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“When plasticity index is equal.

{“Coarse grain”,”Clayey”,”Sandy”,”Silty”}

“The weight of Clayey or Silty soil for Hydrometer Analysis is ______.”,

{“10 grams”,”50 grams”,”25 grams”,”100 grams”}

“A 25 grams fine grained soil can be dried in about ______.”,

{“1 hour”,”3 hours”,”2 hours”,”4 hours”}

“A 25 grams sandy soil can be dried in about ______.”,

{“1 hour”,”3 hours”,”2 hours”,”4 hours”}

“The soil grained are force apart by the water added, thus the grain is reduced, what is the method used?”,

“The minimum thickness of conventional concrete as the surface course in monolithic pavement is _____.”,
{“50 mm”,”100 mm”,”75 mm”,”150 mm”}

“_____________ is an instrument used for rapid in – site measurement of the structural properties of existing road
{“Pundit Ultra Sonic Concrete Tester”,”Dynamic Core Penetrometer”,”Falling Weight Deflectometer”,”Core Test”}

“How many days does the emulsified asphalt must be tested after delivery at temperature 40*F(4.5*C).”,
{“10 days”,”14 days”,”12 days”,”16 days”}

“In bituminous mixture asphalt content is 5 – 8% and 92 - 95% aggregates, what will be the amount of additives?”,
{“not more than 2%”,”more than 2%”,”not more than 3%”,”more than 4%”}

“___________ determines the effect of water on the cohesion of the mixture.”,

{“Stability Test”,”Distillation”,”Solubility”,”Immersion-Compression Test”}

“The distance of the sample by grooving before rotating the brass cup is _____.”,
{“1/4 inch”3/4 inch”,”1/2 inch”,”1 inch”}

“The most common method of assessing strength and stiffness of both subgrade and pavement is _______.”,
{“FDT”,”SPT”,”CBR”,”None of the given choices”}

“It is a point where the volatile components of asphalt will evaporate.”,

{“Fire Point”,”Flash Point”,”Center Point”}

“It determines whether asphalt is over heated or not during the process of manufacture.”,
{“Spot Test”,”Boil Test”,”Extraction Test”}

“The dry molded asphalt sample in the immersion compression test is submerged in water for ____.”,
{“4 days”,”4 hours”,”2 days”}

“The objective of designing the asphalt mixture is determination of ______.”,

{“Type and grade of asphalt, proportion of coarse, fine and mineral filler, if used and asphalt content.”,”To produce
a desirable characteristic of pavement which are stable, durable, flexible and skid resistance.”,”All of the given
“What is the minimum degree of compaction of asphalt pavement?”,
{“not less than 97% of the density of the laboratory compacted specimen”,”not less than 100% of the density of
the laboratory compacted specimen”,”not less than 85% of the density of the laboratory compacted specimen”}

“If the coarse aggregate are subjected to five cycles of sodium sulfate soundness test, the weighted loss shall not
{“12 mass percent”,”15 mass percent”,”10 mass percent”}

“The initial setting time of Portland cement is not less than _________________.”,
{“30 min.”,”60 min.”,”90 min.”}

“The final setting time of Portland cement Type I is _____________.”,

{“10 hrs.”,”24 hrs.”,”36 hrs.”}

“In casting of reinforced concrete pile, the concrete used is ____________.”,


“The natural water content of highly organic soil is __________.”,

{“less than 20”,”between 50 and 100”,”between 20 and 50”,”more than 100%”}

“Which of the following dead load is equivalent for loose sand, earth and gravel fill?”,
{“2,403 tons/cu. m.”,”1,603 tons/cu. m.”,”1,922 tons/cu. m.”,”2,150 tons/cu. m.”}

“During coring of completed pavement, how many cores /km/lane is required as per specification?”,

“The standard compaction test on predominantly fine grained soils is performed on soil fraction passing sieve no.

