive into your secrets.

The secret of the universe, your sexual appetite, you name it, the Aquarian will unravel the truth to expose the answers. Sex is no less, no more, important than any other facet of his active life, and if you're happy to consider sex and love as part of your life too, then you'll stand a better chance of a long-term relationship with this man and all his friends.

Love is impersonal to an Aquarian. He takes it and hands it round with the same degree of feeling to everyone. Don't ever think that you are special. You can be part of his life, but never to the exclusion of others. Being friends is more important than being lovers. This is how he will choose a soul-mate; sex comes second to this Air sign who lives in his head and rarely in his heart.

He enjoy sex but as for other Air signs it's fun, a mental experience, not emotional, and definitely not soppy. Aquarius is an abstract lover who will blow cold rather than hot.


Know ur Gal Friend Possessions and possessiveness are not something an Aquarian woman will even consider in her emotional or sexual relationships, particularly from her partner. Her unpredictable and unconventional approach to life is formulated from a stubborn need to be awkward for the sake of it.

She needs mental relationship, companionship, and above all, friendship with a man: someone she can talk to all night and all day, who will stand by her, be loyal and genuine and caring about humanity as well as about the individual long before she'll even consider him as a possible mate in bed or in the home. Aquarian women often live alone better than with a partner and spend a good deal of their lives independently succeeding in careers rather than in motherhood.

Her emotional detachment keeps her free from forming too intense and

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personal relationships. It gives her an open lifestyle, the chance to encounter as many friends as she possibly can. If you can be her friend and not attempt to own her or try to change her and accept that you have to share her with the world as she shares you with the world, then you may have found a soul-mate. Her apparent lack of passion can be frustrating, but her loyalty is impeccable and her stability is supportive.

She enjoys sex and physical contact as a pleasurable and warm activity between friends, but she won't ever let you get soppy or slushy. If you do she'll think you're weak and pathetic and she needs a tower of strength in her bed, not a fragile sandcastle. She can take sex or leave it.

The essence of an Aquarian girl's love is based on her need to force herself to be different, to be an eccentric. She will, of course, have delved into your mind, wriggled out your intentions, and scanned you with an emotional barium meal to check out if you're worthy of closer inspection. But if friendship isn't in your heart, then love and sex won't be in hers.


How to Date Him Even if he is not scholastically an achiever, he has a high IQ. It's rare to find an Aquarius that is not street wise, and even rarer to find one that is not a book worm. He often has the appearance of being a lost child in a grocery store, but don't let that fool you. He is not lost, he is just so preoccupied with his quest for knowledge that he sometimes gets overwhelmed. Often times he even looks eccentric, but the less extroverted types keep their eccentric side under conservative wraps. Whatever the case, it never takes very long to discover that this guy cares little about dancing to the same beat as everyone else. This does not mean he does not care about his fellow man, because part of his charm is that he cares deeply about other people. If romantic expression and softly spoken words of love are music to you ears, you better not attempt this union. He needs a person who is confident enough to know that he cares without a lot of melodramatic lip service. Once in love, he is dedicated, loyal and always sincere in his affection. One thing you can count on, he will always be there for you -even if you do have to make a loud screeching sound once in awhile.

The best way to get his attention is to think as much about others as yourself. He has very little interest in people who are self- absorbed or obsessively emotional. What he does like is someone who is passionate and idealistic about

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life. If you have a pet "cause", he is the first person to listen and respond. A reformer at heart, he is always ready to give a helping hand to anyone in need.

Don't expect this man to be too imaginative when it comes to traditional courtship, but this doesn't mean you can't be. In fact, it would be a plus. This man loves the element of surprise, even if it means diving into unknown territory. If you can be the one to show him something new, he is going to be intrigued right away. Although he can have opinions as solid as rock candy, he is seldom judgmental when it comes to your personal belief system. He may not agree, but he will usually listen.

Social gatherings are a worthy bet for the first date, but if you really want to get to know this man, then opt for a more personal date. Have a deep purpose or goal in life and he will be attracted to your dreams. His first romantic advances could border on being awkward. Once he relaxes though, his fertile mind has no limits. Do remember that friendship is high on his list of priorities, so becoming his friend before immediate intimacy is recommended.


