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4th SEMESTER 2009-10 SUB. Presented to: Bank: state bank of india.:. paulomi .


It began with the establishment of the Bank of Calcutta in Calcutta. Canada. The bank was redesigned as the Bank of Bengal. well networked to cater to its customers throughout India. apart from the corporate center. there are several other establishments in and outside Mumbai. In order to cater to different functions. and the United Kingdom. The government-controlled bank--the Indian government maintains a stake of nearly 60 percent in SBI through the central Reserve Bank of India--also operates the world's largest branch network. The bank boasts of having as many as 14 local head offices and 57 Zonal Offices. and more than 50 branch offices in 30 countries.500 branch offices throughout India. Mauritius. It is recorded that SBI has about 10000 branches. Branches The corporate center of SBI is located in Mumbai. Nigeria. Nepal. PRODUCTS Personal Banking • • • • • SBI SBI SBI SBI SBI Term Deposits SBI Loan For Pensioners Recurring Deposits Loan Against Mortgage Of Property Housing Loan Loan Against Shares & Debentures Car Loan Rent Plus Scheme Educational Loan Medi-Plus Scheme . on 2 January 1809. State Bank of India (SBI) is that country's largest commercial bank. three years later. with more than 13. staffed by nearly 220.000 employees. Bhutan. located at major cities throughout India.The evolution of State Bank of India can be traced back to the first decade of the 19th century. on 2 June 1806. with seven international subsidiaries in the United States. SBI is also present worldwide.

CORPORATE BANKING • • • • • Working Capital Financing Term Loans Deferred Payment Guarantees Corporate Loans Export Credit Retail Banking • • • • • • • • • • • • SBI Term Deposits SBI Recurring Deposits SBI Housing Loan SBI Car Loan SBI Educational Loan SBI Personal Loan SBI Loan For Pensioners Loan Against Mortgage Of Property Loan Against Shares & Debentures Rent Plus Scheme Medi-Plus Scheme Rates Of Interest .

Other Services • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Agriculture/Rural Banking NRI Services ATM Services Demat Services Corporate Banking Internet Banking Mobile Banking International Banking Safe Deposit Locker RBIEFT E-Pay E-Rail SBI Vishwa Yatra Foreign Travel Card Broking Services Gift Cheques .

DEPOSIT Savings Account LOANS Home Loans CARDS Consumer Cards DIFFERENT CREDIT CARDS SBI International cards Life Plus Senior Citizens Savings Account Loan Against Property Credit Card SBI Gold cards Fixed Deposits Personal Loans Travel Card SBI Gold Master cards Security Deposits Recurring Deposits Car Loan Loans against Securities Debit Cards Commercial Cards Tax-Saver Fixed Deposit Two Wheeler Corporate Cards Salary Account Pre-approved Loans Prepaid Card Partnership Cards Advantage WomanSavings Account Retail Asset Purchase Card Rural Savings Account Farmer Finance Distribution Cards SBI Employee Cards .

Unit Link Products:- 1. You can use it the way you like. . What’s more you get market linked returns which in the long term has always proved to give better returns than traditional savings products. This Plan is meant for parents in the age group of 18-57 having a child between the age group of 0-15 years. SBI Life Unit Plus Child Plan:SBI Life . 3.People's Savings Account Business Installment Loans Business Card TAX RELATED PRODUCTS 1.Unit Plus Child Plan to suit you and your needs best. SBI Life Unit Plus II:. 2.SBI Life – Unit Plus II Plans are an attempt to meet all your financial & insurance needs through a single non participating product. SBI Life Horizon II:This plan offers the flexibility of Unit Linked Plan along with Automatic Asset Allocation which provides relatively higher returns on your money where as increasing death benefits provides higher security to your family.

Horizon II Pension comes with the unique feature of Automatic Asset Allocation by means of which you truly. In addition to normal death cover. c. And Many More…. SBI Life Horizon II Pension:SBI Life . don’t need to be an expert to grow your money! 5. b. Traditional Plans:- Long Term Plans a. SBI Life . This plan is designed to protect your child’s future educational needs.4. your family will be protected for death risk for the full Sum Assured. SBI Life – Scholar II:We at SBI Life can help you ensure that your children’s future is secure and prosperous. SBI Life Unit Plus II Pension Plan:This is a unit linked pension plan wherein the policyholder chooses an investment period from 5 to 52 years for a vesting age between 50 to 70 years. automatic acceptance facility. the plan also provides you 4 additional covers. 2. Flexibility to choose between two options a) Pure Pension .b) Pension cum Life Cover. At the same time.Horizon II Pension is a safe and a hassle free way to get high returns! SBI Life . The cover is available at competitive premium rates. you will receive a substantial amount of savings along with the accumulated bonuses declared. SBI Life – Sudarsan:This is an Endowment Policy designed to provide savings and protection to you and your family. It has guaranteed cash inflows which can meet your various financial obligations. You can save regularly for the future.Money Back Plan:The plan has a number of moneyback options specially suited to your needs. . No medical required for Pure Pension. Thus at the end of the plan.

SBI is in 1st position having large number of customers & providing good services to them. fastest growing Indian economy.To be the largest advance product issuer. & brand image. but it is being done by SBI. . The bank has a wide customer base.In present scenario SBI is the largest advance product issuer in India. SBI believe in providing good customer services to their customers which is a key factor for success in future. It happens due to employee dedication towards the organization. what a normal bank cannot expect. so the bank should concentrate on this to retain these customers. SBI should focus on• • • • • Launch Innovative product Customized advance products. Better customer services Fastest customers problem solving techniques Customer retention Apart from all the above.CONCLUSION. Within a very short period of time the achievement made by SBI is excellent. From the analysis part it can be conclude that customers have a good respond towards SBI advance products in Bhubaneswar.

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