“The empirical number used in design is ____________.”,

{“plasticity index”,”group index”,”both of the given choices”}

“Soil is fully saturated at optimum moisture content.”,

{“true”,”false”,”it depends on void ratio”}

“Water content of soil is generally base on ____________.”,

{“total weight of soil”,”weight of solids”,”total volume of soil”,”unit weight test”}

“Optimum water content of soil is determined by ______________.”,

{“field density test”,”compaction test”,”liquid limit test”,”unit weight test”}

“The best soil for a road subgrade would behave a group index of ___________.”,
{“less than 3”,”11 to 15”,”5 to 10”,”16 to 20”}

“Which of the following is characterizes unsuitable materials?”,

{“soil with liquid limit exceeding 80”,”plasticity index exceeding 55”,”soil with natural water content exceeding
100%”,”all of the above”}

“The higher the ________, the lower the penetration.”,

{“specific gravity”,”durability”,”viscosity”,”solubility”}
“Quality of factor – produced reinforced concrete pipes may be best established through what?”,
{“compressive strength test”,”flexural strength test”,”core test”,”crushing strength test”}

“Result of Immersion – Compression test conducted on a bituminous mix sample are as follow: Dry stability +
2,000 Kpa, Wet stability = 1,000 Kpa, What is the resulting Index of Retained Strength?”,

“What grade of asphalt has a penetration grade of 0 – 30?”,

{“emulsified asphalt”,”blown asphalt”,”asphalt cement”,”none of the given choices”}

“If the RC pipes in the forgoing problem is not cast in the field, how many pipes will be required to be subjected to
the Crushing Strength test?”, {“75 pcs.”,”70 pcs.”,”100 pcs”}

“How do you reduce the viscosity of Medium – Curing Cutback Asphalt? By mixing it with _______.”,

“What establish the exact percent of aggregates and asphalt content in a bituminous mix _______.”,
{“design mix”,”job mix formula”,”job order”,”extraction formula”}

“What primarily influence the grade of asphalt to be selected?”,

{“penetration”,”climate”,”class of aggregate”,”temperature”}

“When is the completed asphalt pavement opened to traffic?”,

{“when the asphalt has cooled to atmospheric temperature”,”when the asphalt has cooled to +/- 10*C of the
spreading temperature”,”when asphalt is still hot”}

“The Optimum Asphalt Content obtained in Marshall Stability Test is the average asphalt content of the Maximum
Stability, Maximum Bulk Specific Gravity, and _________________.”,
{“4% Air Voids”,”2 mm flow”,”5% mineral content”}

“_________________ are usually tested for extraction.”,

{“Asphalt Mixes”,”emulsions”,”asphalt cement”}

“What is the test criteria for RCPC test with three ( 3 ) Edge Bearing Test?”,
{“0.3 mm.”,”0.5 mm.”,”0.4 mm.”,”0.6 mm.”}

“If the soil is properly compacted at MDD it will __________.”,

{“increase stability/strength”,”minimize future settlement”,”decrease permeability”,”all of the above”}

“Asphalt construction, compaction must be completed before the mixture cools to _______.”,
{“165*F ( 60*C )”,”185*F ( 71*C )”,”175*F ( 65*C )”,”195*F ( 76*C )”}

“As percent asphalt increases in Marshall Stability test, the % Air voids____________.”,
{“increases”,”remains constant”,”decreases”,”increases or decreases”}

“The aggregate component contribute to shear strength and stability of bituminous mixture. The desirable shape
and surface texture of aggregate is _________.”,
{“round and smooth surface”,”round and rough texture”,”angular and smooth surface”,”angular and rough
“You can classify a soil sample in accordance to AASHTO through _________.”,
{“Grain size analysis”,”Grain size analysis & Atterberg limit”,”Atterberg limit”,”none of the given choices”}

“Who should take samples of materials and bring them to the laboratory for acceptance purposes?”,
{“DPWH Materials Engineer”,”Contractor’s Project Engineer”,”Contractor’s Materials Engineer”,”DPWH Project

“Cement which has been in storage for so long period that there is already doubt as to its quality should be
_____________. {“retested prior
to use”,”authorized to use”,”not to used”}

“In abrasion test, a sample of 5,000 grams was subjected to abrasion, a 2,000 grams sample was retained in no.
12 sieve after washing, what is the abrasion loss?”,

“Different brand of cement should not be allowed because _____________.”,

{“different in texture”,”varies in strength”,”different in color when dried”}

“An apparatus used for field density test is called ___________.”,

{“Sand cone”,”Nuclear density meter”,”Rubber balloon”,”all of the given choices”}