How to Date Her Distinctly intelligent, independent and often times very unconventional, this woman is full of unexpected surprises. If you admire a person who speaks their mind, doesn't cater to rules, and has a heart beat for the underdog, take the time to get to know her. To know her is to know someone who is very unusual. If she is compulsive about anything, it is her need to keep experiencing all that the world has to offer. She is drawn to people who are bright, witty, self assured, non-judgmental and progressive. Since she possesses these attributes, she often times will attract an opposite type just so she can experience another perspective. This is a sad misplacement of her affection, as she is happier in the long run with someone who reflects her high-minded ideals. If intellectual equality and a genuine friendship is what you yearn for in a relationship, this woman can easily fit that role. However, if you are looking for someone to mend your socks, mind her ways and simply take care of the domestic arena, pass this one by.

She loves people. If you fall into that category, you have a good chance of getting to know her. She is never one to judge anyone by first impressions, as she is just too worldly for that. She knows instinctively that people are complex and enjoys the process of finding out what makes them tick. Be innovative and come up with an interesting topic of conversation and she will usually join in

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without much encouragement. An honest and forward approach rarely turns her off, as she respects a person who is straightforward.

A rebel at heart, she completely enjoys anything that promises a thrill. Unconventional and off-the-beaten-track "dives" with a diverse and interesting crowd can be just the right place to go. She is a people- person, so invite her to join you and a group of your friends. Feel free to discuss anything and everything. She is an intelligent listener, and will have some bizarre insight of her own. She won't be ready to jump in the sack on the first date, she has to get to know you. Don't tell her you are in love with her too soon. You will know when she has taken a strong liking to you. That is when your Aquarius female will invite you to her abode. Sexual expression is not usually an area she finds difficult, but in the emotional arena she is a bit more detached. If you want a lasting relationship with her, start by making her your best friend.


Your Sexual side Aquarians, due to their innate sense of curiosity and their experimental attitudes, have a tendency to explore all avenues of sexual enjoyment. The brain is the most potent sexual organ to Aquarians. They use their imaginations to extract hidden urges and fantasies.

Sex with Aquarius lover can be wild and totally unpredictable. A keyword to describe Aquarian sexuality is liberation. The freedom to innovate, explore and experiment sexually is intoxicating to Aquarians. Their unpredictability is also part and parcel of their sexuality. They not only want to possess your body but also want to know what is going on in your mind.

Sex is pure lust and better if no emotional involvement is there. Explosive instant physical gratification works best for them. Being an airy sign they are imaginative and experimental in lovemaking. There is no thumb rule to judge sexuality of an Aquarius because they can be passionate and can also be aloof. Sexual intimacy can be a problem for Aquarians and they do not ask for much affection, love or intimacy in return - they are usually quite aloof, cool, detached and unemotional.


How to Seduce Wherever there’s music, there’s an Aquarian. If it’s an exceptionally tidy house,

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it’s the house of an Aquarian. And, they’ll always be the first to consult their stars in the morning newspaper.

The way to an Aquarians’ heart is through their brain. If you want to seduce an Aquarian make sure you have plenty of interesting things to talk about, remember this sign is devoted to causes of all kinds so make sure you have a few of your own, work on ways to seduce this dream lover's mind first, make sure your dream lover feels you will always be a good friend and remember they like surprises (interesting and new ideas).

Becoming friends first gives you better than 50-50 odds that an Aquarian will ultimately be yours. It’s working when your Aquarius thinks your transition from friends to lovers was all their idea.

Their love of lively music is definitely the best starting point. Book tickets for a musical, pop concert or festival. Aquarians are also very interested in Mystic Arts so why not suggest going to a psychic meeting.


Devil in You Aquarius may be too much of a dreamer. He makes plans but seldom carries them out. He is rather unrealistic. His imagination has a tendency to run away with him. Because many of his plans are impractical, he is always in some sort of a dither.

Others may not approve of him at all times because of his unconventional behavior. He may be a bit eccentric. Sometimes he is so busy with his own thoughts that he loses touch with the realities of existence.

Some Aquarius feel they are more clever and intelligent than others. They seldom admit to their own faults, even when they are quite apparent. Some become rather fanatic in their views. Their criticism of others is sometimes destructive and negative.


of others is sometimes destructive and negative. x--------x

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February 19-March


MSN Hotmail - February 19-March 20 Page 60 of 65 Know ur Boy Friend If you've
MSN Hotmail - February 19-March 20 Page 60 of 65 Know ur Boy Friend If you've

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Know ur Boy Friend If you've ever gone fishing out at sea, on the glimmering darkling patches of the ocean where the water is black and the bottom of the sea runs deeper than the height of the tallest mountain, then you'll know exactly what a Pisces Man is like to catch. Often you have to climb into that diving bell, and take a powerful torch to locate him. Sometimes he'll emerge only to escape from life into fiction and fantasy. He'll often prefer to drown in anything, as long as it's drowning.

