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2A: a) b) 27.2: Need a force from the magnetic field to balance the downward gravitational force. Its magnitude is: The right-hand rule requires the magnetic field to be to the east, since the velocity is northward, the charge is negative, and the force is upwards. 273: By the right-hand rule, the charge is positive. 214: 27.5: See figure on next page. Let then: inthe direction inthe direction since and velocity are parallel inthe direction in the direction 27.6: a) The smallest possible acceleration is zero, when the motion is parallel to the magnetic field. The greatest acceleration is when the velocity and magnetic field are at right angles: b) If 27: 27.8: a) Set this equal to the given value of _ to obtain: b) The value of is indeterminate. °) 27.9: and which is cons stent with as given in the problem. No fore component along the direction of the velocity. b) isnot determined. No force due to this component of along measurement of the force tells us nothing about °) and are perpendicular (angle is