“Thickness tolerance in the construction of sub- base course is ____________.”,

{“+/- 10 mm.”,”+/- 5 mm.”,”+/- 20 mm.”,”+/- 15 mm.”}

“PH value of water used in concrete is ___________.”,

{“4 to 6”,”6 to 10”,”6 to 8”,”3 to 5”}

“In what item of work emulsified asphalt and cut back asphalt used?”,
{“Tack Coat”,”Seal Coat”,”Prime Coat”,”Bituminous Surface Course Hot- Laid”}

“What is the boundary between Coarse and Fine aggregates used in concreting.”,
{“passing No. 3/8 sieve”,”passing No. 6 sieve”,”passing No. 4 sieve”,”passing No. 8 sieve”}

“What is the average compressive strength of the load bearing concrete hollow blocks?”,
{“1,000 psi”,”600 psi”,”800 psi”,”1,200 psi”}

“The surface condition of tack coat before the next course should be applied is _______.”,

“The contractor shall give the Engineer at least _______ days’ notice prior to the beginning of work at the mill or
shop where the metal structure has been manufactured or fabricated, so that the required inspection may be

“The request for recoring shall be made by the contractor within _________ weeks after the official result of the
coring test has been released if the structure failed to meet strength requirement.”,
{“one ( 1 )”,”three ( 3 )”,”two ( 2 )”,”four ( 4 )”}

“A revised design strength for concrete works was set forth from 14 days to 7 days for concrete pavement for
national roads and _____ days for major interchanges and busy intersection thus minimizing occurrence of road
{“seven ( 7 )”,”six ( 6 )”,”b) three ( 3 )”,”four ( 4 )”}

“Compressive strength for mortar samples test at 3 days and 7 seven days can be considered for acceptance
provided the strength of the samples at 7 days is not less than ________ Mpa which is 85% of the compressive
strength for 28 days”,

“A type of cement that sets and hardens by chemical interaction with water and is capable of doing so
underwater.”, {“Portland
Cement”,”Hydraulic Cement”,”Air-Retaining Portland Cement”,”All of the given choices”}

“The spacing center to center of circumferential reinforcement of all pipes shall not exceed its wall thickness and
shall in no case exceed _______________.”, {“150 mm.”,”200
mm.”,”100 mm.”,”250 mm.”}

“Oversanded and undersanded concrete mixtures require more water in order to be workable but will only result to
______________.”, {“good surface
texture”,”water tightens”,”weak strength”,”all of the given choices”}

“For every lean mixes or low cement content of the mixture, What determines the flexural strength of the
concrete.”, {“The strength
of aggregate”,”The mortar strength”,”The water cement ratio”,”All of the given choices”}

“As per guidelines on submission of samples, laboratory trial mixes should be made on aggregates which are
proposed tube used for the first time, in this case what is the weight of fine aggregates to be submitted for

{“100 kgs.”,”50 kgs.”,”70 kgs.”,”80 kgs.”}

“The phosphorous content of reinforcing steel bars bigger than 9.0 mm shall not exceed _______.”,

“The permissible variation of reinforcing steel bars bigger than 9.0 mm. shall not exceed _____.”,


“Portland cement stabilization roadmix base course is an intimate mixture of pulverized soil, Portland cement and
water which is thoroughly compacted while in a moist condition to form a structural road material when the cement
hydrates and crystallizes. What is the mass percent wear of soil aggregate used in this stabilization?”,

{“40%”,”not more than 40%”,”45%”,”50%”}

“For a rich mixture of cement in concrete, what determines the flexural strength of the concrete?”,

{“Mortar strength”,”the strength of aggregate”,”both the mortar strength and the strength of aggregate”,”the
water/cement ratio”}
“This is a new method of soil stabilization being introduced to improve the properties of soil which is effective and
at the same time cheaper.”, {“Stabilization by the use
of Geotextiles”,” Cement stabilization”,”Bituminous stabilization”,”Lime stabilization”}

“This is widely used to control the characteristics of soil which are to be incorporated in roadways.”,
{“The Limit Test”,”The Group Index”,”The soil classification”,”all of the given choices”}

“In direct shear test, the soil is sheared to failure by moving one part of the soil sample relatively to the other part
along a pre-determined plane. When several test are made on a soil under different normal loads and the results
are plotted in arithmetic scales, the resulting line is made in the form of ____________.”,
{“straight line”,”parabola”,”hyperbola”,”semi-elliptical”}