Pisceans are charmingly romantic and awfully attractive because they are such dreamers: a very different challenge from the passion of Fire signs, the mental agility and lightness of Air or the solid practicality and sensuality of Earth men.

Piscean men are drawn to very beautiful and very female women. They are easily besotted by physical beauty. Being in love is a good escape from real life, whether it's with a beautiful day, a beautiful drink, or beautiful women. Sexually he is uniquely gifted. He doesn't need words or books, passion and emotion flow easily and love grows quickly in his deep cave of feelings. But Piscean men are often too far away in their own fantasy, and if you're not open with him you'll get left behind on the shore while he's diving back down into the deepest part of the ocean for the water spirits.


Know ur Gal Friend Pisces girl is half-way between reality and a dreamworld, far from any logical or mental plane, in a world of intuition and feelings. She is usually poised, beautiful and compassionate. Love and caring is genuinely felt, and she is kind and uniquely sensitive to others around her.

Of course this kind of feminine mystique attracts men easily. There are many Piscean women who have been badly hurt by rushing headlong into romantic involvements without a thought because they really do not think. She can be led astray by the temptation of romance. Her elusive nature is vague and

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sometimes dithery, and she will always be moving somewhere and never be sure where it is she should be going.

Love is a touch down, a grounding from reality and she'll easily fall into. In love she gets carried away by emotion and the prevailing moods of her lover can channel her through the murkiest waters and the shimmering waves like driftwood. Yet sometimes the physical intensity of her sexuality will produce emotional conflicts within herself and she will begin to see the man she thought she loved as just another shell on her lovely sea-shore. She needs to belong to one man, and that man must be strong and protective, and mostly understanding.

She often falls for weak, nebulous and gifted characters, a lover who makes love and feels as deeply as she.


How to Date Him When he is good, he is very very good, and when he is bad, he's difficult to understand. Don't try. Not normally combative by nature, he can be the greatest escape artist when a situation turns nasty or too emotionally abrasive for his comfort zone. Given the chance, he can be as close to perfect as any mate, but it does take patience to understand this complex and deeply sensitive man. "Complex" comes in many forms, but in the Pisces realm it means you may never know him completely. Not that he is suspiciously deceptive, but there is a side to him that is always going to be his own. The plus side is that he lives in this outer world part of the time, and the rest of the time he is all yours - heart and soul. If you are emotionally confident, independent and balanced, riding along on his wave offers an enchanting experience. When he is definitely in love, he will promise you the stars, and probably try very hard to present them to you. If you are smart enough to know that stars are not for sale, you will be all the wiser. But, what he can potentially offer you in the way of selfless love and devotion is worth it's weight in gold. If his dreams are as vivid to you, as they are to him - then the two of you can be headed for a blissful union.

A deep meaningful look and a mysterious knowing smile, coupled with a subtle lingering fragrance, can do more in one passing moment than a whole day of obvious flirting. It may or may not be immediately blatant that he is a died -in- the-wool romantic, but if he isn't, he is a rare and miserable fish. If you want to get this man's attention, be as sensual and appealing as possible. You can

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even be a little eccentric, as he seems to be drawn to people who are out of the ordinary.

His idea of a memorable date is one that flows naturally without having to contend with too many mundane problems; like parking cars and standing in line endlessly for tickets. He wants to concentrate on you, so if you really want to keep him centered and calm, don't plan a busy evening. Simplicity is the key - where the two of you can share secrets and moments of comforting silence without undue disruption. If this means your home fits this description, don't hesitate to bring out the candles, turn on the music and take a ride on that magical carpet he will weave for you with his vivid imagination. He is not normally a man who will take advantage of the situation unless the invitation is clearly a go. If immediate intimacy does not appeal to you, his ability to be tender and considerate will over- ride any notions of pushing himself on you. Never be crude, uncaring, and totally insensitive.


