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a) b) 21.2: O= t=2.00C 21.3: The mass is primarily protons and neutrons of kg, so: About one-half are protons, so and the charge on the electrons is given by: 21.4: Mass of gold number of atoms a) 7.7 g and the atomic weight of gold is 197 So the b) 2.5: 21,6: First find the total charge on the spheres: ‘And therefore, the total number of electrons required is 21.7: a) Using Coulomb’s Law for equal charges, we find: b) When one charge is four times the other, we have: So one charge is C, and the other is 21.8: a) The total number of electrons on each sphere equals the number of protons. b) Fora force of N to act between the spheres, °) of the total number. 21.9: The force of gravity must equal the electric force, 21.10: a) Rubbing the glass rod removes electrons from it, since it becomes positive. The rods mass decreases by b) The number of electrons transferred is the same, but they are added to the mass of the plastic rod, which increases by 2: 21.12: a) ») N, and is attractive, 21.13: Since the charges are equal in sign the force is repulsive and of magnitude: 21.14: We only need the y-components, and each charge contril Therefore, the total force is » downward, 2.15: x-direction. x-direction.