“In conducting soil exploration survey, what equipment you will use in obtaining undisturbed samples.”,
{“split spoon sampler”,”screw type soil auger sampler”,”thin-walled sampler”,”Post-hole auger sampler”}

“Bituminous stabilization in the process of mixing intimately pulverized soil and bituminous material. What is the
minimum bearing capacity (soaked CBR ) of the mixture?”,


“The spraying application temperature of all grades of asphalt cement should not be more than ________.”,

“What is the rate of application of bituminous prime coat using cut back asphalt?”,

{“0.5 to 0.7 liters/sq. m.”,”1.0 to 1.1 liters/sq. m.”,”1.0 to 2.0 liters/sq. m.”,”1.10 to 2.0 liters/sq.m.”}

“What is the weight boulders required for class A grouted riprap?”,

{“10 to 25 kgs”,”15 to 30 kgs.”,”15 to 25 kgs.”,”20 to 30 kgs.”}

“Based on the maximum dry density obtained by laboratory test, the degree of compaction required for aggregate
subbase should be at least _____________.”,

“Where to determine the amount of mixing water to use when compacting the soil in the field to attain maximum
density.”, {“Trial
Section”,”Control Strip”,”Field Density Test”,”Lab. Compaction Test”}

“For soil classification purposes as in AASHTO M45, what is not required?”,

{“combined sieve and mechanical analysis”,”sieve analysis”,”the wash test”,”none of the given choices”}
“What is the allowable smooth riding quality of PCCP?”,
{“5.00 mm.”,”3.00 mm.”,”8.00 mm.”,”6.00 mm.”}
“What is the penetration grade of bitumen prime coat?”,

{“60 – 70”,”85 – 100”,”120 – 150”,”none of the given choices”}

“The penetration grade of concrete joint sealer, hot poured elastic type is _________.”,
{“80 – 100”,”100 – 120”,”below 90”,”40 – 60”}

“The CBR is generally selected at what penetration?”,

{“5.08 mm.”,”2.54 mm.”,”3.1 mm.”,”3.50 mm.”}

“A soil aggregate that has a CBR value of 20 means that in the condition tested, the resistance to penetration of the
standard piston was ______ of the standard resistance of a compacted soil or aggregate.”,

“For liquid asphaltic materials, these are run on the residue after distillation.”,
{“consistency test”,”ductility test”,”quality test”,”cement mixing test”}

“The basic aim of compaction is to produce a soil mass that will satisfy what criteria?”,
{“settlement”,”permeability”,”stability”,”all of the given choices”}

“When do the embankment become friable in dry weather, ravel at the edges and abrade severely under traffic and
will become dusty in service and much of the binder soil is simply blown away during the dry season.”,
{“the embankment is non- plastic”,”the embankment lacks compaction”,”materials fails CBR test”,”none of the
given choices”}

“When the embankment tends to soften in wet weather, and PCCP constructed of such material develop ruts under
traffic and may shift and shove to develop a wash board surface, the plasticity index of such material is
{“P.I. is too high”,”P.I. is too low”,”neither P.I. is too high & too low”,”Both P.I. is too high and too low”}

“The set of cylinders for each project shall be numbered consecutively beginning with 1 and three specimens
should be identified as A, B, and C. At the early stage of pouring, the laboratory should be requested to break the
“A” cylinders at 7 days to check what?”,
{“If the structure should be put in service at early stage”,”to check the mix design”,”To check if there is unusual
development when admixture is used”,”All of the given choices”}

“The field specimen should be cured from 4 to 7 days at the project under moist conditions obtained by
__________.”, {“covering
with wet sand”,”covering with saw-dust”,”covering with palay-straw”,”all of the given choices”}

“The cured cylindrical samples shall be transported to the Regional Laboratory or any testing laboratory accredited
by the DPWH in ________________.”, {“on top of sand”,”carefully
packed and crated surrounded with damp sawdust or palay straw”,”on boxes with sand surrounding the
cylinders”,”all of the given choices”}