How to Date Her You may think she is easy to read, but don't kid yourself. This fluid woman can be as s deeply mysterious as the depths of the ocean. On the surface she may appear tough, but underneath she is gentle, compassionate and ultra-sensitive creature. She takes her time to feel out the atmosphere before showing much of her true nature. Sometimes her own needs are as elusive to her as they are to the people who think they know her. What she needs is a solid individual who is gentle, caring and emotionally stable. What she often attracts is a needy person who feeds on her soft heart. Like a human sponge, she often absorbs other people's pain and intuitively knows how to soothe them. However, if the emotionally waters become cold and turbulent, she often makes a hasty retreat. Never far from her grasp are a pair of rose- colored glasses. Anyone who dares remove them is going to experience an icy stare. If you are looking for a refreshing dip into the world of romantic and sensual pleasures- where you can let go of all logic and experience the true fantasy of what love can be, then this lady can take you there.

You can wear anything you like, and you get to make all the decisions. She prefers men with a passion about something. If your idea of romance is sipping a cold beer together in front of the tube, then please don't bother this lady. If you really want to impress her, be aesthetically aware and romantic in your approach. Notice the color of her eyes, hand her a flower, give her a poem. If these kind of things are not natural to your nature, leave her alone.

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Music is one of her favorites. A sense of humor is an asset, she has one too. She has no confidence in herself, so support her in her dreams. Adaptable by nature, she is never a difficult person to please, but being sensitive to her highly developed romantic nature is a must! To this lady, an evening of watching the stars can be just as appealing as fine dining; as it is the quality of the experience that means everything to her. Don't promise her a rose garden, if you don't mean it. Pisces females love everyone, even if they treated her badly. She hates to see pain, but can drown in her own. Cheer her up, be a positive kind of guy, and be romantic. Encourage her to not live in your shadow, but to have her own life. Intimacy is not a scary realm for her, but she needs to feel deeply moved before she will dive in comfortably. If you believe in fairy tales, this woman can make them all come true, but give her a chance to experience her own feelings before pushing yours on her.


Your Sexual side Pisceans are sensitive, sensuous, unusually creative lovers in control of their bodies and able to please their partners as easily as they please themselves. They can play out their partner's fantasies and mirror their moods. Sex with Pisces lover is erotic and pure enjoyment. Pisceans can be sexually liberated or old-fashioned and chaste. They form a kind of spiritual bond with their lover in union. They have intense sensual fantasies and lovemaking is an expression. They are sensitive and psychic towards their lovers desires and needs. Pisceans believe in the possibility of the total love experience and in sex an exchange of ecstasy.

Their sensual appetite is keen, subtle, alternately self-effacing and lushly demanding. Pisceans put their lovers on a pedestal and they like intrigue, veiled situations and unpredictable paths. The keywords in understanding Piscean sexuality is fantasy and esotericism. Pisceans like sex to be playful, free, bubbly, imaginative, exploratory and rich in moods and variations. Pisceans in love get carried away and can then indulge in their sexual fantasies.


How to Seduce Pisces people are the most likely members of the zodiac to trip over the kerb, knock over a cup of coffee and get their toe stuck up the bath tap all on the same day.

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A Piscean needs a companion, a fellow thinker and philosopher. Talk to your

Pisces about everything from World Peace to what you had for your dinner. Always look on the bright side of life - their optimistic outlook is one you can learn from. Think of ways to prove that old-fashioned romance still exists, be incredibly tender and compassionate, show that you are a wonderful shoulder to lean on, show that animals and children are important to you and let your

touch be soft and caressing when you are with them.

Pisceans are givers not takers when it comes to matters of the heart. When they do begin to accept your love, you’ll know you’re on to a good thing. You’ll notice them returning your affection in similar ways you give it. It's working when Pisceans live life to the full, they love that element of unpredictability. It really doesn’t matter where you go or what you do but the more off the wall and out of the blue, the better!


Devil in You Some Pisces are often depressed; their outlook on life is rather glum. They may feel that they have been given a bad deal in life and that others are

always taking unfair advantage of them. Pisces sometimes feel that the world

is a cold and cruel place. The Fishes can be easily discouraged. The Pisces man

or woman may even withdraw from the harshness of reality into a secret shell of his own where he dreams and idles away a good deal of his time.

Pisces can be lazy. He lets things happen without giving the least bit of resistance. He drifts along, whether on the high road or on the low. He can be lacking in willpower.

Some Pisces people seek escape through drugs or alcohol. When temptation comes along they find it hard to resist. In matters of sex, they can be rather permissive.


In matters of sex, they can be rather permissive. x--------x Nazish Shaukat Express yourself instantly with

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