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Name : Salsabila Fatin (1185030179) Class : 2E

Scientificate Experiment
Research is a process of investigation that conducted with systematically, diligently, and
meticulously aimed at finding something and justifying the facts. According to Soerjono
Soekanto, the meaning of research is a scientific activity that conducted based on the analysis
and design that conducted with systematically, methodology, and consistently aimed for reveal
the truth as one of the manifestation of human desires to understand what they are up against.

Researcher is the person that commit some scientific research. Researcher always does
some experiments to find what they want to find or find something that did not exit in this world.
For example they want to make a flying car. A flying car still did not exit in this world right? So,
the researcher are should experimenting how to make the car fly.

There are so many research that already be discovered by some researchers. there are
succeed or not. Of course those are an experiment, it is not always success. That is why a
researcher is the person who are diligent and unyielding. They keep try and try, so that their
experiment become success.

According to the tittle about scientificate experiment, there is a scientificate experiment

that are still debating between researcher and the community of animal rights. The problem is
some animal that become an object to commit a research. The community of animal rights is
contrarily about the fact that animal become an object to commit a research. They said the
researcher does not have a feeling for animal. That is kind of animal killings. Animal is a biotic
too like a human. Until the people whom are not in the circle take out their opinion, and always
becomes a hot topic to discussion.

But the researcher is still with their opinion that animal become an object to commit a
research. There are so many reasons why they used animal to commit their research. But first,
what the researcher do with animal for their research? The researcher made some medicines to
the people who need it with animal as an object of research. Second, what animal that researcher
always use for their research? There are rodents like rats and primates like long-tailed monkey or

The reason of researcher use animal as an object for their experiment because animal has
a similarity with human. Especially mammal like primate, by physiology and anatomy still
similarity with human and it can’t be replace with anything. Beside that, the researcher have a
rule if they want to do experiment with animal. It called ‘code of conduct’ that will be ensuring
the well-being of animals to be used in research. The result of experiment with animal is more
qualified. It has been proven that so many people healed from their disease (especially dengue
fever, AIDS, malaria, obesity, asthma, etc).

The community of animal rights become more angry when there is already university that
want to built a laboratory to commit a research with animal. They said, “why the researcher did
not used some technology like computer for their experiment?”. It can be answered that
technology can not be always trustworthy for the experiment. And animals is the right answer for
the experiment like this. The result with animals is more trustworthy and better than with
computer. So, the researcher still want to do some experiment with animal as an object.

I know it sound terrible to hear it. At first, I am at the side of the community of animals
right. But after I read some articles of the reason why researcher do some experiment with
animals, my mind opened and admit it. I know it is hard to resist your personal opinion. But
animal is the better way to do some experiment. The researcher already have ‘code of conduct’,
so it will still respect the animal. And the result is 150 of monkey are killed but 10.000 patient
recovered. That animals saved thousands patient that have disease. The comparison are so big.
So it should have still be accepted if researcher using animal for their experiment. And of course,
my argument is agree with it. Thank you.