“The fine aggregate used in stone masonry mortar shall all pass No.____ sieve.”,

“The coarse aggregate used in Bituminous Concrete is _________.”,

{“retained on a 2.36 mm. ( No. 8 sieve )”,”retained on a 4.75 mm (No. 4 sieve )”,”retained on a 19.00 mm. ( No.
3/4 sieve )”,”both retained on No. 4 & 8 sieves”}
“As Materials Engineer, will you permit the use of salvage soil aggregate for lie stabilized road mix base course?”,
{“Yes”,”It depends”,”No”,”Let the DPWH Project Engineer to decide”}

“Is the accredited private testing laboratories owned by companies involved in the supply of construction materials
for DPWH project be allowed to test their own products?”,
{“Yes”,”It depends”,”No”,”Either Yes or No”}

“For small projects where the quantity of steel bars is less than 10,000 kgs. What may be required as a basis of
acceptance.”, {“P.E.
Certificate”,”Inspection Report”,”Mill Certificate”,”All of the given choices”}

“Lumber is considered well-seasoned when its moisture content is between _________.”,

{“10 to 16%”,”10 to 14%”,”14 to 18%”,”15 to 20%”}

“Flushing of bitumen to the surface after belting or screeding the hot mixture denotes rich mixture.”,
{“true”,”false”,”neither of the two”}

“Unsuitable materials are those materials containing detrimental quantities of organic materials, such as grass,
roots, and sewerage and those that is _____________.”,
{“high organic soils”,”soils with liquid limit exceeding 80 and / or PI > 55”,”soils with very low density, 800kg/cu.
m. or below”,”all of the given choices”}

“A tremie shall consist of a tube having a diameter of not less than ______ mm. constructed in section s having
flanged couplings fitted with gasket with a hopper at the top.”,

“__________ test classify the different asphalts into types and the different types into grades.”,
{“Quality test”,”Ductility test”,”Consistency test”,”All of the given choices”}

“This is the most important volatilization test on liquid asphalt products, its gives information as to the actual
amount of constituents remove at definite temperature.”,
{“Extraction test”,”Evaporation test”,”Distillation test”,”Softening test”}

“This test indicate the purity of asphalt.”,

{“Specific Gravity”,”Solubility”,”Viscosity”,”Ductility}

“This is the most important factor which influence the stability of bituminous mixture.”,
{“Gradation of mineral aggregate”,”Shape and surface texture of aggregate”,”Hardness of aggregate particles”,”All
of the given choices”}

“The principal factor that effect the flexibility of bituminous mixture is _______.”,
{“the quality of bituminous binder”,”the quality of mineral filler”,”temperature susceptibility of the binder”,”all of the
given choices”}

“The application temperature of emulsified asphalt ranges from ___________.”,

{“66* to 107*C”,”20* to 66*C”,”10* to 71*C”,”15* to 66*C”}

“What is the factor that will influence the construction of stabilized road?”,
{“Depletion of the supply of economically available materials”,”High cost involved in the construction of the
conventional types of road”,”If the road structure may be built by stages, and a properly designed road might
function briefly as a wearing course”,”All of the given choices”}

“What is the meaning of ASTM?”,

{“American Standard for Testing Materials”,”American Standard for Testing and Materials”,”American Society for
Testing Materials”,”American Society for Testing and Materials”}

“In sampling bituminous materials, the composite samples taken from a number of drums should have a size
sufficient for testing and should not be less _____ as called for in the guidelines on the submission of samples.”,
{“5 liters”,”10 liters”,”4 liters”,”6 liters”}

“For semi solid materials, samples should be taken at the center of the containers at least _____ mm. below the
surface and 75 mm. from the sides with the aid of a clean hatcher or patty knife.”,

“Vibrator shall not be operated longer than ______ seconds in any one location.”,

“How many rotation per second will the crank of a liquid limit device be rotated?”,
{“three ( 3 ) rotations per second”,”two and a half (2 1/2) rotations per second”,”two ( 2 ) rotations per
second”,”one and a half ( 1 ½ ) rotations per second”}

“What is the required size of calibrated sand used for FDT?”,

{“passing sieve No. 30 retained No. 200”,”passing sieve No. 20 retained No. 200”,”passing sieve No. 10 retained
No. 200”,”None of the given choices”}

“When placing concrete, what is the required temperature of concrete?”,

{“less than 29*C”,”less than 30*C”,”less than 28*C”,”less than 31*C”}

“In PCCP coring, what is the specified thickness of an individual measurement that shall not be included in the
average?”, {“less than 20
mm.”,”less than 25 mm.”,”more than 20 mm.”,”more than 25 mm.”}

“__________ is the wearing away of the pavement surface caused by the dislodging of aggregate particles.”,

“This is the stage in compaction in which all free air is expelled and replaced by water, if further pressure is applied
to the soil mass, the tendency is to reduce its volume.”,
{“wetting stage”,”saturation stage”,”swelling stage”,”None of the given choices”}

“In this stage, additional water replaces some of the entrapped air and the soil particles move closer together with
a resulting increase in density.”, {“wetting
stage”,”lubricating stage”,”swelling stage”,”all of the given choices”}

“All boring during soil exploration survey shall generally be carried to a depth of at least ______ meter below the
proposed grade line.”, {“one ( 1 )”,”0.30”,”two and
half ( 2 1/2 )”,”0.50”}

“This an equipment which is used to measure differential deflection between joints of a concrete pavement to
determine the modulus of the existing slabs for use in the design of an overlay.”,
{“Dynamic Cone Penetrometer”,”Falling Weight Deflectometer”,”Benkelman Beam”,”Merlin Road Roughness
Measuring Device”}

“The use of Fly Ash concrete mix as mineral admixture in PCCP and as ______ % replaces the Portland cement in
concrete mix.”, {“15”,”25”,”20”,”10”}
“This is an instrument used to measure pavement deflections resulting from vehicle wheel loading. The results of
the elastic deformation test are used to evaluate the structural condition of roads, and to help in the design of road
strengthening measure and road capacity improvement.”,
{“Dynamic Cone Penetrator”,”Falling Weight Deflectometer”,”Three ( 3 ) Meter Straight Edge”,”Benkelman Beam”}

“Coarse portion retained on sieve # 10 (2.00 mm.) of item 200 shall have a mass percent of wear by Los Angeles
Abrasion test of _______________.”,

{“50% maximum”,”60% maximum”,”70% maximum”}

“For major interchanges and busy intersection, PCCP will be allowed to open on the ____________ to minimize
occurrence of road congestion.”, {“14th day”,”10th
day”,”12 day”,”7 day”}
th th

“Retempering of concrete or mortar, which has partially hardened, will be permitted with the addition of cement,
aggregate or water.”,

{“yes”,”no”,”it depends on the condition of concrete”,”check the slump”}

“What is the minimum number of representative cores that shall be taken from each member area of concrete in
place that is considered deficient?”,

{“3 cores”,”4 cores”,”5 cores”,”core must be taken at 5 meter interval backward & forward of the designed sta.”}

“The only kind of asphalt that can be used in all bituminous item of work.”,

{“Asphalt Cement”,”Cut-back Asphalt”,”Emulsified Asphalt”,”All of the given choices”}

“This is the empirical indicator of the clay fraction of a binder material in a stabilized soil mixture.”,
{“Group Index”,”Liquid Limit”,”Plasticity Index”,”Plastic Limit”}

“When water is added to the mixture to bring the slump within required limit, it shall be injected into the mixer
under such pressure and direction of flow that the requirement for uniformity and desired slump of concrete are
met. The drum shall be turned on additional _______ revolution or more.”,

{“10 revolutions”,”45 revolutions”,”30 revolutions”,”15 revolutions”}

“Job-mix formula submitted for approval shall propose definite single values for, except _____.”,

{“% of aggregate passing each specified sieve”,”temperature of the mixture delivered on the road”,”Percent of
bituminous materials to be added”,”mixing time of the mixture in the batching plant”}
“For small contract project of the DPWH located in remote areas where the quality of cement to be used is too
small and where there are no accessible testing laboratory to check the quality of materials, exception in the
requirements for performance of laboratory test in cement prior to use may be allowed provided that the trial mixes
be done for every ___________.”,

{“Deformation characteristic of soil”,”Engineering properties of the underlying soils”,”Arrangement of soil

strata”,”Field Density of soil”}

“How many days shall the Engineer be notified in advance of the date that the treating process will be performed in
order that the untreated lumber, the treatment process and the finished treatment timber may all be inspected?”,

{“15 days”,”10 days”,”21 days”,”7 days”}

“The bituminous mix should have a mass % of air voids within the range of __________.”,
{“2 to 3%”,”1 to 4%”,”3 to 5%”}